Aye yo ABC guess what !?

People can’t miss what they weren’t trying to see. Even if you re-aired the episode on all of the large screens in Times Square right now, I can guarantee you even the pigeons seeking refuge amongst the billboards wouldn’t give your musty ass network ratings. You want to shove Chokelake down people’s throats …..pun intended ?….well enjoy your stack of L’s. 

Scandal - The People Have Spoken
  • Scandal - The People Have Spoken
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Anonymous said:  My friend mentioned something interesting.  Ageism works both ways sometimes.  Tony is getting on, that’s why they’re pushing for the younger one as lead.  Sucks for them, it’s not working because people love Tony, he’s fine and sexy for his age and Scott Foley is one of the most mediocre actors I have ever seen.  Pushing him everywhere is a repellant.  Now, I see Fitz shaking hands with Jake in front of cameras.  What?  Did Fitz name a statue after him?  Dear, Lawd!

@ScandalABC HQ:“T-they didn’t like the opinion thing! Twitter is full of hate and mockery towards us. What do we do now?!” “I know, let’s repeat yesterday’s episode tonight!” “But, Boss, they hated it! The ratings went down...” “REPEAT THE DAMNED EPISODE!”-Again, can you smell the desperation? Take a deep breath and please feel free to join the shady/petty fun. Here’s my reaction to tonight’s “festivities”

1.  #Scandal Um, @ScandalABC? There’s a reason why folks missed the “explosive” premiere. They didn’t want to watch it. But go ahead & encore!

2. #Scandal Man, y'all taking some Meek Mill level ‘L’s right now, @ScandalABC. We watched yesterday and that was mainly to throw shade!

3. #Scandal @ScandalABC Why don’t you guys take the opinions you got yesterday, the important ones, and see about fixing some stuff?

4. Repeating weak/hated eps on new days WON’T fix ratings. Fix the problems with #Scandal itself! @ScandalABC:

5. #Scandal @ScandalABC. Take these 'L’s! We’re happy to give 'em to you! You’re as pitiful & desperate as Mellie!

Scandal - Mellivia Is a Bad Idea
  • Scandal - Mellivia Is a Bad Idea
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@eaudrey35 reblogged:  Olivia should never ever b working with r for Mellie.  This would never happen n real life.  What blk wm u know gone work for a white wm after said white wm has called u a whore, slut, prostitute, none I know.  Yet, Shonda Rhimes stupid thinking thinks this is showing some kind of girl power when it’s just degrading Olivia Pope again.  Mellivia is so toxic on every level.


SCANDAL; “Good night.”

“We’re going back…bye bye”

Scandal - Desperate times call for desperate measures!!

So ABC has ordered an Encore performance of Scandal for tonight. Like that is really going to help.  The next thing coming will be TnK making joint appearances, which they haven’t been allowed to do since Season 2,  and promoting the hell out of the show.  They will probably appear on every morning, afternoon and evening talk show from here to Kalamazoo!  Now that is something I will look forward to. Those talk shows will get a boost in ratings just with a TnK appearance.  Hmmm…. ABC maybe you should take note of that.

watched Scandal this morning...

why is Jake still a character on this show? i had placed him mentally as a fling but flings go away… i hate his character…. i need him to go away and replace with some new man candy

Papa Pope is becoming annoying to me

Scandal - Set Sail
  • Scandal - Set Sail
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Anonymous said:  What is with this trend going on with showrunners having two actors who have chemistry gifted from God himself and ruining it.  Twisted had it with Dacey, Sleepy Hollow with Ichabbie, Scandal with Olitz, etc.  I don’t get it, you have couples who have the chemistry you want and need and instead of using it for good, they shun it and continue to screw it up til you just don’t want it, or care anymore.  I’m tired of ships i like being in the ends of selfish egotistic, mediocre writers.