Kerryoke with Kerry Washington!

On Air With Ryan Seacrest - When “Scandal” star Kerry Washington told Jordin Sparks that any Disney song is her go-to for karaoke, we knew we were in for a treat. Enjoy.


Kerry Washington in Stella McCartney Resort 2014 at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.

Did you all catch her on the red carpet live stream minutes ago? She talked briefly about her honorary doctorate degree and Scandal Season 3 premiere - October 3rd.

Hats off to her glam squad: Carola Gonzalez for her makeup, Marcus Francis for her hair style, and her stylist for her red carpet look!

Stay tuned for HQ red carpet photos, Gladiators!

Sharing details of her childhood and youth, Scandal creator, writer, and showrunner Shonda Rhimes on her own eccentric biographical data.

Shonda Rhimes—writer-creator ofGrey’s Anatomy, Private Practice,and Scandal, three smash hits once simultaneously on the air—is a three-time Emmy nominee, a powerful spokeswoman for racial diversity on television, and a deft coiner of pop-lexicon mainstays (McDreamy! McSteamy! Va-jay-jay!) that we challenge you to try to forget. But the higher Rhimes ascends in the Hollywood pecking order, the more she clings to her writerly, Dartmouth-educated roots, skipping L.A. nightlife to raise her two adopted girls, listen to composer Rachel Portman’s tunes, or plow through heaps of books on her nightstand. Here, the show-running geek gone chic on her habits, habitats, and (childhood) habiliments.

A POLITICAL junkie turned political-thriller writer, she says her first memory of televised politics is the grainy flicker of the Watergate hearings, watched from the kitchen floor as a toddler.

STORY IDEAS, overheard juicy conversations, and other creative scribblings all reside in her iPhone’s Notes app, which she whips out to read from in the writers’ room.

SHE STOPS short of believing in earbuds. In the early days, she wrote Grey’s Anatomy scenes by herself at a picnic table out on the show’s back lot. She wore huge headphones—big, old, tarmac-traffic-directing headphones—to “keep people from coming up to talk to me.” Now she has a private, sleek office, one for each show—and yet the bulky mufflers are “the one thing that stays the same.”

THE TIC she bets drives her assistants most crazy is that she is “very beverage-oriented.” The day starts with fresh green juice—“kale-apple-ginger-spinach-cucumber-celery-parsley!”—and continues apace with constantly replenished water and iced green tea. It terminates, around five P.M. every day, “no matter where I am,” with a glass of red wine.

THE THREE worst days of her life were consecutive: when she decided to kick coffee.

HER TIME machine is liturgical incense, the smell of which—encountered at random—takes her immediately back to church at age 10, when she first became a plaid-uniformed Catholic schoolgirl.

SHE SPENT all her time in a tree reading books for a spell in grade school. Next, she spoke only French, pretending her real family lived in Paris and were due any minute now to come whisk her off to the Sorbonne. (There was a brief period of overlap in which she spoke just French and kept to treetops.) Her parents celebrated these flights of fancy: “ ‘That’s interesting! Do that more!’ ” Her classmates? “Not so much.”

HER BEST FRIEND adopted “weird” new girl Shonda, a fifth-grade transfer with Coke-bottle glasses and French braids, casting the glow of tween popularity upon her by association. Thirty years later, they still talk every day.

SHE BEGAN writing early. Hundreds of journals chronicling those formative years—going back to first grade and filled with angst-y couplets on unrequited crushes—remain in her possession. The younger the writer, the more “pink and curlicued” the notebooks, progressing to leather-bound, unlined volumes. She’s reluctant to crack them now, “terrified to re-discover” who she was.

WITH PURSUITS outside of work, she has but two modes: disinterest and all-consuming obsession, “because I am only able to become obsessed with things.” Her latest fixation is “endorphins,” after she remembered she had a treadmill—bought with purpose two years ago, promptly forgotten. Now, for one hour a day, she’s on it with no interruptions: no children, no phones, no beverage-freighting assistants. Only, of course, television.

