I just love the scent of pure ‘Oh, Shit, We Fucked Up!’ in the morning. The official SCANDAL Twitter account did something new and long overdue in the wake of 5x10′s  ratings (American Idol beat 5x10, y’all! AMERICAN IDOL HASN’T BEEN GOOD SINCE I WAS IN 8th GRADE!). They asked for our opinions. Woe unto them because not only is 2016 the Year of Pettiness, it is also the Year of NO CHILL TO BE FOUND AND NO FUCKS GIVEN. Here’s what I had to say...

1. #Scandal @ScandalABC, you want our opinions NOW? Golly, I wonder WHY?! COULD IT BE THAT YOU’RE FACING THE CONSEQUENCES OF THAT RIP OFF?!

2. #Scandal @ScandalABC I mean, it’s not like you all hyped this season as good things for Liv, Fitz, #Olitz and didn’t deliver? Oh, wait…

3.  #Scandal @ScandalABC Do you really want the opinions of true Gladiators or the sheeple and white feminists y'all been catering to lately?

4. #Scandal @ScandalABC, you want opinions? You want feedback? Here’s a little piece of fandom art that may just help:

5. Drop Ballard, reduce Mellie and B613 to ash, write Liv with dignity, stop torturing Fitz, and give us our #Olitz back. @ScandalABC #Scandal

6. You want to know how real fans feel about #Scandal right now, @ScandalABC? I don’t have words but I do have gifs:

7. You want to know how real fans feel about #Scandal right now, @ScandalABC? I don’t have words but I do have gifs:

8. You want to know how real fans feel about #Scandal right now, @ScandalABC? I don’t have words but I do have gifs:

9. You want to know how real fans feel about #Scandal right now, @ScandalABC? I don’t have words but I do have gifs:

10.  Where was the concern before, @ScandalABC? Why did it take over 5 yrs for you to ask? You guys suck! #Scandal

11. The best thing you could do for #Scandal fans now = get rid of @shondarhimes or at least install some checks and balances. @ScandalABC

12. #Scandal Don’t ask for opinions if you’re not going to listen to them, @ScandalABC and don’t backtrack since you’ve opened Pandora’s Box.

13. #Scandal Gladiators, the ones that have been around since 1x01 & gave you your jobs, @ScandalABC are mad and vocal.

14. #DieJakeDie alone would be like ratings Meth. #Scandal End the Mellie crap & put the focus back on Liv, Fitz, #Olitz? GOLD. @ScandalABC

15. #Scandal If you’re serious about listening to us AT LAST (see what I did there?), then cool. If not, @ScandalABC?

16. I’m mad about the ‘give us your opinions’ thing but I’m also hyped. They KNOW that they’ve fucked up big time this year. #Scandal

17. Unlike #Scandal Seasons 1-4, @ScandalABC marketed 5 as a good year for Liv, Fitz, #Olitz. That’s why the 5A Premiere was so lit for ratings.

18. The fact that we’ve been bait and switched (again) is twice as raw because of how #Scandal 5 was marketed. @ScandalABC can’t ignore that.

19. *to the tune of Do You Want to Build a Snowman?* Do you wanna keep your jobs? Take this opinion thing and earn them, @ScandalABC  #Scandal

20. You don’t write for fans, huh? Okay, then. I see how it is. So, I guess this is gonna be #Scandal’s last season, eh? @shondarhimes

21. #Scandal Don’t write for fans…you don’t write for fans who can think critically, @shondarhimes. You write for sheep and white feminists.

22. I said in August that if #Scandal 5 turned into a rip-off for our heroes, then hell would be raised. I was right.

23. #Scandal @ScandalABC, you’ve got the opinions now. So, what’s going to be done? Will there be change or a cancellation? What goes on here?

24. @ScandalABC, take in our opinions and the fact that #Scandal’s ratings were down by 34% on 2/11 and got beat by such dying shows as Idol.

25. #Scandal We’ll see the outcome soon. Here’s hoping that @ScandalABC listens to us for once!

An Open Letter to Episode 9

Congratulations!   you did it.   you were sooooo terrible that Scandal returned with 6.88 million viewers.   wow.  the numbers haven’t been that low since the show first started back in Season 2.

and after last night’s fiasco with Olivia on her knees, i predict the numbers to drop even lower.   way to go Episode 9.   the abortion.   the Olitz break-up.   you’re the first official nail in the coffin.



One woman made a choice to take a stand. Kerry Washington plays Anita Hill and Wendell Pierce plays Clarence Thomas in ‘Confirmation’.

Premieres on HBO April 16, 2016 8PM


Woke up to seeing memes of: Another political debate with a Man telling a Woman you’re not in the White House yet and the Woman telling him not to attack the Democratic president. A fashion show music release event with celebrities looking used up and models looking tired and falling asleep. A TV character and former female lead being made fun of and insulted on her own show. But new colors. LOL, what great character Growth. 😑 Good Friday morning!

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Damn, It Feels Good to Be a Clinton