We Won't Stand For Violence Against Women on ABC's Scandal

Sign this! It is so so so very important. The representation of women and violence against women is such an important topic that ABC’s Scandal BOTCHED. I’m offended. If you’re on twitter, use the hashtag #GladiatorsAgainstViolence to get some more attention!!


The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone

I really love this song this is one my favorite Temptations songs I couldn’t believe it they play it on Scandal :)

Ayo, Scandal fandom, what the fuck?

Like, even when we talk about the show, ONLY THE SHOW, there is still this poisonous division. How unhappy must these people be to drag anyone into the discussions not currently being held JUST SO THEY CAN FEEL RIGHT? Are these adults or children with exponential idle time and poor debate skills? The antics and BS so needlessly attached to this fandom are so not worth it.

People are kissing ass and trying to earn brownie points for what? We wanted Scandal to succeed. We watched, we made that happen. Then the show turned into some trashy soap where the heroine no longer had backbone. Racists state that this show champions white men, when Shonda is the show-runner. (Or rather racists say we like Tony Goldwyn more than Kerry Washington, which isn’t true amongst all of us.) Yet their argument in this is what? Because there has been dirt thrown on Kerry’s name by those same people.

Then people harass celebrity accounts on some “look at what they’re saying and take our side because they’re wrong” nonsense. Dawg, really? Who the fuck even does that after they pass age 12? Now maybe it’s because telling had never been beneficial to me in my youth so it doesn’t occur now at 26. Or maybe some ships take on water and those aboard can’t fucking swim. Boohoo, but launching attacks because you’re not making a compelling argument shows you aren’t built like that. So stand down.

My thoughts on anything Kerry and Tony, while not as public as other fandom members, have never been negative. I champion Kerry daily, find Tony awesome and think both are far too gracious at times. (Way too gracious.) Neither party asked for any of this bullshit that people insist on lobbing their way. Yet they don’t stoop to the level of hate filled, bottom dwelling, assholes who anonymously take jabs on the grounds of ignorance and pure malice. Sadly, that same disgusting behavior is becoming the norm.

Again, everybody isn’t taught grace. Some people are more akin to savage animals. Before I let those people run me out, I’ll stand on what the hateful consider “the wrong side of an argument”. But I’m not pitching a bitch when my side doesn’t have enough people standing with me. If it really weighs this heavily on you what people who aren’t fucking you, feeding you or family to you do, log the fuck out. Because you’re doing this shit wrong as hell. This message is from the Goddess of Light. I’m out.


Cartoon #Scandal “Mama Said Knock You Out” by @KevOnStage.


#CartoonScandal - “The Fluffer” by @KevOnStage 


#Scandal PSA (This is your brain on #Scandal) 


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Cartoon #Scandal - “No Sun ON The Horizon” by @KevOnStage