Summer Q&A - Week One

We are thrilled to share our first installment of Summer Q&A

Each week, you will be introduced to several Olitz fanfic authors, who will share thoughts on various topics such as writing, personal favorites, advice, and of course, Olivia & Fitz. 

This project is a fun way to get to know your faves who make our days exciting with their stories. 

Featured This Week: @babycakesbriauna, Lauryn Joleigh ( @joleighjack​ ), Gabrielle ( @labellebeaucoup​ ), LiveInLoveAndLaughter ( @livelovelaughter531​) , Michelle (Sucker4Scandal)

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I'm guessing that The Mindy Project Fandom are the happiest fandom in the land right now

because that was the most perfect way to end a season ever.

I love that Mindy Kaling embraces her writing strengths and doesn’t constantly try to be somebody she isn’t, like for instance, a spy thriller writer…
Columbus Short on the Domestic Violence and Drug Addiction That Cost Him His Role on 'Scandal'
Now, the actor has opened up to The Insider With Yahoo about the experience. Short, known for movies such as Stomp the Yard, departed the ABC show after his then-wife, Tuere Tanee Short, filed for divorce and a restraining order against him on the same day in April 2014 for allegedly threatening her

While Short has admitted before that his problems stem back to a cocaine addiction and alcoholism, he revealed to The Insider that he’d quietly sought treatment between the filming of seasons two and three of the show.

“Feelings and emotions are one thing,” he noted, “but what’s best for the brand of Scandal and the brand of ABC… I wasn’t good for the brand.”