Scandinavian Interior Architecture_Field Trip_Tietgen Kollegiet

Last week in my Scandinavian interior class we took a visit to the famous Tietgen Kollegiet. “The kollegium has become an international reference work that has won several awards and attracts attention from all corners of the world. The circular structure was created by the firm Lundgaard & Tranberg and distinguishes itself not only through its characteristic shape and construction but also because of the choice of materials and the decoration.” (

It is one of the most sought after kollegium for students to live in because of its social benefits as well as ‘hotel-like’ room accomodations. We were told that the wait list to get into this kollegium is about 4 or 5 years and by that point students are finishing up school. So in other words, it is virtually impossible to get into. But I mean, I might consider going on a wait list to live here too if I had the choice. Maybe DIS should contract some rooms there???? Just a thought!

Oh, and did I mention that I live basically down the street from the Tietgen Kollegium? Yup I do! It’s 3 metro stops north of me and I pass it every time I go to the city. #studyabroadperks for sure