it’s come to the point where i’m wondering if i joined a new fandom if they’d reject me right off the bat or if they’d take pity on me and welcome me with open arms a warm blanket and some milk and cookies

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I can't wait until Fitz can finally put a framed picture of Olivia on that table behind his desk. I hope they don't skimp on all those cutesy couple-y stuff. I think we've more than earned it.

OMG, please stop

But, seriously, I don’t see that happening until he’s actually divorced from Mellie. That office entertains too many people. Now, a framed picture by his bed in the Residence…

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Hey Kat, How is it Scandal hiatus going for you? I was just laying here and thought about Scandal. I just realised (which may be wrong, btw) that our Fitz Grant does not smile very often in the past 4 seasons. Sure, we saw a lot of political smile from him but I can't even remember one occasion when I actually saw him smile/laughed for real. Is this part of the text? Do they deliberately portrait him as an internally very unhappy character?

My hiatus is great! I’ve pulled back a bit this year because I don’t want to get burned out before I have to start spinning a bunch of plates again in the fall. 

As for our Fitzgerald. Let’s remember the one time he seemed happy, Cyrus called him in on it. He said he knew that he was ticking because happy people are rarely actually happy, unless they are morons (207). So ‘happy’ is a very un-Fitzgerald like state to Cyrus. In fact, happiness isn’t a  settled state or way of being; it’s a passing feeling. Besides, Fitz is under constant stress. Being POTUS means taking the blame for EVERYTHING!  And for ten years before he met Olivia, he had a very unhappy marriage. Still he has managed to have moments of happy. 

There are some without Olivia. 

[@artsychica image] 

Most of them, however, have been with Olivia. 

There’s a great set of gifs here. 

From this period:

to this one:

seems to have been the highlight of the last six years of Fitz’s life. 

This is a new one:

But this? 

That’s pure joy right there. 

ok but who are the rest of the boys during all this baby scandal shit? like is niall eating? i need to know if my baby is playing enough golf to ignore this. and liam? my little lima? he’s holding us all together but I’m still a mess??? and harry, dear sweet, harry… larry or no larry it’s gotta be shit for him to see all this go down… like even if (though i don’t believe it) larry is just a bromance, its gotta be tough. 2015 has been tough for all of us, i gotta say.