Kerry Washington’s AP interview.

  • Takashi:Okay everyone! The lyrics are done, it's time to record.
  • Kyohei:(stands up and salutes) Yes Sir!
  • Kota:(also salutes) Aye Aye Captain!
  • Nagito:(singing and marching) I don't know, it seems to me, Leader is getting cranky!
  • Kyohei:(follows Nagito) Up, two, three, four!
  • Kota:(follows Kyohei and Nagito) We're marching to the recoding door!
SITS: Fight And Apologies

“Anonymous said: a sits headcanon where takashi kota nagi and iori have a fight with the mc and she makes them sleep on the couch but they come back to mc’s bed in the middle of the night and apologize please”

Requested: Yes

For: Anon

Smut: No

A/N: I’m going to change it a bit since the guys have their own room therefore there’s no need for the guys to sleep on the couch.

Nagito Aoshima
“You have five minutes to explain.”
You crossed your arms in front of you. Lately Nagito’s been sneaking off late a night. You knew that he was doing some extra practices but won’t admit it to you. On top of that he’s been making new outfits for the band. He barely has time to sleep and obviously that wasn’t good for him. “Well.. You see Y/N…” He rubbed the back of his neck.

“Didn’t I tell you to take care of yourself? I know you’re doing it for the band but get some rest once in awhile. You know how worried I was when I got a call from one of the guys saying you fainted?!” You didn’t mean to yell at him, it just happened. Nagito tends to forget about his health and this made you mad. Just like Takashi he told you to mind your own business and stop caring about others. “Fine, if that’s what you want I’ll stop nagging you. But let me tell you this, would you do the same thing if I were in your situation?”

Nagito was left speechless. He avoided eye contact with you before he positioned himself back to bed. You said goodnight to him and walked to your bedroom. You were upset that you had to leave it off like that with him. You stared at the ceiling hoping you’d fall asleep soon but it didn’t happen. There was a light knock on your door. “Y/N are you still awake? Can I come it?” Nagito asked. “Nagito you should be sleeping right now.” You said when he came close to your bed.

“I’m sorry for worrying you Y/N. I’m sorry I didn’t take your lectures seriously, I must be an idiot for ignoring that my girlfriend is very worried about me. I’m sorry Y/N I don’t know how many times to I have to say sorry for you to forgive me. And I couldn’t sleep without you, at least not after a fight.”  

You apologized on your behalf for always nagging him about taking care of himself. Nagito shook his head from side to side and said that it was natrual for you to get worried. “Let’s go to bed Nagi, you need plenty of rest.” He smiled happily and gave you an embrace. Soon, the two of you fell asleep. It was really nice that the two of you have made up before it got worst.

Iori Enjo
You were irritated at Iori. The fight between the two of you has gone too far and the two of you fought about the same thing over and over again. You didn’t even know how it happened or how it started but here you are screaming at each other. “What the hell is wrong with you?!?!” He yelled. “What the hell is wrong with YOU?!?!” You replied back and pointed at him.

“I’m not going to deal with you and your attitude right now, don’t expect me to sleep on your bed tonight.” He stated and walked away. “LIKE I CARE!” You yelled for him to hear. The guy were in the living room and heard everything that was going on.

When you walked down the stairs the members avoided eye contact and avoided you and Iori like the two of you were some kind of plague. The only person brave enough to approach you was Nagito. He listened to what you had to say about Iori. It was really nice to have him there because you needed to let off steam. “I’m sure everything will be alright in the end Y/N. Cheer up.” Nagito patted your the top of your head and walked inside the house. It was getting late and you wanted to get some rest.

When you were about to close your eyes your phone rang. You didn’t want to deal with any phone calls right now so you just let it rang, hoping that the person that was calling you would get the idea that you fell asleep. The caller called your five times and on the sixth time you finally answered without looking at the caller ID. “Hello?” You were half-pissed, scratch that you were very pissed. “Oh good you’re alive! Open the door to your bedroom please.”

“Iori?!?! Go to sleep. I’m not going to open the door for you. I do recall you saying ‘Don’t expect me to sleep on your bed tonight’.” You said as you imitated his voice. He groaned and apologized for everything. He couldn’t stand fighting with you and it hurt him very much that he made the love of his life mad at him. “I’m sorry for everything Y/N. Please, open the door.”

