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Ellen’s Props in Scandal

Tony Goldwyn choice of charity is Sound Art LA that his sister supports Catherine Goldwyn 

Tony just Awesome:)

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The reason phil can't film this like he could with the praying mantis is because it's in his and dans room and not the prop room #scandal

gasp whom would have known


Scandal Cast and Crew - 2015 Holiday Photoshoot #Scandal #5candal

A perfect way to start the Holidays! Such a beautiful and amazing group of people! :D

Chronology of Tony Seed Goldwyn’s ringgate. Why? well because it interests me. Here goes.

The above is the original ring. His own personal ring from his then marriage that he has repeatedly used as a prop. Scandal was just the new job he used it again. Says who about TG using his own ring on Scandal?

this is who. When he posted the image above.

Tony wore that ring on and off of work for S1 & S2.

June 22nd he goes on a Caribbean vacation and comes back with a fantastic tan and this ring for Jimmie Kimmel Live. Its thinner, shinny like its brand spanking new. He wore it on a 2 minutes JKL appearance (seems to fit better than usual no?) and headed off for Chicago to finish shooting Divergent.

After Divergent Tony headed back to Caribean part deux. Next time we see him out when when he gave a talk/teaching thingy back East (block island or somewhere there…. this is the ring he spots there.

then back to shooting S3 - on the show what’s he been wearing? the old ring? seems so to me… anyone have better pics of Fitz ring in S3b?

the this is the ring he wore to the cancer event with Anna (March 16th, 2014)

4 days later (March 20th?) TSG back on JKL this is the ring he wore

Tony outside JKL

there endedth my Tony Seed Goldwyn’s chronology of #ringgate #175 for today. Never known of men to change rings like this, have you?

Coincidence or Conspiracy that his ringgate started at the same time as Kerry’s ringgate?

this is me right now…..

Hat-tip to lovepollution and everyone else for all these images.


So, PER SCANDAL PROPS Tony HAS ALWAYS used HIS OWN RING on the show. Well THAT has changed, together with the ring (props had shown the photo of Tony with his own ring and it was NOTHING like the new one he has in the last photo that has all that work in the middle etc). Tony has a new actual wedding ring but he’s wearing a DIFFERENT one on the show now. Because per first three stills, he’s wearing a regular ring without anything special to it on the show.


I’m sure those endowed with brains can of course understand all the whys and hows of this, which are quite OBVIOUS.


#Scandal314 Production Scoop!

Tons of production scoop was revealed and quickly deleted*. Here’s all I could gather in ONE spot. 

  • Bellamy Young’s Viennese waltzing with Tony Goldwyn. 
  • Bellamy sharing THIS photo of Tony Goldwyn and Dan Bucatinsky dancing at a Presidential gala.
  • Tony sharing THIS photo of Fitz’s Presidential band.
  • Lyn Paolo styling Dan Bucatinsky in a Hugo Boss suit.
  • Scandal’s prop master George’s Rose tweets. (bonus +1
  • There’s a Metro scene too.

Production News: We DO know that the Grant kids will be appearing in the second half of season 3 when it returns on Thursday February 27th. 

Putting all of this new production scoop together appears that The Grant Re-Election Campaign is in FULL swing with a possible flashback thrown in the mix!

Get.ready.Gladiators.Get.Ready! \o/

*Photo H/T: beliskner + livandfitz 


The Ellen Show - The Scandal Cast Prop Challenge Pt 2 [x]

I’m a protector. When I see people in need, I feel it is my duty to assist them.

- Olivia Pope (newspaper clipping from “Vermont is For Lovers, Too.”) 

This one quote puts MUCH into perspective into how Olivia ‘saved’ and 'recruited’ each OPA Gladiator and her relationships (romantic, platonic and business.) 

Think back to how she saved Lindsay Dwyer (re: Defiance) and made her “Quinn Perkins.” Think back to how she saved Huck from that subway platform. Think back to all the epic case of the week from season 1. Think back to all the folks she let crash BOTH at OPA and her apartment. Olivia Pope fixes clients, people, and problems.

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(Photo H/T: @ScandalProps

Sound Off Gladiators!