scandal photoshoot


I’ve got too many questions about all this situation and this is my answer:

A huge scandal with Seungri + his car accident = Ridiculously fake photoshoot with Jiko (I would give them an Oscar LOL).. The result: Everyone had forgotten about Riri and began a new scandal with JiKo + Kiko received more contracts and popularity (new movies, new shows, new projects, new photoshoots).

Grave scandal with TOP and sasaeng fans + threats from stupid “fans” + scandal with China = Ji’s private instagram account was “hacked” (Yeap, hacked LOL I talked with people who understand hacking and they said it was impossible. Cuz You will need a lot of time to restore the IG account that has been hacked… This is not an hour or two, this is an 18-20 hours… but most of the time it’s happening a lot longer… So I’m sure Ji deliberately made his private account - public) + many edited pic with Nana… The result: Everyone had forgotten about TOP;  Nana got a lot of new fans, more popularity, and just look on her IG… So many people write to her the good comments^^ Almost all of the comments on her account it’s the good words about support and love and etc^^ And Ji too… Fans became even more love, support, protect and take care of him^^

And about pic from Ji’s privat IG… In this photos there is absolutely nothing compromising.. This is a daily/normal/casual photos.

And about emoticon with hearts and Ji’s skinship with Nana… Eh?! Haven’t you noticed that Ji uses these emoticons and skinship not only with Nana but with other ppl too??? Don’t tell me that you are blind and didn’t see how Ji skinship with CL, Dara, Daum, SooJoo and etc… how Ji post and caption pic with “heart”??? So it turns out that Jiyong dates with all these people… So I think that You all understand that Ji and Nana is just FRIENDS. (as with Dara, CL, Daum, SooJoo, Xin, TOP and etc)

So, for me, Nyongtory is REAL cuz I can see the difference when Ji is with Riri or when Ji with friends… Gri are happy to be together (their eyes and smiles don’t lie), Gri always protect each other (no matter what happens) And this is the most important thing for me… ♥ ♥ ♥

I hope that I have answered your questions^^ ♥


Kerry and Tony Cover Shoot and Questions

I’m sorry for posting so many videos but when Tony talks about Kerry I just faint. Not to mention Kerry says she loves him. Okay enough fangirling.