Sighing in defeat you opened the door. He hugged you and apologized once again. “You can let go now. I want to get some sleep.” You yawned and covered your mouth. “Can I sleep with you tonight? I missed you.” You nodded to head and walked towards your bed. Iori lied down on your bed and he pulled you closer to him. His chest became your pillow. “Sweet dreams.” Was all he said before drifting off to sleep.

Kota Igarashi
Kota was playing with his video games. He laid on you lap and you started to comb through his hair with your fingers. In the beginning he didn’t really mind it but as his game was going, he found it annoying. He paused his game and turned towards you. “Y/N can you stop doing that? I’m not a cat you know.”

You pouted and stood up from the ground laid on his bed started to check out what’s trending on social media. Quietly humming to yourself you kept scrolling on your phone. “Can you just shut up?” He stated. “You could’ve just said it nicely. Sorry if I’m interrupting you and your game time. I’m leaving now.” You stomped out of his room and slammed his door shut.

Kota was being mean as usual, he could’ve just said it nicely that he wanted you to be quiet. Locking your door your walked to the bed and watched movies. You were watching one of your favourite movie that made you cry a thousand times no matter how times you’ve seen it. “Y/N can I come in?” Asked Kota. “No! Go away! I’m going to sleep.” You told him as you switched off the television and lights.

You tossed and turned hoping to get some sleep but nothing happened. Just then your door opened to reveal Kota. “Y/N I’m sorry I snapped at you awhile ago. I didn’t mean to say those things to you, please forgive me. And you know I can’t sleep well without you by my side.” Even in the dark room you knew that he was blushing. “Alright Kota cat come here.” You spread your arms and waited for his hug.

His eyes shined bright like a diamond, though he didn’t like it when you called him Kota cat but he’ll let it slide this time because he doesn’t want to cause another fight. “I missed the source of my warmth.” He said as he nuzzled on the crook of your neck. That night the two of you slept well and were energized the next day.

Takashi Ninagawa
You heard from Iori that Takashi didn’t eat his meal again and this made you angry. The two of you would often fight about him not eating and that it’s bad for his health. Takashi would often say that you shouldn’t care much about his well being because he can take care of himself. Obviously that’s a lie, because he needs to be well taken care of like a toddler.

“Takashi, how many times do I have to tell you not to forget about your meal! It’s bad for you health and maybe someday you’ll collapse on stage!” You rubbed your temples in circle. “I’m fine aren’t I? Focus on your own health, and not mine.” He stated. “You know what? Fine have it your way. Don’t even bother going to bed with me tonight.” You stomped away from him as you made your way to your room.

You hated how much he didn’t understand that you’re just looking after him and that you’re worried about his health. You hoped that someday he’d realize that you were just trying to help. You locked your door and listened to musics until you fell asleep.

In the middle of the night you heard your door open and someone hugged you from behind. You recognized this scent, and the scent belongs to Takashi. “Y/N please don’t get mad at me, I promise I’ll take care of myself from now on. I got lectured by Kyohei and asked me how I would feel if you skipped meals and kept telling me that you were fine. I’m sorry Y/N, I know you’re mad at me but I can’t sleep without you.”  

You moved your body and faced Takashi. “Taka, I’m not asking much from you, other than eat three meals a day.”  Takashi kissed your forehead and said that he’ll try not to worry you any longer. “Let’s go to sleep.” He closed his eyes and started to hum a song.

Let’s talk about ASIB and weaponry, shall we?

Twirling things, in this episode, seems to be a way of highlighting them–a way the script tells us they’re important. This is set up with the first item flipped–a spray can of cleaner which Sherlock uses to temporarily disable the American who breaks into the apartment and threatens Mrs. Hudson:

This episode is also full of John’s insecurity, and his jealousy over Irene Adler. He wants to be reassured that Sherlock couldn’t possibly be attracted to Irene, as it seems he must be:

Mrs. Hudson responds that this is Sherlock, so how could they ever possibly know what goes on inside his mind?

