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“Guess why I’m crying.”

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Marichat May: Rooftop Kisses



Marinette smiled as familiar claws wrapped around her middle, a large form curving against her back, warm lips coming down to press at her neck, a hot breath sliding over her skin and making it tingle pleasantly. She set her hands on those claws, leaning back into the firm chest that loomed over her. She lightly chided, “I’m a married woman, Chat.” Below her from where she was on her balcony, Paris glowed in the evening air, colors soft and shining.

He gave a growl behind her, lightly nipping her neck. “I don’t see your husband anywhere,” he returned, lips tickling her neck. “Certainly not inside. And what he won’t know…”

She hummed with giggles tickling the sound. She turned in his hold, sharing an amused smirk with him. “A cat coming to play while the husband away, this is scandalous Chat.”

He flashed her a toothy smile. “You’re not exactly pushing me away.”

Laughing, she brought her husband’s mouth down for a long and dragging kiss.

  • Irene : *Walks in naked*
  • Sherlock : Pfft..Do your research stupid woman.I am immune to boobs. lol.
  • Irene : ...
  • John : *walks in*
  • *Stares at Irene*
  • Irene : Lol. your boyfriend is looking .
  • *throws his coat at Irene*
  • *Glares at John*
  • John : Shit I fucked up.

I’m at heart a little scandalous - I like to push the limits and sometimes people’s buttons but I like to challenge people on their beliefs and their opinions. How else will society better itself if we don’t cause a little mayhem?

Send me asks, questions… bored you know me

Done! Ladynoir dance! I’m proud of this one, very verrryyyy proud!! THE SIN HAS WON!!!

  • <p> <b>John :</b> *Goes to Dublin*<p/><b>Sherlock :</b> *Forgets he left*<p/><b>Sherlock :</b> 'Shit, I missed a perfect opportunity to do a video chat'<p/><b>Sherlock :</b> "John , this case is a six..I am not leaving the flat unless it is an eight.. You go to the crime scene on my behalf"<p/><b>Sherlock :</b> *Wraps himself up in nothing but bed sheet*<p/><b>John :</b> *Goes to crime scene*<p/><b>John :</b> *opens the webcam*<p/><b>John :</b> "Sherlock, WTF !"<p/><b>Sherlock :</b> " Mmmm , let's chat, ask me what I am wearing "<p/></p>
Quote Prompts (1/?)

little prompts based on some quotes 

also, nsfw for some

“you’re very warm… It’s nice.”


  • his teeth were chattering as he walked through the door and snow encrusted his knit hat
  • his nose and cheeks were a bright red, and even though they were covered by his thick scarf, mc could still tell he was suffering
  • poor boy missed the last bus home and had to walk through the cold
  • good thing mc had hot chocolate waiting for her sweet honey when he came home!
  • she met him at the door and helped him shed the many layers he was bundled up in
  • he was still shivering by the time he finally hung everything up, and his nose was still slightly red
  • mc couldn’t help herself
  • she had to kiss it
  • yoosung seemed even more red when she started to pulled away, but he immediately drew his arms around her waist and reeled her back in, seeking her mouth as he kissed her properly
  • “you’re very warm, mc… it’s nice”
  • he was blushing!
  • mc smiled and cupped his chilled face in her palms, darting in for another kiss
  • “well, I already made some hot chocolate, but I can think of a quicker way to warm you up…”
  • she was definitely smirking as she felt yoosung’s cheeks grow warm under her palms
  • he immediately attacked her lips with his own, nodding deftly as he walked her backwards until they met the wall
  • two mugs of hot chocolate were wasted that night


