scandal take over


punk-rocker Manolo

smudged eyeliner Manolo

ripped jeans Manolo

lets small children touch his hair spikes Manolo

making-out-with-the-microphone super-impassioned singing in a low raspy voice because he’s done three shows in three days

on tour in a tiny cramped bus, subsisting entirely on cup noodles, cough drops, and the power of punk rock

really chill pretty-boy-frontman who will hang out with the fans at 3AM and might do a couple of songs on his acoustic if they buy him enough drinks (even though by that point he’s so wasted he can only speak Spanish)

rides back into San Angel at four in the goddamn morning after three months of touring to find Joaquin and Maria waiting in his almost-empty living room and they jump his fucking bones

Here’s a little companion post to go along with this edit. It is probably my favorite Photoshop project that I’ve done and also the most time consuming. I hope you guys like it.