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so oak as pierre is an Experience

  • online news: donald trump doesn't even have a high schooler's understanding of how the checks and balances system works
  • tv news: CONTROVERSIAL TRUMP SCANDAL... he's been buying hair growth cream????

wise man’s tree conundrum, b/c Im writin tonight….on the one hand, I can’t have Percy n’ Vex flirt too much b/c this is Victorian Era-ish and that would be SCANDALOUS

on the other, Percy has spent five years in isolation and gives 0 fucks about social cues, and Vex has basically decided that if her dad’s gonna disinherit her and she’s almost too old to be married welp might as well BURN THAT MOTHERHECKER’S REPUTATION DOWN and y’know it’s still Vex, like, flashes-a-stadium-full-of-strangers Vex.

so y’know I guess….what’s the Victorian equivalent of…….fla sh ing someone…?


Olitz Scandal 4x17 

I could never hate you

Draco: *Takes a deep breath* I ha-
Anyone who’s spent 5 seconds with him ever: Yes, you hate Potter, we know, you hate Harry Potter so much, with his “scandalously attractive hair and annoyingly perfect green eyes”. You hate Harry and his flawless flying skills, you hate Harry James Potter, we get it.

Who’s Scruffy-Looking?

I decided to set this one in my Epic Love (TFA fix-it) universe, because there was one particular little thing I wanted to fix that I didn’t quite manage to fit in there, and this prompt (one character playing with the other’s hair) fit well with it. I may put this scene in the sequel if I find a natural place to fit it in, but meanwhile, here you go:

“Thanks again for breakfast, Dad,” Jaina said, as she and Rey began heading toward the door. Han was surprised the two of them could even move; he’d never seen anyone eat so many griddle cakes in one sitting before, with the possible exception of Chewie.

“’Course,” he said, giving her a quick hug. “See you later.”

Before she let go, Jaina ruffled the hair on the back of his neck, giving him a look that indicated she was thinking about something.

He grinned at her. “What?”

“Well.” She looked just like her mother when she plotted like this. “We got Uncle Luke to ditch that—“ she made a little circular motion with her hand—“mane he had going on. What are we gonna do about this?”

“About my hair?” Han was still grinning, but he was a little taken aback at being called out.

Yes, about your hair,” she said patiently, pulling away from Han and turning to hug Leia. “Bye, Mom.”

Leia squeezed her and kissed her cheek. “Bye, honey.”

Han gave Rey a hug, too, then demanded, “What the hell’s wrong with my hair?”

Rey backed away, shrugging. “I’m staying out of this one.”

“Smart woman,” said Leia as she pulled Rey in for a hug as well.

Jaina wrinkled her nose as she made her way out the door. “It doesn’t look like you,” she said to Han. “It’s old man hair. All long and weird and—scruffy.”

As the door closed, Han stared after them in disbelief for a minute, then turned to Leia. “It’s not really that bad, is it?”

She laughed, reaching for him, and as he pulled her close, she reached up and put her hand into his hair. After a brief kiss, Leia chuckled again, stroking his hair affectionately. “You are a bit scruffy,” she admitted.

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