  • mc had convinced saeran that it would be fun to take a walk in the park while it was snowing
  • he didn’t know why he had agreed
    • he hated the cold
    • but he loved the park
    • and mc had actually begged him to go
  • of course he couldn’t refuse when she had promised him hot chocolate when they returned
  • and now they were walking hand in hand through the park, snow blanketing everything
  • saeran liked how the trees looked the most
  • mc loved watching the little birds gather around when she threw handfuls of seed on the ground
  • she noticed that her boyfriend was acting grumpier than usual when she had started the beginnings of a snowball to lob at him
    • he frowned at her until she dropped it
  • “hey, what’s with you?”
  • “I don’t want to be here. Can we just go home MC? It’s too cold”
  • she began to tease him
  • “Awh, is my poor baby is too chilly? Can he not handle a wittle snow?”
  • quick as anything, saeran stepped up to mc and slid his hands beneath her coat
  • she shrieked and tried to squirm away, but his grip was too firm
  • “you’re warm baby, it’s so nice…”
  • buried his face in her neck, making sure she felt how cold his nose was
  • he didn’t even hesitate to nip at her hot skin 
  • her shrieks turned to gasps and then to faint moans as he continued to bite and suck at her neck, his hands tugging her further into him by her bared skin
  • “does the cold make you more sensitive, mc?”
  • his voice was low and seductive
  • she could only gape at him as he pulled away, whipping her head around to make sure they were alone
  • “I’d fuck you right here in the snow if this wasn’t a park”
  • mc was done for when he murmured that against her ear
    • she was weak
  • she began to slide her own hands beneath his jacket, moving her hands so they grazed the skin just below the elastic of his underwear
  • he gasped and bit down on her ear lobe before ripping himself away
  • took mc’s hand and basically ran back home
  • that night they incorporated ice in their foreplay for the first time

“who was that? oh… your cousin…”


  • zen and mc often find themselves at the mall
    • it’s their go-to date location
    • they like to go into clothing stores and pick out outfits for each other
  • today was no different
  • zen was just coming out of the dressing room sporting the paisley shirt and hounds-tooth pants mc had selected for him
    • even though they were such clashing patterns, he still managed to look stunning in them
    • mc always tried her hardest to make him look bad
    • she was always unsuccessful
  • and zen couldn’t wait to see mc in the leather mini skirt tube-top combo he had picked for her
  • instead of seeing his goddess in leather-heaven like he imagined, he found her hugging a young man that had just entered the store
  • cue in the nuclear bomb
  • zen stormed over, immediately tugging mc to his side
  • he glared at the man and proceeded to engulf mc’s lips with his own
    • he never broke eye contact with the stranger
  • “Princess, who’s your friend here?”
  • mc knew what was going on
  • with a smug grin she replied
  • “zen, I’d like you to meet my cousin”
  • he immediately felt foolish
  • but still
  • he didn’t like seeing his girlfriend hug a man when she was dressed in such scandalous clothing
  • after chatting for a bit, mc’s cousin finally went along his way
  • mc was cheeky as she turned to zen
  • “I love seeing you get jealous”
  • that’s it
  • she’s done it
  • the possessiveness combined with her outfit sent him over the edge
  • the beat was unleashed
  • zen dragged her back to the changing room and pulled her in the stall
  • door is locked
  • he took only a second or two to appreciate her body in that outfit he picked 
  • and then it was on the ground
  • mc was pushed against the wall, legs around his waist as he attacked her neck
  • he was grinding hard into her
  • she was trying her hardest not to moan
  • mc dared to tug at his ponytail 
  • all of the clothes ended up on the floor after that
  • “thank god you took that shirt off babe, I thought I was going to get sick from that paisley print”

 “Put some clothes on already, jeez! We have company coming!”


