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Hey darlin, I absolutely love your writing, especially your head canons so I'd thought I'd try a request, could I ask for a head canon of the guys from SITS and how they'd react when they realise the MC can dance? I hope that's ok :)

Thanks peach~~~

Kyohei: Smug. He would be watching you with this smug look on his face, telling all the other members how great you were and how much of a woman you are, although you couldn’t hear what he said over the sound of the music. 

Iori: Shy. He wouldn’t show it per-say. But the way your hips moved in sync with their newest song as you sang along in the studio got him hot and bothered. He would joke with you, saying how orange breath could dance and how you were nothing like a professional, yet he thought you moved with grace and elegance with your made up routine. 

Kota: Embarrassed. After he walked in on you dancing in the studio Kota remembered how you moved in sync with the beat, making you look like another person. After you asked him what was wrong he got insanely red, muttering something incoherent before dragging you upstairs to his room.

Nagito: Happy. He clapped and pulled you in for a hug after you showed him the dance you had been lazily working on. The celebration turned into a laughing fest when you both were now dancing horribly off beat to the tune that continued to play in the studio. 

Takashi: Proud. After you showed him your dance he proceeded to compliment you highly. Saying how proud he was that you knew how to dance and remembered their routine. After the praise his gaze would turn serious as he pulled you in close and taught you a dance of his own, a much slower one than the one before, while humming a random tune for the beat.


SCANDAL; RIJF 2015 Quick Report

ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2015 has finally welcomed its first day. It opened up to good weather from before noon, that even if you stay still, you’ll be perspiring, although the refreshing winds is good for the heart. Among that, at the LAKE STAGE, is SCANDAL who has taken on the job of being the top (batter). A look at these girls who’ve gotten stronger, after having gone about on their world tour this year, there were already many people that have gathered for them. Looking at HARUNA (Vocal & Guitar), MAMI (Guitar & Vocal), TOMOMI (Bass & Vocal) and RINA (Drums & Vocal) on stage, the session begins with them looking towards the audience’s response. After a while, HARUNA calls out,「ROCK IN JAPAN!」, and they begin the real deal with “OVER DRIVE”. Taking in the colourful sounds as utilised, it gradually hits you. When the song has ended, the audience hears them say,「You’ve been kept waitingー!」Following on is an electro introduction into “EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!”, as HARUNA says with assertion,「Won’t you all sing with us this morning?」. Coupled with the melody of a danceable tune, the heat at the LAKE STAGE doesn’t lose out, and is filled with liveliness. At the second-half of the songs, the guys and girls were split, and we were able to see the scenery of a call-and-response.

HARUNA then stands at the front, saying,「It’s our 3rd time inside Hitachi, so thank you very much to all of you many people who’re gathered here! The 4 days in ROCK IN JAPAN, let’s all make the best of memories! This is our new song, whose release date is undecided, but it’s a different feel to us up till now.」Here, riding on a relaxed tempo is a beatiful, melancholic melody, a song that touches your heart gently.

Inserted next is “Stamp!”, followed by two up-tempo tunes. “Your song” was presented with a great balance between the vocals of the 3 in front, and they also revealed “Image”, which stands out with its sweet melody. HARUNA shouts,「Dance more and more everyone, let it all outー!」, and they play “SCANDAL BABY” last. The crowd wave their right arms left and right aggresively, and they reach a climax with the stage and audience united. The response they got shows on the girls’ satisfied expressions, and they then left the stage.

Original article written by Tarakane Ryousuke @ ROCKIN'ON HERE, translated by fyscandalband.