Deconstructing #Olitz– Take Off Your Clothes

“I smile for her, and I take off my clothes for you.”

Olivia says this this opening line to Fitz in the now epic Rose Garden scene (2.08). What strikes me about this line is the ‘take off my clothes for you’ part. Obviously that line is a throwback to “The Trail” (1.07) when Fitz sexily “orders” Liv to take off her clothes. The fact that Olivia uses that line likely a year after they first started bumping uglies indicates it’s meaningful. So Fitz likes to tell Olivia to take her clothes off. This goes beyond the obviously erotic D/s flavor to their relationship. By telling Olivia to 'take off’ her clothes, he’s also asking her to remove her armor for him. This makes a lot of sense with a powerful, take-no-prisoners woman like Olivia even before she became a #gladiatorinasuit.