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Modern paganism. ”Fox Spirit” embroidery. Made for Loki’s altar.

🔅 Cleverness 🔅 Strategy 🔅 Cunning 🔅 Camouflage 🔅 Shape-Shifting 🔅 Clairaudience 🔅 Adaptability 🔅 Swiftness  🔅 Observational Skills  🔅Sexuality 🔅 Charm 🔅 Magic 🔅 Creativity 🔅 Passion 🔅

:Hail the Solstice: : The Abyss of Darkness:

The time has come………………..To sow new seeds. 
The time has come………………..To make place for the new.
The time has come………………..To let go of what needs to go.
The time has come………………..To start anew.

                        Hail the rebirth of the sun!
                        Hail this winter solstice!



What did Old Norse sound like?

Old norse words for Religion and pagansims.

GandiR = Evil magic/great or big magic.

GinA-runAR = great magic of runes/Great secret

Gudija = pagan priestess.

rAginA = descendant from the gods.

Raginaku = godlike powers, great power.

Raginaku-do = completed power.

rAginA-runAR = powerfull runes, runes of the gods.

runo-fahi = Decorated runes/ decorated runestone.

runAR = secret, riddle.

sbA = fortun telling.

uþArAbA-sbA= bad fortun telling.

asfiþr = the love of the Asar gods.

mærki = mark/symbol.

Oþin = odin

Oþinkars = the man of odin / the anger of odin

raþ = advice/ made sens of the runse.

Sulu = sun.

tiuR = Tyr.

þor = Thor.

uB-himin = up in the sky/heaven.

Wi = holy place

Wi-asfriþr = the holy love of the asar gods.

prester = preast ( a Christan One)


The troll cross (trollkors) is a twisted piece of metal worn as an amulet to ward off malevolent magic. A charm worn by early Scandinavian peoples as
protection against trolls and elves, the troll cross is an important part of Scandinavian folklore. Iron and crosses were both believed to ward off evil creatures.

Troll crosses continue to be a popular item of jewelry throughout Scandinavia. 

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