John Oliver: Clinton’s scandals may upset you, but “you should then be fucking outraged by Trump’s”

With a little more than a month left before America heads to the polls, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver took a long look at both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s scandals throughout the presidential campaign. And although much of the media attention has gone to Clinton’s scandals, Oliver suggested that, in fact, Trump’s scandals are much worse — and he proved it with disgusting raisins.

“This campaign has been dominated by scandals, but it is dangerous to think that there is an equal number on both sides,” Oliver said. “And you can be irritated by some of Hillary’s ― that is understandable ― but you should then be fucking outraged by Trump’s.”

“Ethical failings in a politician are like raisins in a cookie,” Oliver added. “They shouldn’t be there. They disgust people. But most politicians have at least a few raisins.

"Hillary is a cookie like this one,” Oliver said, pulling out one raisin cookie. “She arguably has more raisins than average. There’s probably 10 of those little fuckers in there.”

“But we all need to remember that when it comes to Donald Trump, this is the amount of raisins that he represents,” Oliver explained, as hundreds of raisins rained on top of him. “The man is a fucking raisin monsoon. He is ethically compromised to an almost unprecedented degree.”

Clinton has been mired by some scandals over the course of the campaign. But so far, the two biggest scandals uncovered during the campaign — the emails and the Clinton Foundation — have led to little-to-no evidence of substantial wrongdoing. As Oliver summarized, “We’ve spent several frustrating weeks trolling through all the innuendo and exaggeration surrounding her email and foundation scandals. And the worst thing you can say is they both look bad, but the harder you actually look, the less you actually find.”

Trump, Oliver argued, is much worse. Take the Trump Foundation: It’s an organization set up to do charity work, but over the past few years, the Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold has uncovered, the Trump Foundation has spent some of its donations on a six-foot painting of Trump, a football helmet autographed by Tim Tebow, an illegal contribution to Florida’s attorney general when she was investigating Trump University for fraud, and payments to settle lawsuits involving Trump’s businesses.

And the Trump Foundation is just one of Trump’s many scandal-ridden organizations. There’s also lawsuits against Trump University, the alleged use of undocumented immigrants to build Trump Tower, and an illegal loan Trump got from his father.

“If you don’t like raisins, I get it — they’re disgusting,” Oliver said. “But unfortunately, this November, you’re going to have to swallow 10, or we’re all going to be eating this shit for years.”

[BREAKING] Sunhwa leaves SECRET

Bad news for SECRET TIME.

It has been announced by TS Entertainment that Sunhwa has chosen to leave the popular 4 member girl group, SECRET

September 29 would mark their 7th anniversary.

You can read the official statement from the company below:

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John Oliver (who just won an Emmy, by the way) digs up the truth on Clinton and Trump’s scandals.

I like raisins, though.


SCANDAL’s HARUNA; Morning sun (acoustic ver.)


SCANDAL; “SCANDAL in the house at O2 Academy Islington, London!” - Part 1

From the minute ‘Room No.7’ kicked in, it was clear SCANDAL had returned to conquer London all over again and tonight’s crowd were more than up for the challenge! London’s set would be the bands penultimate show as part of their second visit to Europe in support of their latest album ‘YELLOW’.

All band members were on top form and ready to give the crowd 200% and a fan pleasing set including: ‘Your Song (English version’, ‘DOLL’ & ‘Take Me Out’! One of the evening’s many highlights was during ‘Konya wa Pizza Party’ where someone had the genius idea of suddenly releasing four inflatable pizza slices into the crowd which really added to the party vibe!

Original photos by Kakkoii Club HERE.


SCANDAL live in London - fancams by ra999

Take Me OutOnegai Navigation

If I never laid eyes on him, then I wouldn’t have fallen in love and he wouldn’t have fallen in love. That may have made for two more lonely people in this world but also a lot less pain and heartache for many, many others. Senator Grant and the Grant Children. For the people I love, for this country that I love. A country that expects us in Washington to solve problems, not make them. Is the love of two people worth… all this destruction, all this attention? I mean if it were a choice, who would choose this kind of love? So I wish we never met. But we did. And I tried and failed, tried and failed.