Need a fake news story juiced up? Look no further — car thief & suspected arsonist Darrell Issa will bring on the investigations, corrupt tobacco lobbyist John Boehner will crank up the faux outrage and you can depend on ABC’s Jonathan Karl to pass on doctored Republican e-mails as actual news.

And Fox will put the lie on repeat 24/7

It’s the Republican way: lie, lie, lie then lie some more

Seems like it was only last week when corporate media & pundits were warning us about the “chilling effect” that the Associated Press scandal would have on journalists getting sources to give them info… apparently someone forgot tell the PRISM leaker they were supposed to be too afraid to leak info

Remember how the DoJ ultimately needed an actual subpoena for the AP and James Rosen’s phone records? You would think that if PRISM was so pervasive and abused that the NSA would have had all that info already. And I’m willing to bet that everyone hasn’t dropped their Verizon mobile contracts or deleted their Gmail accounts just yet –still too early to conclude that isn’t uncalled for though

Not saying the mere existence of PRISM should be blown off or trivialized–it should not be–but I’m a little tired of all the hype and over the top histrionics from the press. Calm heads folks. We need a few more facts and less drama on this 7yr old program that congress has been aware of and thus presumably, some members of the press

Too much of our corporate media and “free press” has scandal fever. And while I am concerned about unwarranted phone/cyber taps, I’m also concerned about the no-fly-zone ExxonMobil has set up around an oil spill in Arkansas and the impending interest rate increase a lot of college students are facing. It’s not sexy, but it’s still just as important to me as all the “scandals” the media is preoccupied with 

My unpopular opinion