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EXO’s Reaction to Their Crush Wearing Revealing Clothing to Tease Them


Xiumin would try to ignore the amount of leg you had going on, staying away from you for extra effect.  When you did manage to get near to him, you could see him chewing on his lip as he eyed you up and down.  As soon as you looked at him he’d look away, acting as if he hadn’t been watching you. You could tell by how red he was getting and how frequently he dabbed sweat from his face that you were pushing him to his limits.


Playing it cool, Chen would act like you didn’t look downright delicious in your dress.  He’d maintain eye contact when he talked to you, but you could see how red his cheeks were.  Every once in a while his eyes would dart down to your body, but he’d quickly force himself to look at your face again.


Baekhyun would use humor to hide his arousal at your scandalous outfit. “Ahhh! That’s quite a skirt you have there,” he’d say, gesturing at your outfit but looking elsewhere, his cheeks pink. Whenever you’d talk to him he’d just giggle nervously, periodically wiping sweat from his brow.


Definitely not good at pokerfaces, Chanyeol’s expression would be of slight desperation and arousal as he watched you walk past him. Later when you approached him you’d notice that his hands were in his pockets, pushing his pants out as if to hide something.


Trying to be more of a gentleman, Lay would simply tell you how nice you look before slowly distancing himself from you. He wouldn’t run away when you approached him, but would be obviously uncomfortable (read: turned on) with how much of..everything..was in his face.


Poor D.O wouldn’t stand a chance against your revealing outfit, and he’d have to excuse himself multiple times to go to the bathroom to compose himself. You’d catch him watching you a lot, biting his bottom lip and probably thinking about all the things he wanted to do with you.


Suho would be another one who would try to combat his arousal with humor.  He’d be cracking more jokes than usual when he was around you, and you could tell he was nervous by the way his voice cracked slightly when you made eye contact with him.


Though you might’ve thought you would be the one doing the teasing, it would quickly become the other way around. Kai would make eye contact with you frequently, before smirking and letting his eyes wander down your body, completely unashamed of how obvious he was being. You’d be the one sweating and blushing that day.


Sehun would be more annoyed than anything–not so much at you for wearing it, but at himself for how much it got to him. He’d make his conversations short with you, avoiding looking at you at all costs as he “subtlety” covered his crotch with his hands. 

EXO’s Reaction to You Wearing a Revealing Outfit


Xiumin’s generally laid-back, so, though he might not approve of your outfit choice, he wouldn’t comment on it.  He would, however, make sure to stand behind you when possible to keep guys from looking.


Chen would be unimpressed, to say the least.  “Jagi..that outfit belongs in the bedroom, not a restaurant,” he’d say flatly.  He’d never flat-out tell you to change, but his annoyed expression would leave you regretful.


Using humor to cover his dislike of your scandalous attire, Baekhyun would do his best not to make you feel bad about your miniskirt.  Periodically, you’d feel Baekhyun pull down the hem of your skirt; when you faced him, he’d just smile cheesily, teasing you by saying he didn’t want guys to see what belonged to him.


Chanyeol wouldn’t be overly enthusiastic about your revealing dress, and you could tell he was unhappy as you walked down the street.  He made sure stay close to you and stand tall when you walked by men, silently asserting that you were his.


Initially, Lay was excited as you walked out in a deep-cut red dress. He wouldn’t be able to control his surprised reaction when you told him you were going out like this. “Well…okay,” he’d respond, not saying anything more.  His awkward silence made you uncomfortable, and you’d end up throwing a jacket over the dress to make him happy.


D.O’s facial expression would immediately changed as you showed him the scandalous outfit you were wearing to the club.  He wouldn’t end up telling you to change, but at the club he’d never leave your side, lingering behind you to cover your exposed legs the best he could.


“No. Not going to happen, jagi,” is how Suho would respond when you walked out in your tight-fitting outfit.  You’d argue that it wasn’t that tight, but he wouldn’t let you leave. He’d carefully explain that the only person that should see that much of you was him, and you’d begrudgingly comply and change.


