Scandal #417: Love Is A Commitment, But Not Every Commitment Is Love

“Put a Ring on It”(417), is the 64th episode of Scandal to air. This one episode filled in several lacunae established by the writers in previous episodes (413, 411, 308, 302, 208, 101), and tied them all together in a single scene. The episode filled my heart to capacity because it validated everything I have been convinced of since the very first episode, “Sweet Baby”. That early conviction, which has permeated so much of my writing, is simply this: the love between Olivia and Fitz is profound and beyond reason. But they have given me reason to write about it over and over again. Here I am, once again, feeling moved to share my thoughts on their love, as well as some touching moments from Cyrus’ past and present.

Olivia’s Flashback Sequences:

The writers have made a few smart decisions this season which have benefited the narrative in ways great and small, including the use of the Truman Balcony and having Abby in the White House. The best of these decisions, for me, is revealing the interiority of Olivia Pope through dream sequences. Olivia Pope is a contained woman, who puts a lid on so many of her feelings, until the pot boils over and all that was contained within comes bubbling over. Showing her dreams gives us insight without the volatility. Dreams reveal our fears, anxieties and insecurities, as well as our greatest desires. In this third installment (406, 410), in both instances, Olivia’s dream begins with good memories, which quickly become spliced with trauma she has recently experienced. In no time, the traumatic images completely engulf the good ones, until Olivia is frightened awake.  

The good (all from 4/5 of my fave episodes!!!):

In 316, Olivia told Fitz that every night she lies in bed  and she plays their relationship over and over in her head, like a movie:

“We meet. We fall in love. We’re meant to be. We can’t stop ourselves. I give up everything inside me, and it stops. The movie just stops. It just stops. I don’t know how it ends.”

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Tony Goldwyn - Who Do You Think You Are? Preview


Just annouced 2 hours ago, SCANDAL will be part of the line-up for the Japanese Red Cross Society’s annual live, “LOVE in Action Meeting (LIVE)”. The third wave of guests announced also sees band, Kishidan joining the line-up.

The live will take place at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, on 11th and 12th June 2015. Performing on 11th June (Day 1), SCANDAL will join the stage along with Silent Siren, Aqua timez and May J. 12th June (Day 2)’s line-up will have Da-iCE, AAA, Kishidan, Chris Hart and Kahala Tomomi. The hosts will be this event’s project leader, Yamamoto Shuu, and radio personality, Kobayashi Mana.

The event will see 16,000 people attending over 2 days, and is completely free, with invites only through successful applications. Applications are from now till 8th May (Fri), 11:59PM (JST). To apply, the link’s HERE. One person is only entitled to apply for a maximum of 2 tickets per day. You must also be 16 and above to enter.

"Scandal" by "Mr. X"

Personally I don’t think that this “Mr. X” must be One Direction or anyone of the boys (and I mean 5/5).

Sure, there is some parts that sounds really like harry, some parts that sounds really like Liam, I mean I notice all their singing accents and it’s really similar.

So I looked up the web, Tumblr, twitter, anything. I can’t really see this “Mr. X”, person or band really has a biography or anything related to it. Strangely, I can only see them on Spotify and iTunes, but not even on SoundCloud.

Update 30/3/15: I found their Twitter Update 31/3/15: their instagram (only following harry, harry not following them)

And so I searched their Spotify, for one thing, they don’t have a profile pic, they don’t have a biography, this is already weird.

Some artists don’t have biography, but at least they would have a profile pic that show their faces. But this Mr. X doesn’t have one.

I saw on Spotify and iTunes (link: that this “Mr. X” has some more songs and albums under their name. So I listened to them but none of the songs is anywhere close to what they sound like in “Scandal”.

The other songs, sounds weaker and softer, the singing sounds like it is recorded from a far distance. However, “Scandal” is clear, and strong.

The most important thing is, most of the songs is in…Japanese? I’m learning Japanese now and I can identify some words.

But most of them just sounds like meaningless syllabus that makes no sense.

What’s more, I found that one of the “albums” was published in 2006.


I went on YouTube, and search for the songs in the “albums”, nothing came up. Absolutely nothing.

And I search on the web for lyrics, also nothing.

Then I went to their “official” YouTube account. For one thing, they only have “Scandal” published on the “MrXVEVO”. (weird) And they don’t have a profile pic too.

(the account is just opened up two weeks ago)

Conclusion is that, this is very confusing:

1) I can find the artist “Mr. X” in nowhere on the internet, not even Tumblr. Yes they have Twitter, Instagram but never do we see their real faces??? (btw, there is a pic on their official Instagram that shows a fan holding a paper “let us see Mr. X’s real faces”. Is Mr. X teasing us?)

2) They don’t have profile pic, nothing, there is no blank/plain photos, just nothing.

3) The “songs” on their other “albums” don’t match with “Scandal”, AT ALL. Not the lyrics, not even the <i>voices</i>

4) why are the other “songs” in Japanese

5) If “Mr. X” is an established artist, even from 2006, why do they only post “Scandal” NOW?

The song is out two weeks ago, around the time the beard contract ends…?

6) “Mr. X”….does anyone remember “Mr. X” from 2012? I’m not saying that they are the same person, but maybe this “Mr. X” gets some inspiration from the crazy “Mr. X” back then

“Mr. X” is very suspicious, never do I see an “artist” like that.

So my theories:

Theory A (widely suspected): Mr. X is One Direction, or even, Zayn. This is their song to let everyone know Larry Stylinson is real. They compressed and tuned it.

Theory B: This is NOT One Direction. Mr. X is a singer with hidden talent that Harry (and the boys) is friend with. So they wrote the song and have it Mr. X sing it. (bonus: maybe One Direction sings support harmony?)

Theory C: This is STILL One Direction. But they doesn’t want anyone to know or make it too obvious. So they published the song under Mr. X’s label. Mr. X is a close friend to them.

It doesn’t sound right to me that Mr. X is a Larry shipper. Coz with all the albums and Japanese songs and shits on Spotify and iTunes, it seems to me that they have quite a history. Maybe they are fake, but I don’t think this is likely.

I mean, Mr. X has a powerful enough backup “management” to have their music and albums published on iTunes and Spotify, but we can search <i>nothing</i> about them?

Personally I believe in Theory B.

But anyways, no matter Mr. X <i>is</i> One Direction or not, they have a close enough relationship for the boys to trust them with this song.

I think the label of “Mr. X” is just a cover up.

Surely, this song is about Larry. The words, the lyrics, the “Oops”, the “now kiss me you fool”, the “grow a beard for you”, and the fucking LOGO of the single is just precisely Larry tattoos.

Either way, I smell Larry Stylinson is about to blow.

Let’s just see how this will go.

(if you want more, just go search it yourself. Listen to them. Nothing I wrote here is difficult to look up and you can find the stuffs I mentioned really easily. Just look it up. I linked the link to their Spotify account.)

ps. “A scandal is a widely publicized allegation or set of allegations that damages (or tries to damage) the reputation of an institution, individual or creed.[dubious ] A scandal may be based on true or false allegations or a mixture of both.

From the Greek σκάνδαλον (skandalon), “a trap or stumbling-block,” the metaphor is that wrong conduct can impede or “trip” people’s trust or faith.”

—From Wikipedia