scandinavian wolves

Is this a black wolf pup? If it is, this is the first black wolf ever recorded in Scandinavia (this one in Sweden). Actually, as far as I know, there has never been known a black Eurasian wolf at all. 

I’m sceptical. The source is highly biased and the picture is terrible. But allegedly the county council has admittet they have recorded “darker pups”, and they are keeping theit own pictures of those pups secret.

We’ll see. 

Ledburg Stone (Ög 181)

via micke vmix on Flickr

Some say it depicts events from Ragnarok, while others say it tells the tale of the warriors it was raised for (Þorgautr and Gunna according to some). I think I will leave it up to you all to decide, though the other side of this stone is much more convincing for the Ragnarok argument. It may be that it represents both? I do not wish to see debates over it (save that for another time, perhaps), instead this impressive work should be respected, honored, and appreciated.

lmfao just saw the most ridiculous debate on tv. there’s been a debate for the past 40 years on whether norway should shoot wolves or let them live. agrarian parties dont want em to live cuz “they kill sheep” and “represent a threat to the countryside municipalities”. One of their arguments were that after a DNA test, they found that these wolves were of russian/ukrainian/belarusian origin, and not natural born scandinavian wolves. so a “russian wolf” has no business crossing the border to norway. RUSSIAN WOLF. BORDER.