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do you have any fic recs? like for any fandom

Okay I’m gonna start off with The Raven Cycle:

For pynch I have these two (I read more bluesey than pynch, though generally the fics I read have both ships):

· Keep Those Eyes Wide (it’s smutty by the way)

· The Mighty Fall

And then for bluesey there’s these ones:

· Heavenly Wine and Roses (my favourite fic, also lowkey smutty)

· Stress Does Funny Things (both bluesey and pynch, also very smutty whoops)

· One Love, Two Mouths (sorry about all the smut whoops)

· I Don’t Believe in Fairytales (but I believe in you and me) 

· Elevator Rides 

· Almost, But Not Quite (really lowkey smut)

· Forget The Horror Here (very fun and interesting Halloween fic with highkey smut)

· Put Her Love Down Soft and Sweet (super smutty but both Blue and Gansey are girls in it)

· We’re a Crooked Love in a Straight Line Down

· Christmas Cookies and Almost Kisses

And an adansey fic written by my best friend:

· Hey, Tiger 

For Check Please, I have these:

· Someone As Good For Me As You (this is a Ransom & Holster one)

· Got Bruises On My Knees For You (zimbits and smutty)

· Positive Feedback

· Found Out

· Being In Motion (smutty)

For Miraculous Ladybug (unapologetic smile):

· Tongues of Mortals and Angels (yes, it’s smutty 😁)

· Talk To Me

· Dance in the Dark (another smutty one whoops)

For Voltron (which is pretty much all klance), I have open like thirteen tabs on my phone but I’ve been busy so I haven’t gotten around to read them all, so I’ll just link you to the ones I’ve read and enjoyed:

· Fuck Me Up 

· Making the Most of the Night (this one is my favourite, the smut is great but you’re also cracking up the entire time)

· I’d Rather Be in Your Arms (I cried so much with this one)

For Downton Abbey I’ve read so many (all Sybil/Tom), so I’ll link you to only my favest of faves:

· Scandal on Eaton Square

· Downton Abbey and Zombies (this one’s pretty much for all the ships)

· Double Take (also starring Gwen/William)

· It Never Hurts to Try

· The Harthwaite Demons (mostly Matthew/Tom tbh, but there’s Sybil/Tom and Mary/Matthew)

· The Worst (Crawley) Witch

· Darkness



SCANDAL ON EATON SQUARE by The Yankee Countess

Chapter Eleven:The Devil You Know

“Why did she hire you?” Lady Mae suddenly asked, turning her head back to him and looking him squarely in the eye.

Tom stiffened but didn’t look away. “Her previous butler was retiring and she needed a new one—”

“But why you?” Lady Mae insisted, suspicion in her eyes as she looked at him. “There are far more qualified men for such a position, and I can’t imagine Carson recommending you, let alone approving of you taking his place…” she assessed him again, like a predator seeking weak spots in its prey. “What’s going on there…”

Start the story here!

**cover and manip by angiemagz
other images not mine

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Scandal on Eaton Square: 9, 14

Thanks for the ask, Moira!

9) Were there any alternate versions of this fic?

Hmmmm, well, it’s still a bit early, however I will admit that when I originally started this story, I had a different plan for one of the side-characters.  However, now I have decided that this side-character will have a different (dare I say) “romance” than what I had originally intended (and will be much happier, I think)–WHO IS THIS MYSTERIOUS CHARACTER? I can’t tell :oP very cryptic and unhelpful, I know, but…ah well ;o)

14) Is there anything you wanted readers to learn from reading this fic?  

I think, if anything, it’s exploring the transition people were going through from 19th century thinking, into the 20th century.  The suffrage movement has been going on for a great many decades, yet it really seems to reach a fever-pitch in the early 20th century.  Sybil is caught somewhere between that “older” way of thinking among suffragettes of her aunt and Lady Mae’s age, and the “younger” idealism which Rose is certainly pushing.  Changes are happening with staff as well–this is reflected already on the show, but the staff at 149 Eaton Square are going to be thinking/speculating/participating on the possibilities outside of service, and challenging that infamous “class line” more and more.

One “big change” that I love exploring in this fic is Sybil’s “disinterest” in marriage.  Sybil’s financial well-being is set, and money/position-in-society were often the driving factors for marriage among the upper classes.  As Sybil has no need for money (and her “heiress” status has set her societal position) she doesn’t “need” a husband.  And love-matches, while they existed, were still not as common among the upper classes.  And Sybil is cynical enough to believe that the only reason a man would show interest in marrying her is for her money–and so far, she’s been proven right.  All these guys who are now showing an interest in her were once upon a time suitors of Mary, and they only started knocking on the door after the death of her father.  Sybil, while young, is a very “rare thing” in this ear: she’s an independent woman of means who doesn’t need a husband.

…But that doesn’t mean she couldn’t perhaps take a lover ;o) hmmmmm…I wonder who would volunteer as tribute should she ask? ;oP