scandinavian sky

The Oculus, a head house structure for the WTC Transportation Hub (The World Trade Center station (PATH) in New York City by Santiago Calatrava, completed in 2016. The One World Trace Center by Daniel Libeskind and David Childs (in the middle), complete in 2014. Photo copyright by Scandinavian Collectors 2016.

Skandinavische Landschaft = Scandinavian Landscape
Andreas Achenbach (German; 1815–1910)
Oil on canvas
Van Ham Kunstauktionen, Cologne, Germany


Aurora swims in the the Æther.
Emerald Fire scars the night Sky.


Amber Streams from Sól
Are not unlike the Waves
Of the Sea, nor the
Endless Horizon of Ice.


Aurora swims in the Æther.
Emerald Fire paints the Twilight.

Heiðrún bleeds the golden Nectar
For the rising Sun and the Moon:
The midnight Wolves
Who watch over the Dawn.

…The golden Dawn…