Kai’s face would redden as he looked at your exposing outfit.  He wouldn’t say anything, and would become rather shy around you, looking everywhere but your body.  As you walked down the street with him to the restaurant, he’d keep his arm around your waist, pulling you close to show you’re his.


Like Chen, Sehun would be less than subtle about his dislike for your revealing dress.  More passive, Sehun would slide in comments: when you were getting out of the car, he’d make sure to say, “Careful, that dress is really short, don’t  flash the whole neighborhood.”

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This is the third fic in a series of Lana del Rey song inspired fics.

Title: National Anthem

Pairing: Ike Evans x Vera Evans

Fandom: Magic City

Summary: It’s New Year’s Eve, and the Evans host a spectacular party for the elite of Miami in the Miramar Playa, but 1960 is not the only thing that they will be celebrating.

Warnings: Fluff, smut

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Lingerie Mishaps

Author: meemzdisaster

Summary: (Cannon – Blank Period) He ends his redemption journey, and makes way to his old teammate’s apartment. After all, he has a promise to fulfill. 

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

Prompt: SasuSakuFest Day 3 – Her Intimates

Comments: This was longer than I anticipated! It was actually pretty fun/easy to write this prompt. I feel like this could totally happen, to be honest. Anyways, as always, enjoy!

Sasuke’s mouth hangs open while his sole visible eye widens. His ever so emotionless façade is broken by the object hanging off the edge of the couch. It takes him a moment to regain his composure but definitely not enough to calm his red cheeks.  

Sasuke stands in the middle of Sakura’s living room, where everything seems to be in place except for two glass empty glasses of water and a gift box on her coffee table… and the pieces of fabric he almost sat on when he planned to wait for Sakura to come back from wherever she went.

Usually, he is not a man who breaks and enter. But is it breaking and entering if Sakura has already offered him a when he came back to Konoha – telling him to feel free to enter whenever he came back from travel using the excuse that he must be tired from his journey.

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MC who loves Lolita and always wears it (with the picture of her favorite dress? Only if you want to) What would RFA+V+Saeran's reaction be to dis adorable MC

٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ In middle school I used to learn a lot about the Lolita styles, but since that was years ago, I’m using This Guide to help me brush up. Each style I’m referencing has a image on that blog by an artist that goes by Tophatcats, and they did a great job! You can also find that each style (Except ero style) has a tag on there with many pictures for reference! I…I can’t really choose a favorite.  (ಥ﹏ಥ)


- At the RFA party it wasn’t really…appropriate to wear lolita, but you sure as hell tried a quieter version of what you usually wore

- So Zen’s shock of your full blown Ero lolita outfit was slightly expected.

- “Whoa! Mc, you’re so dressed up. I-I mean you look amazing, but whoa!”

- You just chuckled a bit and explained that you usually dressed like this, you even pulled up a few good selfies on your phone to show some examples

- The little coffee date slowly turned into a brief explanation of lolita and a long Q&A session

- But, honestly, he didn’t mind it! He’d want to try and have his outfits go along with yours at times (If he knew ahead of time what you were going to wear), and he loved how cute you looked

- Granted, with the name ‘Ero Lolita’ he expected some scandalous outfits, but he was happy they weren’t too bad at all

- Still didn’t mean he didn’t find you sexy in them of course, but he wasn’t too worried about others trying to paw at you

- Getting ready with him would be a breeze because you both took so long. You wouldn’t have to worry about him nagging or being upset with how long it took you to get everything perfect

- I mean. He was exactly the same, except his clothes might be slightly easier to put on than yours

- (He was a fast learner on how to take them off, tho ;) )


- Okay, so you did rush to his apartment when the RFA group wanted you to. You swear. You just needed to make sure you looked decent, that your make-up wasn’t messed up… You needed to look! Your! Best!