The only one who has the key to Sherlock’s heart is John. And John’s greatest weapon is their closeness, his proximity to Sherlock. So he flips his house key:

Finally, at the very end of the episode, we see Sherlock with Irene’s phone. The cases involved in this episode are over, at least for now, but Sherlock’s complicated relationship with Irene is not. It’s a game of cat and mouse; lots of intrigue and mind games. And so he flips her phone:

I love this episode for many reasons: most notably for John’s jealousy.

I’m writing drafts for the AU Fic based on the President Samuel Thomas Wilson and FLOTUS Captain Steven Rogers photoset I made. I plan to have the whole thing finished by November 1 in then gonna post all the chapters leading up to Election Day.  In the meantime, some thoughts:

  • Pope Associates runs the presidential campaign.  Along with Abby, Harrison, Huck, and Quinn, Olivia Pope brings in Cyrus Beene and Joey Lucas (who brings Donna Moss and Josh Lyman) as the core Think Tank.  Charlie Young, Ainsley Hayes, and Sam Seaborn are hired later on.
  • Cyrus spends a good four hours attempting to convince Sam to run as a Republican in a desperate attempt to help rebrand the Republican Party after several horrific cycles where they’re being choked to death by the alt-right.  (The decision not to literally comes down to: YOU REALIZE I AM MARRIED TO A SOCIALIST, RIGHT? “Is your marriage REALLY more important than restoring balance and justice to our two party system?” YES, CYRUS, YES IT IS.)
  • Sam runs on a strong domestic platform: education, affordable housing, clean energy jobs.  Steve’s pet project as FLOTUS is the NEA and Arts Education.
  • Selina Meyer is Sam’s VEEP.
  • Sam and Steve have girls twins, Jamie and Riley, and another daughter named Peg.  Sam watches Steve and Olivia, during the early days of the campaign, go FIFTEEN ROUNDS over the kids.  So MANY arguments about the kids.
  • The First Dog is Baron Von Steuben, a Siberian husky, who Steve adopted during a campaign stop.  Sam hates this dog.  Hates.  This.  Dog.  It is the BANE of his existence.  Why? Because it’s a little shit, and its owner is a complete shit, and Sam gets more press and heat on that damn dog than his Heathcare plan. It digs up the Rose Garden.  It shits on the Jefferson Memorial.  It goes for marathon runs with Steve, which causes Animal Rights Activists to accuse Steve of animal abuse. It ESCAPES and then the Secret Service has to CHASE IT AROUND THE NATIONAL MALL.
  • Baron Von Steuben is the only pet until Prince T’Challa gives Sam three black kittens from the local shelter for Sam and Steve’s kids (the kittens are named life, liberty, and happiness, because T’Challa really likes screwing with Sam).  The gift happens during Wakanda’s first State Dinner in Years. Sam works closely with King T’Chaka and Prince T’Challa throughout his presidency.
  • Kamala Khan is head of Steve’s Secret Service Detail, because Steve is a nightmare.  At first every agent WANTED the Detail, because, you know, IT’S CAPTAIN AMERICA.  HOW AWESOME?  Nope.  He dodges them.  He puts them through tests.  He makes them cry.  Steve has had five different agents in ten months.  The position turns into a punishment.  Your boss doesn’t like you, you get assigned to Captain America.  Watch as he laughs at you as he and his DAMN DOG sprint around the reflecting pool.  Then comes Special Agent Khan who isn’t taking ANY of Steve’s shit, and is clever, and spunky, and Steve’s like, she is mine, and if you have issues with her or her religion you can go fuck yourself.
  • Sam thinks he got jipped: he has to, you know, carry the hopes and dreams and well being of 325 million people of his shoulders; meanwhile, Steve gets to read books to school kids and plan State Dinners.  Sam really wants to trade off a couple of days a week, but Steve is pretty convinced that’s a coup.
  • I have more thoughts, but those are the basics.  I also have a whole plot where I rewrite AOU and CACW, because Sam gets tapped for Congress directly after the HYDRA / Project Insight SNAFU.  That means he’s a Congressman during AOU, which is why he isn’t in the big fight at the end, and leads the Congressional Hearings on the Aftermath of the Battle of Sovokia, which gets heated, and angsty, and totally awesome sauce.

