scandal, s05e10: plot breakdown

time slot:  Thursday, 9PM, ET
broadcast date:   February 11, 2016

ratings results:  unknown
review written by:  redorkulous

review:   Olivia opens this episode having dinner with dear ol’ Dad.   according to Olivia, she left the White House because Fitz tried to “cage” her – Olivia’s words, not mine.   Olivia thinks Fitz wanted a First Lady instead of a loving relationship.   wow.   what relationship was Olivia in?   Fitz never forced her to do shit.   she delivered snickerdoodle cookies because she wanted to rehabilitate her image.   and why didn’t Olivia mention her secret abortion?   hey, Olivia!   if you’re gonna tell it – tell it all.

then, immediately following dinner, Olivia goes home and rage-fux Jake.   and plot-twist, Jake is Rowan’s new roomy?!   huh?   that must’ve been one helluva a Christmas dinner.

later, the Chief of the NSA calls Olivia about the theft of Project Mercury.   hmmm, this sounds like a recycled storyline.   remember “Project Thorngate” from Season 2, Episode 3?   Mercury and Thorngate are basically the same damn thing – a computer program that allows the U.S. to spy on its allies.   the existence of this program was leaked to the press – but by who?   Fitz hires Jake ((becuz that’s a man he can trust – BWA-HA-HA!)) to investigate the case.   at the same time, Fitz makes late night calls to Abby about his schedule.   poor Fitz.   old habits die hard.   my advice: no more late calls.   not to Abby.   not to Olivia.   not to anybody.   but that’s JMO.

now, back to Project Mercury…  it appears the Chief of the NSA trusted the wrong guy.   looks like her new B/F downloaded the files from her home computer.   and should the 1st female Chief of the NSA get fired for trusting the wrong guy, she’ll ruin it for all women for many decades to come.

of course, if all arrows point to the B/F, then he’s obviously a red herring.   but if the B/F didn’t do it, then who did?   Jacob Hamilton Ballard.   smdh.   now, i’m torn.   on the one hand, i’m just glad that Jake finally got a job.   on the other hand, this is what happens when two former Commands of B13 spend Christmas together.   they plot against the government to recover their power.   to quote Papa Pope, “once you’ve had a taste of blood…”   maybe now Olivia can stop shag’n that shifty-shady bastard?   ((but i doubt it))

and for the cliffhanger, Olivia joins forces with Mellie.   why?   she needs to get back into power to overthrow Rowan and Jake because Fitz is no longer taking her calls.   meh.   for me, it’s another bullshit episode becuz we’ve seen it all before.   true, the names and power positions keep changing, but it’s the same damn story…  over, and over, and over, and over again.   JMO.

An Open Letter to Episode 9

Congratulations!   you did it.   you were sooooo terrible that Scandal returned with 6.88 million viewers.   wow.  the numbers haven’t been that low since the show first started back in Season 2.

and after last night’s fiasco with Olivia on her knees, i predict the numbers to drop even lower.   way to go Episode 9.   the abortion.   the Olitz break-up.   you’re the first official nail in the coffin.


If you skipped out on Scandal, you truly didn’t miss much.

I don’t know what to make of that episode. But I really fail to see how Olivia’s changed. The only thing I can see is that she’s more self aware as evidenced by her conversation with Abby, which was a good conversation. Really, the only good scene in the episode. 

I don’t see how Jake and Olivia’s relationship is any different from 2B except for the fact that they are jerks to each other. I honestly can’t tell if they enjoy each other’s company. REALLY endearing. It’s very hard to make the case that they should be in a relationship, especially after Jake’s random ass, nonsensical rise to the NSA. THE FUCK? It’s like they’re transferring the worst qualities of Fitz and Olivia to Olake. Girl, I guess. The fact that Fitz called Jake for his help and then Jake proceeded to lie about being with Olivia reeks of 2B, and it’s TRASH really. We’ve seen this before. [SIDE NOTE: PLEASE FUCKING MISS ME WITH SOME OLE FAUX ASS OUTRAGE, RESPECTABILITY POLITICKIN’ ASS CONCERNS ABOUT OLIVIA ON HER KNEES FOR JAKE. They’ve been fucking post choking for two seasons now. And I don’t see how this is any different. Did I want to see it? Well, of course not because it’s Jake. And they have the most bland, Sunbeam bread ass chemistry I ever did see. But if you wouldn’t be mad about her going down on Fitz, then I TRULY don’t want to hear it about Jake IDC IDC IDC]. 

However, it’s unclear to me what role Jake and Rowan will play on this show. How will Jake being the head of the NSA have anything to do with OPA and the election in general? I’m sure the writers will find away to tie it together, but I’m just not interested because it doesn’t make any sense. 

The biggest issue with this episode, this arc, and the show more largely, is its thesis statement, which for all intents and purposes seems to be: having power at all costs. But the idea of power is so vague. You could interchange the characters’ use of word power with toaster strudels and it would make the same amount of sense. “YOU HAD A TOASTER STRUDEL, BUT NOW YOU DON’T. YOU’RE MISSING ALL THE GREATNESS  THAT IS A TOASTER STRUDEL. DIDN’T I TELL YOU THAT TOASTER STRUDELS ARE EVERYTHING. YOU DON’T GET JUST GET A TOASTER STRUDEL. YOU TAKE A TOASTER STRUDEL. HAVEN’T I TAUGHT YOU TO LOVE TOASTER STRUDELS.” That’s basically what Rowan’s speeches sound like because there’s absolutely no clarity or meaning behind Scandal’s idea of power. So at this point, I’m like WTF are you talking about? What power structures are you talking about? Surely, it’s not just the ability to boss Fitz around. How is that power? That’s just the ability to influence decisions, which Olivia was doing in the white house and out of the white house.  

This episode was really just exposition. There were a few good character moments, particularly from Abby and Fitz. I’m here for their new dynamic so long as it stays platonic. Olivia is as hard to read as ever. She displays an assertiveness that I think was slightly missing. But it’s the same level of authority depicted in seasons 1 and 2. I don’t see how it makes her different. She is, once again, wary of intimacy as evidenced by her wanting Jake to leave after sex and removing his hand from her face when he tried to touch her. But again, we’ve seen this before post kidnapping. This time though I’m not sure that I understand where it comes from. Is it the abortion? Is it the break up? 

Who knows? Just some knee-jerk reactions.