scandinavian gothic

Fennoscandic gothic horror

I was seeing all of these “______ gothic” posts on tumblr. But those I’ve seen are all North American (e.g. Californa gothic). So, this is my quick attempt at “Fennoscandic gothic” (Fennoscandia = Sweden, Norway, Finland).

- Dark, long winter nights when the sun doesn’t rise at all for a month. You always have to have a source of light at home, a candle, a lamp or a computer monitor. Otherwise, the darkness takes over.

- Midnight sun during the summer makes it impossible to separate the days from one another. Time seems to stand still when the sun never sets. You don’t remember the last time you slept.

- You leave your son at kindergarten. Every day when you go to pick them up again, you have this nagging feeling that something changes, wonder if you’ve picked up the right child. But then you shrug it off. You love your daughter, why would you hesitate?

- Stockholm being slowly flooded, without anyone noticing it at first. Once the water has reacher the metro system, the different parts of town and its suburbs become even more isolated. Nobody has heard from Södermalm in a while.

- Dark, abandoned 17th-19th century castles and mansions.

- Planted pine forests where everything looks the same for miles and miles. The tall trees are blocking out the sunlight, and since the trees are all equally thick and standing with equal distance from each other, it’s very easy to get lost. A lot of people have gotten lost here.

- Everyone talking in a mash-mash of the Scandinavian languages, which both makes it understandable if you speak at least one of them, but at the same time surreal and old-fashioned.

- Lost in the mountains, you struggle to find a way back to civilisation. You were never a reindeer herder, but you’re pretty sure reindeer are not supposed to look like that.

- Owning a shop in east Finland, you are used to Russian tourists coming in after Christmas to buy gifts for New Years. One year though, they don’t come. You walk through the empty aisles and sometimes it sounds like people whispering in Russian.

- Stave churches everywhere.

- People touched by the aurora borrealis. They become different.

- We have finally destroyed the Baltic sea beyond redemption. Unspeakable horrors live there now. We don’t talk about it. 

- Melodifestivalen/MGP/UMK becomes stranger and stranger for each passing year. You are sure that before, they used to have upbeat music with simple lyrics about love, friendship or parties. Now some of the contestants are pale people with dark eyes that just scream for 3 minutes. People still watch it with their kids and eat popcorn.