IF PRESSED, she’ll acknowledge the presence, somewhere in her home, of a full-on, Etsy-fied, jewelry-making, quilting-happy, hot-glue-gunning, “secret psycho” craft closet.

SHE MAKES weekly episodic television, but she’s also a bona fide TV binger. She watched all ofFringe in three weeks, then all of Game of Thrones. Next: The Wire.

THERE IS one favored show that she watches only live—that she pseudonymously live-blogs—and despite her allegiance to scripted television, it’s a reality program: the National Spelling Bee, or to her, simply, “the Bee.” In her professional view, it’s even better television now that the kids aren’t swept off to compose themselves in a quiet comfort room. They’re put right in front of the cameras as soon as they whiff. “So much more brutal,” she says, chuckling. “The Hunger Games of spelling.”

#ScandalRewind - Close-up shot of Fitz.

This close-up shot of Fitz from Crash and Burn (Scandal Season 1, episode 1x05) has always been one of my favorite Scandal Moments. (Standing O to the episode’s director, Steve Robin!)

It shows Fitz with a decision already made/formulated in his mind before Tom & Hal stepped into the room. He was going to see Olivia security measures be damned, although I love how Tom and Hal broke it down to him about leaving the White House. I also love how they made it happen for him.

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Kerry Washington has been added to #GirlTalk at Mega-Fest in Dallas. #GirlTalk (hosted by Mrs. Serita Jakes and Sarah Jakes) kicks off on Saturday August 31st from 9:00 to 10:30 A.M. (Mega-Fest runs from August 29-31)!

“Girl Talk”

Sometimes, we just need to be real, and Woman Thou Art Loosed at MegaFest is doing just that by bringing back our most popular segment–Girl Talk! Discussing the situations faced by today’s women, Girl Talk is calling all women together as we confront contemporary issues such as domestic violence, self-esteem, relationships and even finances! This is one symposium you don’t want to miss. Hosted by Mrs. Serita Jakes and Sarah Jakes, Girl Talk will include various segments featuring a dynamic panel of speakers that will challenge your perception on the hard-hitting issues, present a fresh perspective that will improve your outlook on life and inspire you to greatness.


Kerry Washington Shows Her Support For Spike Lee’s Kickstarter!

#ScandalRewind - Close-up shot of OPA 

Another shot that I credit as one of my favorite Scandal moments is this close-up of OPA headquarters with Fitz’s White House looming in the background. There are many things I caught just from this one shot…

I also thought back to the times Olivia has said that he’s (re: Fitz) always in her mind. Taking this photo into literary context, I’ll say pretty much, right? I also thought back to that moment Fitz was seen looking outside his window back in “White Hat’s Off.” 

I also thought of the height ratio difference and how Olivia left the White House to create her own establishment  - Olivia Pope & Associates. (HIgher Ground, eh? Of course OPA will have the top floor at a high rise building.)  I also thought of the irony of Olivia’s love for the color white and how the Fitz’s current residence is also white. 

I also thought of the time Olivia told Huck that they are on the dark side of the moon when I caught this shot.

All of the things I mentioned is simply why I enjoy this shot of OPA headquarters as one of my favorite Scandal moments.


Gladiators we’ve already seen two photos of Tony Goldwyn as Andrew Prior -one courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and NOW Comic Con will debut the first official look at Tony Goldwyn’s upcoming film, Divergent.

Summit Entertainment is rolling deep to Comic-Con with Divergent, the March 2014 pic the studio hopes will launch its next Hunger Games-esque franchise. The futuristic sci-fi actioner is adapted from Veronica Roth’s #1 New York Times best-seller about Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley), born into a society divided into personality-based factions, who is labeled a “divergent” and uncovers a conspiracy to destroy all like her who don’t fit in to any one group. Stars Woodley, Theo James, Miles Teller, Maggie Q, Ansel Elgort, Mekhi Phifer, Ben Lamb, Ben Lloyd-Hughes and Christian Madsen will be in attendance along with director Neil Burger and Roth to present first footage from the film and sign autographs. Kate Winslet, Ashley Judd, Ray Stevenson, and Tony Goldwyn also star in Divergent which hits theaters March 21, 2014.