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Well, a fic latches in my head

Got a new idea for an Obikin story.  Luckily, it’s not really an action heavy story, nor conflict driven, what I want to write is mostly lyrical, introspective. So, no multi-chapter monstrosity that would take years to finish.

So, not beating around a bush, this is a background:

Fifteen-year-old Anakin Skywalker decides, in a rare moment of self-awareness and after a shitstorm of an argument with Obi-Wan and Yoda, that he needs to pull himself together and finally heal. He cannot stay there a day more. He fucks off the Jedi order and refuses to let Obi-Wan to accompany him. He will not call anyone master anymore. And seriously needs and wants to do this on his own, just to prove to hiself that he’s not a weak kid anymore.

Obi-Wan freaks out but eventualy lets him go. (Only after forcing him to vow that he’ll comm him in the moment he runs into a problem. Anakin may give up on Obi-Wan, but Obi-Wan did not give up on him.) And then goes to a bar to drink his brains out because… this *hurts*. Like “cutting of his arm and being hit with it” level of hurt. 

Cue Anakin’s journey to Tatooine and him learning about Shmi’s new family. (He’s glad that she’s happy and that she has finally found a home. He’s also pissed that he was apparently so easy to be replaced. Like, he’s trying to be respectful… but, let’s be real, we’re talking about Anakin.) His hopes for reuninon with his mom are shattered, because… he didn’t sign up for this new man and step-brother nor sand. He asks Shmi to go with him to literally anywhere else - and she refuses. She has a home now, people she takes care of and who take care of her. When you finaly get some stability and dignity, you won’t want to gamble it. She won’t go with Anakin.

Anakin leaves Tatooine behind again and sets for Naboo. 

And even though Queen Amidala welcomes him, he won’t accept a position on her court. (And if it weren’t for his experience with eagerly entering a highly structured organisation that lives on ancient rules and weird traditions, he would say yes in an instant. But he has already been burnt, so he’s smarter this time.)

Instead, he just asks for a little financial help for a start and citizenship.

Imagine Anakin trying to slip into civilian’s lifestyle. Looking for a flat. Making his own living. Standing on his own feet. Hiking all over Naboo countryside. Finding peace in their cave shrines. Having a home.

Seventeen-year-old Anakin comms Obi-Wan.

He misses him, but there is no way in hell he’ll meet him anywhere near Coruscanti temple.

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