  • mc couldn’t help it when her skirt rode up just a tad bit too high while she was cleaning 
  • and she certainly couldn’t help the fact that she had lost saeyoung’s bet and had to help clean the house in a maid outfit
  • so when saeyoung pushed her against the counter, hands gripping her ass and hot breath fanning across her chest, she didn’t have much to argue with
    • she may have also loved the distraction from the chores he provided
  • and now, after wasting far too much time, mc realized that guests would start showing up in less than an hour
    • they still hadn’t even cleaned the living room yet
    • or started preparing dinner
  • with a lewd pop she slid his cock out of her mouth and bent forward against the counter, ass out and hips wiggling as she yelled like a drill sergeant
    • she would be damned if they wouldn’t actually fuck
  • he had no complaints and they finished up in the kitchen in record time
  • mc was quick to clean herself up after the living room was taken care of
  • saeyoung had disappeared after their antics in the kitchen, so when she called him in to help cooking, she was shocked to see him still naked
  • he was unashamed as he started pulling the pork out of the fridge like nothing was wrong
  • there was a knock on the door
  • “Babe! Put some damn clothes on already!” 
  • while saeyoung was shooed to the bedroom, mc greeted yoosung and zen as she opened the door for them
  • while congregating in the kitchen, yoosung pointed to something that was hanging off of a cabinet knob
    • it was mc’s underwear
    • the tiny black pair with the lace
  • everyone had red faces as mc demanded they wait in the living room

“You don’t need to tell me— I’ve memorized your order by now”


  • it was date night!
  • mc and jaehee had just walked out of the theater
  • it wasn’t one of zen’s shows, but it was still enjoyable all the same
  • or at least mc thought so
  • “It’s still pretty early mc. Would you like to come back to my place and watch a movie?”
  • of course mc agreed
  • and of course you both decided on one of zen’s performances that jaehee had on dvd
  • …or maybe three different performances
  • either way it was 2:30a.m and there were blankets and dvd cases scattered on jaehee’s living room floor
  • she sighed as she began to pick up the cases
  • “Jaehee, I can do this. Why don’t you make us some coffee?”
  • “Ah, I appreciate it, but I have a certain order-”
  • mc smiled as she cut her off
  • “It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me! I’ve memorized how you order them. Most favorite to least, right?”
  • jaehee had the biggest grin as she gently tackled mc, placing the softest kisses around her face
  • “You really are the best anyone could ask for”


  • it’s coffee shop time
  • v took you to one of his favorite art galleries
  • even though he couldn’t see the painting’s to their fullest extent any more, mc would read the title and v would provide all of this information about the artist, the subject, the style, etc. that even the gallery itself couldn’t provide
  • mc loved hearing the passion in his voice as he spoke about each piece
  • afterwards, she suggested going into the cafe around the corner
    • it was a place her and v frequented often
  • it was only slightly crowded
  • the wait wasn’t as long as it usually was
  • but it still gave the pair ample time to discuss their favorite paintings they saw
  • when it was time to order, mc was about to tell the barista himself when she was overtaken by v, who continued without pause
  • “-and a french vanilla latte with extra whip cream, please”
  • mc blushed when he ordered for her
  • after they sat down, she confronted her boyfriend
  • “you didn’t have to do that, I could’ve ordered myself”
  • she was embarrassed for sure
    • but she secretly loved it
  • “you order the same thing every time, mc. You expect me to not remember it?”
  • she was blushing again
  • she leaned across the table and delivered a light kiss
  • it was v’s turn to blush now 

hiksi  asked:

33 “Please don’t do this.” Marichat? :D

Thank you! I hope you like it! :)

“Please don’t do this,” he whispers softly against her lips. His forehead is pressed to hers, their hands entwined tightly as Marinette’s breath comes out in shakes. Her eyes are closed, unable to face the boy whose heart she’s breaking for the second time.

Chat Noir releases one of her hands, his fingers gently curling around the back of her neck; he would pull her closer, if they weren’t already only a breath apart. “Marinette. Please.”

“It - it’s the right thing to do, Chat,” she replies, letting go of his hand and moving back, closer to the entrance to the balcony; Chat Noir’s hands drop to his sides as her eyes open, determination coursing through her frame. “You know it’s the right thing.”

