scandinavian royal families


The crown prince and princess of Denmark being disturbed by their children during an interview in 2013.

Margaret I of Denmark (1353-1412)

Art by Vanessa Sweet

The daughter of Valdemar IV of Denmark and the wife of Haakon VI of Norway, Margaret engineered the Kalmar Union which joined Scandinavia under one crown for 126 years. 

Widowed at age 27, Margaret initially ruled as regent for her son Olaf.  Olaf died at age 17 and Margaret was granted the right to rule in her own name and choose her successor.  She chose her grandnephew Eric of Pomerania because he was a descendant of all three Scandinavian royal families, but Margaret remained the effective ruler even after Eric was crowned king.  At a time when Scandinavia was threatened by the Hanseatic League, Margaret used her diplomatic wiles to block German expansion and consolidate Scandinavia under a single ruler.    

(Post by Christy)

“I admire the Scandinavian royal families and how they have Ingrid, Catharina, Christian and Estelle all tag along on their parents duties. There’s no point in hiding them away, this will be their life and they should get used to it. Besides they look very happy in doing their duties. Their people clearly love them already.” - Submitted by Anonymous