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Late Papers - teacher!ashton

warning; teacher kink & extreme smut //

I sat in the cold blue chair, legs crossed and school skirt slightly higher than it should be. A stack of overdue papers rested in between my fingers, waving them high up in the higher hoping to catch my teacher’s, Mr. Irwin, attention. At the sound of clapping papers, he turned around slowly as he placed the ivory white piece of chalk down onto his desk.

Student’s turned to look in my direction, a mischievous smirk painting my cheeks.

Mr. Irwin took slow steps towards me, eyeing my scandalous choice of outfit which caused me to squeeze my thighs together and tug all of my clothing back in place. Mr. Irwin always checked students out; it was extremely creepy but since he was so sexy I don’t think any girls minded. His hair was always in loose, thick, honey-colored curls that popped in color compared to his daily black tucked in button up with loose khakis. On the other hand, I wore pastels in the various hues of pink, blue, and purple. I was the only girl who sported skirts 5/5 school days of the week. Ever since birth I’ve never appreciated the ‘finger-tip’ length skirt rule so, as the little ‘rebel’ I am, I make sure to keep it above finger-tip length.

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Done! Ladynoir dance! I’m proud of this one, very verrryyyy proud!! THE SIN HAS WON!!!

kapow7797  asked:

What are miss pendragons thoughts on her daughter mordred and her scandalous outfits? Do you ever try to get her to change?

Of course not. Why would I accept some parental roles and not others? That would be hypocritical.

Mordred is of age and can therefore wear what they like. If they tried to wear that to a wedding, or similar, I would try to change their mind, of course, because that gives off a bad message to the hosts. But, otherwise, I see no problem with it.

If anything, I am happy they wear clothes they like when so many others will act like its a statement of some sort. To blow it out of proportion is rude, but happens all too often.

why am i not a magical girl. where is my magical transformation scene where my hair changes color and im suddenly wearing a scandalous outfit

James Perse Cashmere Cardigan with St. John Shell

Was anyone else obsessed with Olivia’s Vermont outfits in last Night’s SCANDAL?

The Signs at a Costume Party
  • Aries: *Dressed like a pirate* ARRRRRGG MATEY THAT BE A SCANDALOUS OUTFIT!
  • Taurus: *Forest Fairy* This forest fairy will kick your arse if you say something about my wings punk!
  • Gem Twins:
  • Gem- *A black cat* WE DONT LOOK THE SAME
  • Nye- *A white cat* NOW YOU CAN TELL WHO'S WHO!
  • Cancer: *Mermaid* It's cold in here and this sea shell bra isn't doing crap to keep me warm.
  • Leo: *A witch* Hehehehehe I'll cast a spell on you ;D
  • Virgo: *Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein* These bolts on the side of my head itch.
  • Libra: *Minnie Mouse* Anyone seen Mickey Mouse??
  • Scorpio: *Jessica Rabbit/Roger Rabbit* I look great.
  • Sagittarius: *Dressed as Wanda/Cosmo from Fairly OddParents* We look gooooood
  • Capricorn: *Mickey Mouse* Anyone seen Goofy?
  • Aquarius: *Dressed as Wanda/Cosmo from Fairly OddParents* Damn right we do!
  • Pisces: *Goofy* Anyone seen Mickey and Minnie?

SCANDAL; Today’s outfits. RAMONES STYLE.

The T-shirts that the members are wearing on the inside are the special T-shirts that will be included in the complete limited edition of their new album,『YELLOW』which releases on 2nd March! It’s something the girls are super proud of!

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of “YELLOW” HERE! For all CDJ news, including the full setlist, HERE’s the tag.

how can ppl see pics of me in cute scandalous outfits and say I look disgusting how….how is that possible I look so good, were they hexed to always say the opposite of what they mean?? is there an evil warlock I need to be concerned about