- As soon as you walked in his jaw nearly dropped

- He wanted to treat you like a princess, but he had no idea you dressed as one

- (This…Explained a lot of things)

- After a few days stay (You making sure if he washed your clothes they were not to be ruined whatsoever) he slowly asked you what on earth you were wearing

- He wasn’t used to seeing such a different way of fashion, and you happily answered his questions about the Hime lolita style

- From that point on, he didn’t mind helping you afford/buy the high-end brand pieces you liked, and he offered to give his opinion whenever you needed it

- He secretly loved the fact that you dressed exactly how he wanted to treat you

- He’d try his best to surprise you with expensive jewelry to go along with your outfits (especially tiaras)

- The only time he wouldn’t enjoy it so much would be when he was trying to take it off of you. If he so much as popped a stitch on it you gave him a yelp and a stern slap on the arm. 


- Your style was easier to get away with, and Yoosung not knowing much about fashion probably would think it was just a prettier way to dress

- Casual lolita was your style, due to you being young and broke….Much like Yoosung orz

- Even though it was a bit casual, he did take notice of how you didn’t just throw things on like he did (gdi yoosung), and seemed to take a bit to get ready. Was this just how girls were?

- One day you took him shopping with you. Mainly to get him a few more shirts (He had like five), and a few more pieces for your cords. When you kept rejecting some outfits, even though he said you looked great in them, he asked what exactly you were looking for

- When you say something to go with your cords, that’s when the full blown Q&A session through several, several, stores started

- He was interested, only slightly understood it, but didn’t mind because you looked so cute and pretty to him.

- So what if you took a bit long to get ready? He’d make sure he looked good enough to be beside you during that time!


- He nearly spat out his soda when you popped up on the CCTV screen in full blown Sweet lolita!

- You didn’t look bad, not at all, but dear god you were going to hate being stuck in the apartment with hardly any clothes

- He may tease you in a few phone calls, like he does everyone, but you looked so cute

- In person he gave you a big hug and made way too many variations of jokes along the lines of “You’re so cute I could eat you right up!”

- Sure, it was difficult to laze around with you at times- Once he cuddled too much with you on the couch and his hair managed to get stuck in a hair clip of yours.

- Otherwise, he was your personal hype man! 

- He’d look up different styles of the Sweet lolita, watch you put on your make-up, love the new cords you made

- Sometimes he’d even want you to dress him up in your style!

- (He would want you to make a HBC themed cord tho. Come on, you know he’d love you in it, or love wearing it)


- She Loved It

- The way you dressed fit in with the cafe theme- A simple Classic style lolita. 

- She didn’t understand it at first. Instead of bothering you with questions, she did her own research on it. Once she found out, she’d be very supportive

-I mean, you looked so cute? How could she not??

- Once in a blue moon she’d let you dress her up in a cord of yours, but she’d need so much prompting to go outside. She’d feel so out of place

- She wouldn’t mind making coffee/tea and sweets for any lolita meet-ups though. She loved seeing all the different styles, and how your planned new cords


- His eyesight was a bit bad, everyone knew this, but when he saw a big black blob from far away he was a little worried

- When you were up close and he was able to see you a bit better, he felt his heart flutter a bit. You looked like an old gothtic doll!

-He wasn’t used to the style, not at all, but he loved finding places to help compliment outfit pictures

-He’s more of a nature guy, so he would be able to help you the most during the winter for the best backgrounds

-Otherwise he thought you were so pretty! Like a living doll. He loved taking pictures of you, and once his eyesight was better, he loved studying the different patterns you had

-If possible, he’d see if you were willing to try different styles for photo sets he wanted to take with you


-When he first saw you, he didn’t know how to react

-You were so cute! He wasn’t supposed have feelings for people… But here he was, trying not to stumble over his words

-You almost dressed like him, but…Fancier? He was a bit confused, but looking it up he found out you were dressing as a Punk Lolita?

-He didn’t really get it, but you were so pretty he didn’t mind.

