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Grab my hair like you grabbed my heart, forcefully with your fists.

Pull my hips closer to yours like the tides and teach me why the moon floods the beach at midnight.

Remind me how to breathe by making me breathless.

Don’t love me tenderly, love me reckless.

Responsible Fandom in the Age of ABC's Scandal (Revised 5/11/13)

As I was sitting here reading Tumblr I saw a poster whining about Tony Goldwyn not tweeting.  I think a reminder is needed:


ABC’s Scandal.  I love this show.  It is smart writing and definitely mirrors the maddening world of politics that I have dipped my toe into from time to time (well more than that but that’s another story)  Each week I look forward to Thursday & the next chapter of the story. And with this age of information & social media, I read online episode analysis for points that I missed & yes, I live tweet with other fans & fortunately the cast & crew who are willing to go beyond their own personal comfort zones & interact with the masses. 

Sadly some fans of the show have not respected the cast & crew’s personal and have taken to Twitter, Tumblr, and other platforms to make personal attacks on the cast, creators, and crew of the show.  Some are made out of pure ignorance. Others are simply crude, cruel and frankly shows a distinct lack of home training and class on the writer’s part. 

Those who work in the entertainment business often choose to make themselves public through their work.  They have not, however, chosen to interact with their fan base on their personal lives.  There is a difference. 

At least once a week I am telling either staff, friends  or family that the Internet & its buddies are not your friend Some of the comments that I have read on social media platforms about the actors and their personal lives are simply appalling.They do not have to interact with their fan base as many of their peers have done successfully in the past.   These tweeters and tumblrs do not know these folk personally and therefore have no right to weigh in on their personal lives.  Period.  

Stop this Madness People Many of these silly “fans” do not realize that their online words live on forever in cyberspace.  And that they can affect the job they want, the schools they wish to attend, the house they want to purchase, even the person they choose to love.  More and more celebrities and public figures are fighting back by not only blocking their access but seeking legal recourse as are producers and respective networks & movie studios.   

As an attorney I can say we will love & welcome the new business.  But we do not like seeing our clients hurt on in potential danger from the unhinged who think these public figures are their personal friends they can say any damn thing to.  Freedom of speech does not give you freedom to talk madness out of your ass. 

I hope after the season finale on May 16 that the Scandal Cast & Crew take a time out from social media, enjoy their respective vacations, and get their lives back.  It appears that some have already heeded this thought.  Many in the Scandal fan base should do the same.  Shonda Rimes says time & time again don’t tweet or come at her with your crazy.  Take that approach with everyone people especially those you do not know personally.  Otherwise the consequences will hurt everyone including the responsible fandom who have no problem separating fiction from realty. 

Now, what do you think Billy Chambers will do next? And is David Rosen really working with him?