scandal hair

Draco: *Takes a deep breath* I ha-
Anyone who’s spent 5 seconds with him ever: Yes, you hate Potter, we know, you hate Harry Potter so much, with his “scandalously attractive hair and annoyingly perfect green eyes”. You hate Harry and his flawless flying skills, you hate Harry James Potter, we get it.


~ Genevieve LeFoux ~

“Alexia thought, without envy, that this was quite probably the most beautiful female she had ever seen. She had a lovely small mouth, large green eyes, prominent cheekbones, and dimples when she smiled, which she was doing now. Normally Alexia objected to dimples, but they seemed to suit this woman. Perhaps because they were offset by her thin angular frame and the fact that she had her brown hair cut unfashionably short, like a man’s.
Ivy gasped upon seeing her.
This was not because of the hair. Or, not entirely because of it. This was because the woman was also dressed head to shiny boots in perfect and impeccable style … for a man. Jacket, pants, and waistcoat were all to the height of fashion. A top hat perched upon that scandalously short hair, and her burgundy cravat was tied into a silken waterfall. Still, there was no pretense at hiding her femininity. Her voice, when she spoke, was low and melodic, but definitely that of a woman." 

- Gail Carriger, Changeless (PB, pg. 79-80)


Olitz Scandal 4x17 

I could never hate you


SCANDAL’s MAMI & TOMOMI; “Nationwide final, thank you, Okinawa! MAMI-chan’s hair colour has changed.” - TOMOMI

Extra: It’s been since 2 days ago but Mami’s hair was done at RISEL by Imaoka Hayato-san. No longer orange, the colour is described as a ‘triple-layer colour’, going from Ash grey ➡ Turquoise ➡ Blue. (Additional pictures from HERE.)


It’s like before the beginning, like not being in the same world
Will I be able to do it? I don’t want to just before we part
It suddenly becomes reality; the words are caught in my throat

MAMI in Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne



Ya’ll, I’m so fucking cute. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy with my body. Birth control kicked me up a bra cup size, but even changes in my most insecure area aren’t bothering me. I think the Boy might be slightly intimidated by them, but we’ll work on it.

Sorry(?) to anyone who knows me irl, you have to deal with me acknowledging how cute I am.