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Pt 10 - Props from S2 ‘AScandal in Belgravia’ - from the Costumes area at Sherlocked 2016 - These are my photos, so please do not repost Anywhere, You may make Edits with these if you wish, but please put a link to this post as credit, thanks!

Really sorry I didn’t get any close-ups of this cabinet, I ran out of time :(

Newspapers: (Part 1) (Part 2). Props: (Blind Banker) (Pt 2), (His Last Vow) (Pt 2), (Baskerville),(Reichenbach Fall) (Pt 2), (Scandal), (Study in Pink), (The Abominable Bride) (Pt 2) (Pt 3). Characters:(Lestrade), (Moriarty)  (Pt 2), (Molly & Sherlock), (Mycroft Holmes) (Pt 2), (Sherlock) (Pt 2) (Face mask), (Watson) (pt 2),

Mystery Girl Part 3

Josh Dun x reader

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Summary: Letting the clique learn more about you.

Words: 1,078

A/N: So I decided to make one last part to this! Again, here are somethings I want to clear up before there is any confusion :)
Y/L/N = Your Last Name
Y/B/D = Your Birthdate
Y/Z/S = Your Zodiac Sign

You were at Josh’s place. Boredom was beginning to take over. Your head was rested on Josh’s lap as he sat with his back pressed against the headboard of the bed. The two of you sat with your phones in front of you. Josh’s presence itself was enough but at the same time, you still got bored easily.

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Scandal Cast and Crew - 2015 Holiday Photoshoot #Scandal #5candal

A perfect way to start the Holidays! Such a beautiful and amazing group of people! :D


Mellie Grant Headliners in #Scandal304 - “Say Hello To My Little Friend" (cc: George/ScandalProps)

I find #MouthyMellie to be HILARIOUS! Nicely done, George!

I’m a protector. When I see people in need, I feel it is my duty to assist them.

- Olivia Pope (newspaper clipping from “Vermont is For Lovers, Too.”) 

This one quote puts MUCH into perspective into how Olivia ‘saved’ and 'recruited’ each OPA Gladiator and her relationships (romantic, platonic and business.) 

Think back to how she saved Lindsay Dwyer (re: Defiance) and made her “Quinn Perkins.” Think back to how she saved Huck from that subway platform. Think back to all the epic case of the week from season 1. Think back to all the folks she let crash BOTH at OPA and her apartment. Olivia Pope fixes clients, people, and problems.

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(Photo H/T: @ScandalProps

Sound Off Gladiators!


The Ellen Show - The Scandal Cast Prop Challenge Pt 2 [x]