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Scandal Season 4 Bloopers featuring Tony Goldwyn [x]


Tony Goldwyn in The Pelican Brief 


Scandal S2 dvd extra feature:
A Closer Look - President Grant’s Assassination Attempt

So, the Scandal s4 DVD is ALREADY on sale at $29.99 instead of $45.99 on Amazon. And it is at number... EIGHTY-ONE in sales.

Stellar performance. Reminder that the biggest chunk of the DVD sales happen in the first two weeks after release, and this was released on Aug.11.

Amazon compiles the top 20 best sellers overall (old and new releases) but you can see the top 100 hot new releases that are ALSO listed in order of sales, and pre sales are included in the count. Scandal is at number 81.

Just as an example, NCIS season 12 is at number 9. Even House of Cards s3 that was released back in July, is at number 31. NCIS New Orleans and NCIS Los Angeles also rank above Scandal.

S4 was such utter crap that no one is buying the DVD (plus the extras contain nothing interesting). Sooner or later people wise up, and they stop giving money to people who don’t listen to them. They had to do the same trick (quick discount) with the s3 DVD  because that had terrible sales too, but these are ABYSMAL.
'Scandal' S2 DVD Exclusive: Mellie's Deleted Scene

Beyond the inevitable rewatch, the season two Scandal DVD is a must-have for all Gladiators because it includes enough bonus features to fill a sketchy storage unit.

From outtakes to extended versions of certain episodes and behind the scenes featurettes that take you inside the show’s most pivotal moments – Fitz’s assassination attempt, Huck’s psyche – there are hours of extras to pour through ensuring it’ll be an excellent addition to your DVD collection.

The box set also includes several deleted scenes, one of which ETonline is pleased to exclusively present! So check out Mellie trying to track down her husband following Jake’s unintentional hospitalization of Olivia!

Scandal: The Complete Second Season hits DVD on September 3.


SCANDAL; “YELLOW” Limited Edition DVD (Quick Summary)

In the CD+DVD version of SCANDAL’s “YELLOW”, the DVD contains a YELLOW OPENING MOVIE “Room No.7”, and YELLOW OPENING MOVIE “Room No.7” ~Making Clip~. This is the first time that the band has challenged a trick footage. The entire clip is only 1 minute and 44 seconds long, but much effort has gone into its making!

The first member to film was RINA! Her scene was to turn corn into popcorn! The challenge of the footage requires her (and the other members later), to hold still in between takes, while props / food items are switched. During the check, Rina finds the footage to be really interesting!

TOMOMI is next to film! She is to take a apple from her shirt, and then change it into apple pie, using what she calls ‘magic’. Rina, who has finished filming, gives advice to Tomomi, telling her to overeact in between takes.

Next up is HARUNA, whose scene also involves RINA. She simply steals a drink by invading into another scene. Following is MAMI. She’ll turn a crayon drawing of a pizza into a real pizza! By now, all the other members are done with their solo shots so they get to watch. Tomomi helps by screaming, “Done!” at the end of her take.

Last but not least is the group shot! This take is trickier and required more effort, as certain members appear in between takes or change outfits. From 7AM in the morning, the band has been continuously shooting and they’re pleased with the final results! This is also the last of all the preparations they needed to complete “YELLOW”. At the very end of the making, a certain appearance is also made to surprise the band members XD

→ This limited edition CD+DVD is still available at major online stores, including CDJapan, HMV and YESASIA. To order, click HERE.

Screencaps & summary by fyscandalband.