scandal dvd

  • Benedict Cumberbatch: does push-ups
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: in full Doctor Strange costume
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: ON.ASPHALT.
  • Me: Take me. Take me now. *swoons*

Tony Goldwyn in The Pelican Brief 


SCANDAL; “Eh, a video?” - HARUNA

😆 The back stage of our new album『YELLOW』bonus DVD shooting.

The bonus DVD will be included in the First-Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) of “YELLOW”. The title is “YELLOW OPENING MOVIE “Room No.7”.

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Scandal Season 4 Bloopers featuring Tony Goldwyn [x]


In which Tony Goldwyn recounts his first time filming on Marine One and the VFX Supervisor tells us Tony’s fear of looking stupid.

From the Scandal season 3 DVD feature ‘Creating DC in LA’

“Tony was walking up a set of stairs into a green box and he’s like ‘Am I going to look stupid?’ I remember him asking me like ‘can you just assure me I’m not going to look stupid?’ And I was like ‘I promise it’s going to look cool, you’ll look Presidential’. I think he was happy with the result.” - Rajeev Dassani VFX Supervisor on Scandal


Scandal S2 dvd extra feature:
A Closer Look - President Grant’s Assassination Attempt


#Scandal S2 DVD Easter Egg - Gladiators Working Day ad Night

Have Any Of You Pre-Ordered The Scandal Season Three DVD Yet?

Because I haven’t.

What a difference a season makes. A year, last December, I pre-ordered my season two DVD, I was so anxious and excited to get it. This season, no way no how I’m spending a cent. I’m not even going to ask for it as a present from my better half.

This makes me feel very sad.