-He loved watching you get ready, making small little make up suggestions

-Sometimes if he thought one of his studded wristbands or chokers would go with your outfit, he’d wordlessly put them on you

-All in all, he absolutely loved it and loved seeing each new cord you put together.

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How RFA reacts when MC is shopping with them?

Author’s note: ignore the dashes after the bullet points


  • -he just wants to go to the food court the whole time
  • -MCCCC, why are you taking so long!!“
  • -pouts until you walk past a game store anD THEN OH HE’S ALL BETTER
  • -when he holds up shirts and asks if you want it you have to contain your laughter


  • -carries all your bags for you
  • -he actually takes longer than yOU do
  • -he always helps you pick out super stylin’ outfits
  • -that’s probably why he always volunteers to come with you


  • -she always wants to go into the office supply store buT YOU CAME HEAR TO BUY CLOTHES
  • -she buys the same
  • -colors
  • -for everything
  • -so when you pick out an “adventurous” outfit for her she always blushes and refuses to buy it
  • -but she’s super patient with you


  • -“This shirt has a cat on it, I bet it would look great on you.”
  • -expect him to find some reaLLY scandalous outfit and buy it for you
  • -he sits outside the changing area and lets you model for him (and he loves it)
  • -when you pick out a shirt that you think is cute sometimes he’ll give you the “is that really what you want” look


  • -0.05 seconds after shopping with him you lose him
  • -thEN after 20 minutes of looking you find him asleep on one of the little benches in the store
  • -instead of waking him up you just place a ridiculous hat on his head and put glasses on him
  • -then when you finish you wake up up anD HE IS SO CONFUSED AND CUTE
  • -he looks around because has no idea what he’s going here and then it hits him
Nothing - Simbar one-shot

Hey, this is my first one! Hope you enjoy it 💛

ps: Pardon for mistakes, english is not my first language but I tried.


This is stupid. Coming to another reunion about some competition Luna wants Jam & Roller to be part of. Just ridiculous. How can Lunita believe she can keep the Jam & Roller going, just because she wants it so much? “Life is a dream and it can come true, if I keep trying”.

So what? My dream is for her to fade away but she doesn’t seem to get it.

Although, here I am to prevent Jam & Roller from being shamed by that disaster only waiting to happen.

- Ámbar! - Luna shouted out like I hadn’t seen her before in her scandalous colorful outfit she picked today. Oh Gosh! I think Jazmin is getting into me! Too much time spent with her.

- Hey, Lunita. - I said, coming closer to the center of the rink, where Simón, Matteo, Gastón were also standing, while Nina was literally hiding behind her boyfriend. I can say I found this is quite amusing.

- So now we start. We decided for “La Vida es un Sueño” to be our theme. - Luna spoke first. - And…

- We? Who’s we? - I interrupted confused.

- Luna and me. - Simón answered, looking me in the eye, as if he was daring me to say something.

This boy must be really insane to do that. I thought. I will be quiet for now.

- And we thought about some steps to improve the choreography. In the beginning, the speed will increase. Nina will be spin by Simón. Gastón, you need to catch her at the end of it. - Luna showed what she was saying, then kept explaining what to do in each part of the song and demonstrating it. - Your arms need to be in the same line as your pairs’ arms. Spin to the left, jump with your feet in 90°, flip standing in one leg…

It was a good choreography. All the necessary elements were in place, and the rhythm and the dance seemed to work together. Everything seemed fine. That’s when a thought hit me.

- Wait. - I interrupted again, before Luna started explaining the second split. - Why am I hearing how the choreography will be? I thought I was clear when I said I’m out. - I turned to Luna, incredulous. - Well played. I almost didn’t figure it out.

I wonder how I did not notice that before. I seemed to be so interested about that all roller thing that didn’t notice it. But I kept a straight face, concealing the doubt so it couldn’t be read on my face. I could never let Luna see it.

- Ámbar, the Jam & Roller needs you. You worked hard for the best of the rink for years. Please, don’t give up now. - Luna begged with her eyes shinning with tears. It shouldn’t convince me. - Don’t let it end here.

