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Scandal 03x16 "The Fluffer"

Abby meeting with the Grant campaign 

The President of the United States is definitely a baguette

Everyone calling Abby “Gabby” this episode

Mama Pope getting it

Jake coming to Olivia’s door when he’s drunk

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Olivia telling Andrew how it’s going to be 

Huck, to Olivia: “I think you can find a way”

Jake and Olivia kissing

Mama Pope walking up to dinner with Daddy Pope and Olivia

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Mellie, to Fitz: “You take everything away from me.”

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The last three minutes

Next week’s promo

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Check Please at Music School

I have been led to understand that there’s a powerful tradition of alternate universes in this fandom that I have fallen into, mostly because of the morning I spent giggling over all of @itsybittle‘s beautiful AUs. Let’s unleash this unholy fury of my own AU idea upon the world.

The Check Please! cast as music majors rather than hockey nerds, performing in orchestra and solo settings while learning all about musical theory and history. I deeply apologise to anyone who’s already thought of this. But:

Bitty plays the flute, duh. That’s one of those no-brainer choices. And he’s godly at ensemble playing, since Coach eventually just gave up on trying to get him away from music and signed him up for a community orchestra. He’s been first flute in that orchestra for years, and it just seemed natural to go into music because it’s what he’s good at, and what he knows. So he got himself a tutor to prepare for the uni audition.

And then discovered that he has stage fright. Like, really bad stage fright. Like, piss your pants and fall over in a faint in front of the audience stage fright. And it’s only when he has a solo. As long as he has backup on stage with him, he’s fine. But solos are impossible, which he never realised because he’s only done ensemble playing. He gets through the uni audition on sheer nerve, and he’s a nervous wreck for a week afterwards. That’s when his family decides that he should see a psychologist before this does murder to him and his potential career.

Anyway, he gets in to his University’s school of music. Here comes the slew of characters.

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“I am not spending any more time away from you.” (by juststandhere)

Hell have no fury 1.3

This one starts off kind of fun and light hearted until we get down and drity with a rich boy and a rape kit. Olivia ends up doing the right thing of getting his mom to  turn him in thanks to Harrison tip to double check the son’s financial. 

One the flipside as Steven is coming down on Olivia about OPA not being a democracy and her rising level of conflict of interest with the WH, Olivia gets a meeting with the President for that Amanda Tanner girl through Cyrus her ex-work husband only to loss it because Mellie.

Mellie is well aware of Fitz’s love for Olivia. She plays it cool and sets them up at the state dinner by inviting Olivia and cock blocking Billy. Fitz is all for not spending anymore time away from  Olivia but she is skecptical. 

Which later gets comfirmed by Cyrus cock blocking the President when Olivia goes to meet in their spot. Cyrus gives her some truth as well that the President is playing her. We’re not really sure because Fitz has been so adamant about his love for Olivia. Really don’t like how Cyrus manipulates Fitz and Olivia but Cyrus lives for managing choas dramatically.


Olivia in a beautiful dress and suits.

 Harrison being cute and charming

Huck sets Quinn up with Gideon

Daivd admits Olivia is a good guy

And that Amanda Tanner girl is Preggers!– Olivia’s Heffer what face is priceless.

anonymous asked:

Also they needed a scandal big enough to get HUGE headlines. So it was either a sex scandal, huge ass rehab drug scandal, pregnancy scandal or a high profile relationship with a celeb. Look at those options. Ofc they picked a fake baby. It is easiest to clean up than the other options.

Yes, I think that was a huge part of it.