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  • the average otome mc: clumsy, small, romantically oblivious, shy
  • my clumsy, small, romantically oblivious, shy ass waiting for the multiple people who want to date me: um
When ever you have a conversation with your AVID teacher about your future

Teacher: Have you ever consider on having a career?

Me: I think I would be an exchange student somewhere.

Teacher: Why be an exchange student?

Me: I might become a princess for marrying a really handsome prince.

Teacher: Was this a plan as you’re a little kid?

Me: Scratch that I’ll move to Japan.

Teacher: Why? 

Me: You never know if I might be the Prime Minister’s daughter.

Teacher: P-Prime Minister.

Me: Actually I want to go to the police academy in japan to be public safety.

Teacher: … 

Me: wait I want to be a scriptwriter who gets fired and has to work for a famous japanese boy band.

Teacher: …

Me: I’ll work at the planetarium and wait for a group of gods to show up at my workplace

Teacher: I don’t think any…

Me: I’ll work at japan’s first legal casino

Teacher: I’ll give you an A+ for a long and creative conversation

Lesson that I learned: Voltage Inc. can help me on my schoolwork and also shows me how to chose a career

I smile at her, and I take off my clothes for you
—  Olivia Pope to Fitz Grant– Happy Birthday Mr. President // Scandal Season 2// most dramatic and best scene ever // MY LIFE in a quote
He Was My Yesterday, You’re My Today [Takashi Ninigawa X Reader]

When you had first told him about your upcoming school reunion, he hadn’t been particularly bothered by you attending, he felt no need to worry, you had finished writing the lyrics for his current composition and were in need of a break, plus you had seemed so excited about it, there was no way he could ask you not to go. You had asked him to come along with you, but he had declined, he was a member of Revance, there was no way he wouldn’t be recognised. You were obviously disappointed, but you still smiled at him, understanding as always, as you told him it would be the coming Friday, at the same place the college choir had performed. You had left the room to contact your old friend to let them know, and he had gone back to composing, not thinking much of it.

It wasn’t until the Thursday evening he had begun to worry. He had come up to your room to ask whether or not you were hungry, but you had been in your own little world writing what he assumed were more lyrics, on the phone to the same friend you had spent the last few days in nearly constant contact with, phone on speaker as you focused on the paper in front of you.
“So [Y/N], do you want me to arrange a taxi to come and pick you up?”
“Oh, no don’t worry about me Yuki! I’m staying not too far from the venue as it is, I’ll just walk there!”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure!”

The conversation continued for a few minutes, discussing old memories, he was about to leave when he heard your friend say something that caught his attention.
“Oh, did I tell you Len will be coming, [Y/N]?”

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boyfriend: kota (trust me i didn’t cheat)
childhood friends: nagito (okay, sure, why not)
ex-boyfriend: kyohei (…uh…okay)
first kiss: kyohei (makes sense…)
have slept with: kota (i’m loving this.)
love-hates me: nagito (why nagi. i love u ok.)
pet: takashi (why do i think it’s impossible)
best friend: kota (boyfriend-bestfriend wow)
rival: nagi (no wonder he hates me ugh.)

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oh and all of the characters belong to Voltage Inc. not me

‘Why do you always smell so good?’ he murmured.
'I use'—she caught her breath as he did something particularly ingenious with his lips—'Meredith Beauty’s finest cold-process soap, made with oil of honeysuckle. It is expensive and impractical, but then, I can be.’
—  Theresa Romain, Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress