Day 17 of freeyogis september challenge is loveyourself and I’ve had a small period of just posting the first picture I take without correcting or adjusting and then taking another… Sometimes they are difficult to post and difficult to accept that thats what I look like. Other times I get pics like this which I love, the difficult part is Loving myself in both situations! bexmaddy healthyhappymotivation yogarian sunny-yogi yogawithkarel

Sadhana day 13! A quick handstand before I go to yoga class! It has been ages since I’ve been to an actual class and I even forgot my own mat! But being in a room full of yogis was really quite inspiring and the environment is really encouraging! Although I am really into ashtanga these days, two hours of hatha was really inspiring and we even worked on handstands! It’s given me renewed energy for the final week of this journey!