- No. I didn’t volunteer for the competition, I already told you I’m too busy for this. I don’t care if it needs me. - I clarified because she didn’t seem to get it clear. I turned my back, heading to the lockers.

- So why are you here? - Matteo questioned me from the entrance. Ignore. I was going to ignore this. I didn’t owe any answer to anyone. - Ámbar? - I just walked away and went to to the lockers room.

- I’ll do it. - I heard someone saying.

And right after that, that same person was standing behind me:

- Why, Ámbar? - Of course it was him. - If you don’t care, why you did you come? – Said the always good Simón. The always sweet Simón.

“Stay silence. You don’t have to tell him anything. If he doesn’t get answer, soon he will give it up.”

- Hey, Ámbar! - Simón insists waving his hand in front of my face.

I sat on the bench and started taking my roller skates off calmly.

Pretend he doesn’t exist. Don’t give him attention. He will give up soon. Just disappear, Simón.

- Not giving me your attention will not make me disappear, Ámbar. - He sat by my side, almost close enough to touch me. I kept minding my own things.

Seven minutes. 7 minutes passed since he started singing “Alzo mi bandera” on repeat and I started losing my mind. Not that Simón is a bad singer, it’s not that in anywhere. But he wasn’t taking his chance of not being yelled at, while finding his way out. He was wasting his chance of getting away with hearing in the same conditions as he woke today. And why did I make such tight knot on my left foot?

- You know I don’t have to talk to you at all? - I nearly squeal in annoyance while getting up. - But I will. - I turned around to look at Simón who had a shocked face. - Who do you think you are to dare me? And then you sign up to be the hero by coming after me for the sake of the team? - I grinned mockingly at him. Stop it before is too late. - You are nothing. - This is not about him. - At the end of day, you’re nothing. Everyone that endlessly tells you who you are, who you are supposed to be, they never see you at the end of the day when you’re alone and you are nothing at all.

I couldn’t handle it. The real world became just too much to me. So I closed my eyes. Maybe when I open them again, I’ll be far far away. Or maybe I can never open it again.

- Done? - He asked with a bit of prudence in his voice. - You matter, okay? Deal with it, you love Jam & Roller. You got into your practice mood today, because you missed dancing a choreography for a purpose. You want a purpose that is yours. Not one that was made for you, but yours. - I kept my eyes shut, but I could feel his hot breath blowing on my cheek. He was too close. Perhaps close enough to stop reading me like a fucking screen. - Ámbar, you’re one of the strongest people that I’ve ever seen. You are the queen of the rink, and you became this by yourself. - I finally opened my eyes, only to find those kind brown eyes already staring at me.

- I had Matteo by my side. The king. - I added, distracted.

- You lost him a while ago. - Simón said sharply. A flash of pain starred in my eyes, and I know he noticed it because his next sentence was tender. - Somehow you managed to rule on your own. - He smiled while he said it.

I felt indignation. Like I was about to lose my majesty because of Matteo’s mess.

- Now your kingdom needs you, Your Highness. Are you answering their calling? - I couldn’t help but laugh and, at same time, I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore.

It must be a hideous scene to see: someone so drowned in emotions that they can’t know if this person is crying or laughing. Anyway, if Simón felt like that, he didn’t show it. He had the dignity of not allowing his smile slip from his face, even with that horrific image in front of him.

I think the smile got wider. Poor insane boy…

- Simón, you’re a fool. - I claimed between laughter.

Surprised I felt his arms embracing my body. It’s was warm and soft, and I felt that I could just be there, in that same position, for some time. Some long time… And I wouldn’t bother to keep myself like after that time too.

- You’re a fool, my Queen. - It was whispered in my ear. I shivered and breathed out in disbelief. In that second I lost the sensation of having legs, so I replied to the hug in hurry, attaching my hands together behind his neck. He smiled against my neck. - So you’re with us now.

