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my main tag game buddy @sanasbakkcush tagged me ty 💘💘💘

Name: minna
Nicknames: uhh not rly but my friends sometimes call me minski ?
Zodiac sign: taurus
Height: 165 cm
Orientation: pan
Ethnicity: mixed thai / fin
Fruit: rambutan !!!!
Season: spring
Flower: i like the tulip emoji but it’s ugly irl so idk🌷🌷🌷
Smell: my friend got me a coconut&tamarind scented candle on christmas and it smells divine
Color: the shade of blue of my favourite blue jeans
Animal: tiger
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?: tea
Average sleep hours: 6, more or less
Cats or Dogs: cats
Favourite fictional character: currently i’m really loving mutasim tatouti EVEN THOUGH HE HAS LIKE NO LINES AT ALL 
Ideal Trip: right now me and my friend are talking about touring scandinavia so that would be cool
Blog Created: friday december 23rd 2016 at about 4am as told by

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