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Scandal 101: President Grant


Sweet Baby: Favorite Abby Whelan & Stephen Finch Moments

Memorable Quote: Get down on one knee. Women love that.

Thoughts: Stephen & Abby could have had happen in season 1 and it’s definitely not going to happen in season 2. Season 1 had plenty of great Abby & Stephen moments. Olivia tried to play matchmaker for these two in a flashback sequence but Stephen decided to settle down with his school teacher girlfriend instead.

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of Abby’s heart breaking in pieces! I think Abby needs someone to love in a positive way after coming out of an abusive marriage.

What do you predict will happen to Abby’s love life in season 2?


Sweet Baby: Favorite Olivia Pope & Mellie Grant Moments

Memorable Quote: Are you seeing anyone?

Thoughts: The first thing that Mellie asks Olivia was whether or not she’s seeing anyone.

Innocent matchmaker that Mellie Grant is, right?


This is Mellie at her best. Unbeknownst to the audience then, Mrs. Grant KNOWS about Olivia and Fitz. This innocent statement from Mellie was a tip off that bought us to that steamy Olivia and Fitz White House kiss.

Cock-blocking at its best!

But I digress!

It also definitely plays off that future “I’m taking my husband back” line!

Mellie Grant is about her endgame!

Together these two will do ANYTHING for Fitz just as they will apart. Love them!

Will season 2 illustrate that point furthermore?! Are you looking forward to more Olivia and Mellie in season 2?


Scandal Bonus Scene - Judy Smith’s Influence

Shonda Rhimes: Betsey came to my office one day and said there’s this woman you have to meet. Her name is Judy Smith.

Judy was telling stories and we were completely caught up with it.
We were excited about the show.

I see  a.) 100 episodes for the show b.) I have to write it!


Top 7 Enemy of the State Moments

Gladiators, it’s Enemy of the State week – episode 4 of Scandal season 1 on #ScandalThursday. If you haven’t caught up with this amazing show, I strongly suggest that you do so because the following countdown may ruin the element of surprise for you!

External image

1.       No Guns. Best line from the Olivia Pope & Associates crew before they entered the office to meet their last-night visitor/potential client.

2.       Olivia’s reaction to Amanda Tanner’s pregnancy with a tall glass of wine. Even Stephen looked at her in disbelief. I think this is the moment that secured his hunch that there is something more between Olivia and Fitz. Olivia inhaled that glass of wine like it was oxygen!

3.       The South American dictator/sworn-enemy of America looking for his wife and children. Olivia’s last statement to him in the episode was entirely amazing!

4.       Olivia’s Sunday visit to Cyrus’ husband. You want to know whether or not the President wore protection with Amanda Tanner. I don’t know. That’s your department. Did he wear one with you? (Oh, Cyrus, Oh!)

5.        Cyrus Beene! The man was on fire this episode! From digging up dirt on Olivia Pope & Associates to his brilliant White House Oval Office speech to Fitz on his post-Amanda Tanner pregnancy scandal. His intensive digging into Pope & Associates was amazing! This is the first time that the audience is let into the back story for each Olivia Pope & Associates team member. From here we learn that Quinn Perkins didn’t exist before 2008. (Unbeknownst to the audience, Quinn’s identity will play a bigger role later in the season!) We also learned why Abby is so snarky at times especially when it comes to Stephen Finch’s womanizing ways. She had an abusive marriage with a husband that beat her in a drunken rage. Who comes to her aide? Olivia came to help her out. We learned that Huck is not someone you want to meet in a dark alley. Harrison Wright was involved in a insider trading scandal that Olivia helped him with - pro bono.  Stephen Finch suffered a nervous breakdown. From this digging, we learn why each team member is extremely loyal to Olivia. Olivia helped each team member when they were at their lowest point in their lives. They will die for Olivia because what she did. #GladiatorInASuit (I hope season 2 shows more of team’s backstories! We already know that Olivia’s ex is coming back and Harrison Wright gets a love interest!) Cyrus Beene’s brilliant speech when he tells Fitz Amanda Tanner’s pregnant with his baby.

(gif set:

6.       Amanda Tanner’s murder as the Olivia Pope & Associates voted to take on the Amanda Tanner case. I was completely disgusted by this shocking scene because it was not only one life gone but two. How sad for Amanda Tanner’s family! Poor thing didn’t know what she was getting herself into before it was too late. Tragic!

7.       Gideon Wallace’s admission of his fondness for Quinn Perkins. He then reveals he has another source other than Quinn while admitting that he likes her. Who is his source? The audience gets a shocking answer to who his source was in the season finale. Hint: Never turn your back on crazy folks with a pair of scissors.  

Noteworthy Highlights

1.       Harrison Wright! From “You Have No Jurisdiction here” to telling Quinn to shut down her relationship with Gideon Wallace because it messes with the firm’s credibility, Harrison was on that “I Spit Fire” level!

2.       The Wrong Call Speech by Abby Whelan! This speech is truly an insider’s peek into Abby Whelan’s fearless persona. Abby was furious that Olivia made the wrong call.  “… And then Olivia got me the best divorce attorney in the state and got me out of that marriage. That’s what Olivia does. It’s who you are. You are the gladiator. I will gladly follow you over a cliff. But you gotta show up. You gotta be a warrior. You don’t get to pick and choose when the real Olivia Pope walks through that door. You made the wrong call.” (Standing O, Abby/Darby, Standing O!)

3.       The video proof of the dog, Fitz and Amanda Tanner together that Gideon Wallace watched! We now know who sent him that tape. Check out who’s standing in the background.

4.      “ Yes it will be bad. It will be catastrophe. Pull yourself together. - Mellie Grant. That gap between them and what Mellie said spoke volumes for what will go down in the season finale! (Mellie’s endgame is definitely different from her husband’s!)

 There were several noteworthy moments from episode 4 that were amazing. Check back next week for episode 5 recap - Crash & Burn! What you’re your favorite Enemy of the State highlights?


Scandal S:1 | The Trail E:6 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

Loving the commentary! 

AFTERBUZZ TV – Scandal edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC’s Scandal. In this show, host Emile Ennis Jr. breaks down the season 1 episode 6 in which Gideon investigates Amanda’s past in the present day, scenes from the past reveal the contentious primary race between Fitz and his now-Vice President, how Olivia and Fitz first met on the campaign trail and how each of Olivia’s associates joined the team. There to help Emile are co-hosts Sofia Stanley and Bamm Ericsen. It’s Scandal’s “The Trail” podcast


Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo lets Dana Weiss of Possessionista in on the secret of how she gets Kerry Washington’s character Olivia Pope to pop in every scene. Wearing head-to-toe Armani Privé, Washington steals the spotlight by being the brightest thing on set. Find out how to get Kerry’s look for less! What other shows do you want to see fashion from?

Olivia Pope’s style remains as flawless as Gabby Douglas flying high up in the air.


Scandal 101: Cyrus Beene


While we await new promos for Scandal season 2, I’ll be posting promos from season 1! Here’s the official promo for Season 1 finale - Grant: For The People!


While we await new promos for Scandal season 2, I’ll be posting promos from season 1! 

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