- This was the plan since the beginning, wasn’t it? - I inquired and start moving away just to feel the embrace get tighter, still warm and so comfy. But I managed to get away enough to look him in the eyes.

- Nope. The initial plan was to lock you in here with us until you agree with the competition. - Simón said embarrassed.

- That’s a shame. I can’t believe I fell for it.

- You fell? So we succeed? - He said smiling in expectancy.

- What? Oh, how could I get you so confused about my intentions? - I tried to look serious but I just couldn’t stop grinning in the process. I failed miserably and ended up laughing. Simón just laughed at it. Shamefully, in that moment I believe I would agree anything Simón would tell me.

- Hey, you can’t be my Queen if you don’t take care of the kingdom. - He said, breaking the embrace (that I wished that could be frozen in time forever), so he could do an exaggerated reverence.

- Get you, Fool, I am doing it. - He got up, held my arm and linked it to his.

We headed back to get into the rink. I heard a sound of someone falling and laughs.

- Ámbar. - Simón called me and looked me in the eye. - Never say you are nothing ever again.

He knew it wasn’t about him. Just knew.

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being married to James and his true love (nothing against the countess)

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AH YAS! baest bae to ever bae! i’m game le go!

- him being hella protective over you

- keeping his killing secret

- until you find out but don’t freak out

- bc you had your suspicions

- doing his hair for him

- always having his arm around you

- “darling where is my blasted cane?!”“remember we used it last night-”“ah yes. That was exquisite.”

- whenever you argue, it leads to sex

- sex every night ayyyyeee

- him watching you get dressed, do your hair, every day things

- pulling him by his suspenders

- like a lot

- when he comes in covered in blood, you clean him up

- wearing nothing but his button downs sometimes


- “James?”“yes my sweet wife?”“can you carry me to bed”“as you wish”

- more sex


- never going anywhere without your rings

- helping him shave

- taking nice long hot baths together

- “James”“hmm”“love you”“and I you”

- going to every Devil’s Night with him

- starring daggers at whomever threatens you

- him making you sit on his lap finally bc he doesn’t trust the people

- showing you around the hotel

- teasing him by wearing ‘scandalous’ outfits

- “I don’t appreciate other men starring at my wife darling”

- making him cuddle

- despite his m a n y protests

- you get him dressed 90% of the time

- bc you like fixing his ascot and pulling him down to your level by his suspenders to kiss him

- “Mr and Mrs March? Legendary”

Late Papers - teacher!ashton

warning; teacher kink & extreme smut //

I sat in the cold blue chair, legs crossed and school skirt slightly higher than it should be. A stack of overdue papers rested in between my fingers, waving them high up in the higher hoping to catch my teacher’s, Mr. Irwin, attention. At the sound of clapping papers, he turned around slowly as he placed the ivory white piece of chalk down onto his desk.

Student’s turned to look in my direction, a mischievous smirk painting my cheeks.

Mr. Irwin took slow steps towards me, eyeing my scandalous choice of outfit which caused me to squeeze my thighs together and tug all of my clothing back in place. Mr. Irwin always checked students out; it was extremely creepy but since he was so sexy I don’t think any girls minded. His hair was always in loose, thick, honey-colored curls that popped in color compared to his daily black tucked in button up with loose khakis. On the other hand, I wore pastels in the various hues of pink, blue, and purple. I was the only girl who sported skirts 5/5 school days of the week. Ever since birth I’ve never appreciated the ‘finger-tip’ length skirt rule so, as the little ‘rebel’ I am, I make sure to keep it above finger-tip length.

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ok but.,, i'd like to contradict that other willy anon and say that william nylander is a huge ho (have u seen the shorts he wears) and most definitely flaunts his ass bc he looks absolutely delicious in those panties and he knows it

meet in the middle… willy’s a huge fucking tease who decides on a particularly scandalous outfit but covers it with a soft robe and just gives the camera little peeks bc he Knows He’s Hot