Make me choose
rominatrix asked: Can I make you choose? (you know, for a gifset answer… although I kind of know the answer ♥) Favourite John Watson: Martin Freeman or Jude Law?

You really wanna pretend we all don’t know how this movie ends ? It’s not going to be a surprise, Sir; It’s rather predictable, really she’s Olivia and you are Fitz and at a certain point in time the two of you are going to find yourselves together in the same room : the anticipation, relentless isn’t it ?

SCANDAL; SCANDAL MANIA Latest issue (Complete cover scan)

Follow-up from the previous post here. No insert content of any sort from the pamphlet shall be posted.

Exclusive scan w/ thanks to su2009-san, who has always been very kind to myself and this blog. Kindly credit appropriately or link back to this post if reposting.