nevermindthatapple  asked:

Don't know if you've got an ask (it's not really important, just a random thought) like this before but what do you think the Cullens feel about modern day trends and memes and all that? Technology is rapidly growing, as well as the new trends. Like do they watch old vine compilations? Browse social media (low profile of course)? Funny YouTube videos? Do you think they often discover they like a current new pop song? It's such a big difference compared to the times they were born in.

I think some of them are more up on that stuff than others. I think Emmett and Alice are the most aware of new trends and memes and pop culture. Alice because she is, literally, forward-thinking and future-oriented. And Emmett because he’s the “cool” one so he has to stay “cool” and coolness is ever-evolving. I think Carlisle’s probably the least aware of it. I think he’s quick to adapt in terms of medicine and technology but late to the party in terms of things like trends, fads, pop culture, etc. He’s seen way too many fads come and go to pay attention to anything until it’s stood the test of time. This probably works in his favor, actually; it makes him seem “older” to not be into the stuff modern 20-somethings are into. He got a Kindle when they were first a thing but still finds himself mostly reading paper books. 

The others fall somewhere in the middle. Edward’s up on music (and can be incredibly snobby about it. “I knew that band before they were cool” “They’ve sold out.” “Their old stuff was better.”). Rosalie I feel like knows celebrity culture pretty well, but in a judgy, gossipy way. She’d be the type to “hate-watch” something. She knows which Kardashian and which handsome-actor-named-Chris is which. (Carlisle doesn’t know what a Kardashian is). Esme gets sucked into TV. She dry-sobs over This Is Us and is addicted to Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy and stuff like that. Jasper knows about memes but mostly because he’s the first person Emmett shows them to. He might be social media savvy but more in a ‘lurker’ way, to be aware of any vampire activity or catch any suspicious town folk subtweeting about the weird Cullens. Bella knows the latest book trends but is often scooped on other “latest” things by Emmett or Alice, despite actually being a millennial. 

Summer Q&A - Week One

We are thrilled to share our first installment of Summer Q&A

Each week, you will be introduced to several Olitz fanfic authors, who will share thoughts on various topics such as writing, personal favorites, advice, and of course, Olivia & Fitz. 

This project is a fun way to get to know your faves who make our days exciting with their stories. 

Featured This Week: @babycakesbriauna, Lauryn Joleigh ( @joleighjack​ ), Gabrielle ( @labellebeaucoup​ ), LiveInLoveAndLaughter ( @livelovelaughter531​) , Michelle (Sucker4Scandal)

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Bang Yongguk - Yamazaki [Analysis]

A quick note before the start:

After seeing some really, really great analysis of the song (like this one here) my friend and I were unsure if we should finish our version because … it just seemed not to be fitting as well. But besides the fact that we told some of our friends we were working on it and they were curious about it, and after @mysticaldaddylizard and @aishiterukenji showed interest (thank you guys ❤ ), we thought that we were already almost done, so why not just go all the way. Also, analyses or interpretations of a text can always vary based on the writer’s point of view/context/etc. Of course that doesn’t mean that they are all correct, but there is more than one way to view certain things at times. Although … we have to admit that we might have gotten a bit too into it.

Our Theory:

As we all know, Bang Yongguk dropped Yamazaki and left us all shook. Deeply shook. Now, my friend and I had an intense conversation about how the lyrics could be interpreted.

In the following text, the English translation by banillajoko is used as a reference. Please be aware that certain meanings of a word or saying can get lost in translation, so make sure to read the translator’s notes added to the translation if you look it up. Additionally, my friend and I are not native English speakers, which means that the chance of “lost in translation” is twice as high.

The song “Yamazaki” is produced by Bang Yongguk, a South Korean rapper and leader of the K-Pop idol group B.A.P. The focus of the song is “Yamazaki”, a Japanese whiskey that has a spicy and fruity taste, with notes of citrus, vanilla, oak, and smoke to it. Furthermore, whiskey is overall known as a rather strong drink that burns in your throat.

Considering that the song is centered around this drink and with a look at the lyrics, my friend and I made the assumption that Korea’s drinking culture plays an important role in the interpretation of the song. In Korea, drinking with friends, co-workers or classmates is a fundamental part of socializing. It is used to build relationships, to loosen up, or to relieve stress. The amounts of liquor that are being consumed and the easy access to it commonly lead to people passing out on the streets.

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Why I Wanted Gillovny is Why I Want MSR

These thoughts have been bumping around in my head since the Page Six bombshell of Oct 26, but I decided I wouldn’t post this right away because unless we get some kind of confirmation, there’s no reason to dive into these feelings. So, future self, if you’re posting this, that means the dream is over. Here is what you were thinking about the week Gillovny died:

(More under the cut, because, Good Lord, you don’t want this rambling to muck up your dash. Forgive my poetic ass, please. Seriously, this is really rambling and mostly written for myself, so there’s lots of philosophical thoughts and feelings and shit. You’ve been warned).

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I'm guessing that The Mindy Project Fandom are the happiest fandom in the land right now

because that was the most perfect way to end a season ever.

I love that Mindy Kaling embraces her writing strengths and doesn’t constantly try to be somebody she isn’t, like for instance, a spy thriller writer…
Columbus Short on the Domestic Violence and Drug Addiction That Cost Him His Role on 'Scandal'
Now, the actor has opened up to The Insider With Yahoo about the experience. Short, known for movies such as Stomp the Yard, departed the ABC show after his then-wife, Tuere Tanee Short, filed for divorce and a restraining order against him on the same day in April 2014 for allegedly threatening her

While Short has admitted before that his problems stem back to a cocaine addiction and alcoholism, he revealed to The Insider that he’d quietly sought treatment between the filming of seasons two and three of the show.

“Feelings and emotions are one thing,” he noted, “but what’s best for the brand of Scandal and the brand of ABC… I wasn’t good for the brand.”