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Murder!” Edmund shouted. He made the word a chant, stomping his feet in time. “Mur-der, mur-der, mur-der.

- Do You Want To Start a Scandal

In reading a romance, one expects to identify with one of the love interests.

But me….I am the 8 year old adamant that the sex sounds he heard were murder sounds.


If ya only ever read 1 historical romance, THEN OMG READ THIS ONE!

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                                                   Book Recs 

Starting off my very first book rec post talking about my very first set of romance novels(and introducing myself to the community a little bit), which just so happened to be the the Wallflower series by Lisa Kleypas.

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I smile at her, and I take off my clothes for you
—  Olivia Pope to Fitz Grant– Happy Birthday Mr. President // Scandal Season 2// most dramatic and best scene ever // MY LIFE in a quote
When ever you have a conversation with your AVID teacher about your future

Teacher: Have you ever consider on having a career?

Me: I think I would be an exchange student somewhere.

Teacher: Why be an exchange student?

Me: I might become a princess for marrying a really handsome prince.

Teacher: Was this a plan as you’re a little kid?

Me: Scratch that I’ll move to Japan.

Teacher: Why? 

Me: You never know if I might be the Prime Minister’s daughter.

Teacher: P-Prime Minister.

Me: Actually I want to go to the police academy in japan to be public safety.

Teacher: … 

Me: wait I want to be a scriptwriter who gets fired and has to work for a famous japanese boy band.

Teacher: …

Me: I’ll work at the planetarium and wait for a group of gods to show up at my workplace

Teacher: I don’t think any…

Me: I’ll work at japan’s first legal casino

Teacher: I’ll give you an A+ for a long and creative conversation

Lesson that I learned: Voltage Inc. can help me on my schoolwork and also shows me how to chose a career