OMG! I think I fangirling a lot today! First, I saw this video of SCANDAL and the name of my country appeared in 7:14. I live and Brazil and here it’s very difficult to find someone who likes jmusic or kmusic because it’s not famous or divulged, but when I saw this I realized that it will change. So, I was on tumblr when I saw this post yesterday. Taka said “I want to play in America” and Brazil is one of the countries of South America. I’m so happy! I really dream with ONE OK ROCK and SCANDAL playing in Brazil!!!

Sorry for my english, I don’t speak it very well..

Hey, how are you?

It has been a long time, but I had lots of things to do (school).

Well, I want to know if you can follow my blog, it’s a school project about antiglobalization. Please, help us, we want it to grow! The website is

Hope you like!

I will post more after this! Thank you and bye!

(Sorry for my (poor) english)