Vaccination obligatoire : la France 1ère de la classe

La France est le seul pays de l’Union européenne (avec l’Italie et le Portugal), où la vaccination obligatoire règne encore (Diphtérie – Tétanos – Poliomyélite). Comment expliquer cet acharnement ?
On pourrait dire candidement que les raisons en sont historiques, grâce à (ou à cause de) l’illustre Pasteur, qui a réussi à convaincre les scientifiques et les politiques de son temps de la justesse de ses théories et de l’efficacité de ses pratiques.
On pourrait dire aussi, plus cyniquement, que l’industrie du vaccin est particulièrement florissante et que la France tire bien son épingle du jeu : l’industrie du vaccin génère plus de 6000 emplois directs et le laboratoire Sanofi est numéro deux mondial avec 18 % de part d’un marché estimé à 42,3 milliards d’euros en 2016 (+11,5% de croissance annuelle depuis 2009, Source : LEEM).

Risque vaccinal et conflits d’intérêt

Au-delà des conflits d’intérêt pointés à plusieurs reprises[1] [2] au sein du Comité technique des vaccinations (CTV), la méfiance à l’égard des vaccins se généralise dans l’UE[3]. En 2015, le Haut Conseil de la Santé Publique (HCSP) s’est inquiété du recul de la vaccination en France et de la méfiance de plus en plus répandue face aux vaccins. Il a même proposé de lever ce principe d’obligation, instauré il y a des décennies. En effet, selon l’Institut national de prévention et d’éducation pour la santé (Inpes), la méfiance de la population face aux vaccins est passée de 10 % en 2005 à 40 % en 2010.
Les risques de la vaccination, désormais de plus en plus débattus[4], contre des maladies presque inexistantes en France ont suscité des polémiques au point que la Ministre de la Santé, Marisol Touraine, s’est vue forcée d’ouvrir le débat sur la vaccination obligatoire début 2016.
Autre pomme de discorde : comment respecter l’obligation vaccinale si le vaccin Diphtérie-Tétanos-Polio n’est pas disponible ? Depuis 2008, il n’existe plus de vaccin trivalent DTP, contraignant les parents à recourir à des vaccins hexavalents, c’est-à-dire protégeant aussi contre la coqueluche, l’hépatite B et l’haemophilus influenzae de type B, germe responsable de méningites.
Selon Michèle Rivasi, eurodéputée Europe Ecologie Les Verts, il s’agit là d’une « vente forcée ». Elle a lancé l’opération « Mains propres » qu’elle mène auprès de Serge Rader, un pharmacien et lanceur d’alerte, pour dénoncer la généralisation des conflits d’intérêts et la corruption du secteur de la santé publique.

Pas un geste anodin

La vaccination n’est pas un geste anodin ; il faut en faire un usage modéré, éclairé et individuel. Choisir sa vaccination et celle de ses enfants doit rester la prérogative de chacun.

Pour aller plus loin

Voir mon article sur le livre « Qui aime bien vaccine peu ! ».
En France, il existe la Ligue Nationale pour la Liberté des Vaccinations, qui milite depuis 1954 contre l’obligation vaccinale, afin que « la vaccination redevienne un acte médical librement consenti » ainsi que l’Association Liberté Information Santé, plus récente.
L’Union Européenne possède également son réseau de vaccino-vigilance où les particuliers peuvent télécharger un formulaire de signalement d’effets secondaires éventuels.
En Belgique, le site Info Vaccination a également vu le jour pour informer le grand public sur les vaccins avec le maximum de références scientifiques.
En Suisse, enfin, citons le très actif Groupe médical de réflexion sur les vaccins, basé à Lausanne.

Sources :
[1] Association E3M
=> [4] Lorsqu’on épluche le document confidentiel sur le vaccin Infanrix hexa (, on se rend compte que loin des quelques effets secondaires bénins qu’on se contente d’évoquer aux parents avant la vaccination (fièvre, douleur, rougeur au point d’injection), ce produit est associé à 825 effets secondaires différents listés par le fabricant dont plusieurs sont gravissimes et même parfois mortels. Parmi ces effets, on retrouve le diabète, l’épilepsie, l’autisme, la mort subite du nourrisson, le syndrome de l’enfant maltraité/violenté et bien d’autres horreurs encore.

Source de l’article :

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