“It’s not.” Chat says with a shake of his head, unable to pull his gaze from Marinette’s blue eyes, darkened by the clouded midnight which refused to let moonlight filter through.

“It is.” Her words are firmer now, but still tainted by sadness.


“What else can we do?” she says, exasperation in her voice. She pushes her bangs out of her face as the midnight breeze slips through her hair, and Chat Noir hears her breath hitch. “This can’t work. We should never have started in the first place.”

“So what are you saying?” Chat asks; the words, which could so easily be aggressive, come out as a plea. “That this - us - was a mistake?”

“No! Yes. I don’t know!” Marinette cries, wrapping her arms around herself; the night is cold, and her jumper isn’t providing much warmth. Usually Chat would offer to help her warm up, but he can’t tonight. He can only stand, frozen on her balcony, watching as Marinette rips his heart apart.

“Look, you know I care about you. A lot. More… more than I should,” she says quietly, her words twisting through the night to slice Chat Noir’s heart, and Chat has to grip the balcony behind him to stop himself from moving to her and holding her tightly. “But we have to face the facts. We can’t work - I can’t tell anyone about you. Not my friends, or my family. And… and I don’t know you!” she exclaims.

You do, though, he thinks, and it’s the first time he’s seriously considered revealing his identity. Because how can he talk to her as Adrien, knowing she didn’t want him as Chat Noir? School tomorrow was already going to be painful; Marinette just didn’t know it. And the thought of telling her, of letting her know his biggest secret, is so tempting - because maybe, that way, he can stay with her for a little bit longer…

He takes a step backwards, the small of his back pressing against the railing of her balcony. His fingers move to the ring which grants him this power, this mask, and Chat Noir holds Marinette’s gaze steadily as his grip tightens on it.

“I would tell you in a heartbeat, if you asked me to.”

Marinette’s eyes widen as she realises what he means.

“No,” she says firmly, shaking her head. “No, Chat. I would never ask you to do that. Secret identities… they’re secret for a reason.”

There’s a crack in her voice which fractures Chat Noir’s already fragile heart a bit more, and he knows that this is the reason. Not because she can’t tell Alya or her parents about him, or even because of that boy she refuses to tell him about, the one who caused her to hesitate the first time Chat leaned in to kiss her; no, it’s that two lives is one too many for her.

And that’s okay. Sometimes it’s too much for him. But it kills Chat Noir because Marinette thinks he’s a stranger, and has no clue that the boy who sits in front of her every single day has slowly been falling for her behind a mask. 

She knows him. And, now more than ever, he knows her. Kind, smart, beautiful Marinette, who stands up for her friends in the blink of an eye, smiles like a work of art, and let an injured cat into her home to patch him up after a particularly vicious akuma fight.

A girl who could take on the world and win, he has no doubt, but who can’t love someone who has to run away at the beep of a ring. 

It’s not fair. For either of them.

So he drops his hands, and relief flashes through Marinette’s eyes.

“It’s best to keep it a secret, Chat. Even between us,” she says, and the words are so gentle that he knows that she understands how important keeping his lives separate is.

Chat Noir nods, closing his eyes in acceptance as something presses at the back of his mind. There’s a familiarity to her statement, but now isn’t the time to question it; in the midst of heartbreak, Chat Noir can only focus on the girl in front of him, whose words make sense to his head but not to his heart.

“You’re right,” Chat replies, his voice barely a whisper as he resigns himself to the end of this beautiful, delicate relationship. “I’ll… I’ll go.” He gives Marinette a half-hearted grin and salute before pushing himself onto her balcony rail and extending his baton.

“I’ll see you round, Princess,” he says, not wanting to end the conversation badly. “Stay safe.”

Chat Noir barely hears her reply of “You too!” before leaping off the balcony, trailing his way over the rooftops of Paris back to his empty house.

He runs quickly, the breeze whipping through his hair as he jumps across rooftops and balconies, replaying the conversation over in his head.

Maybe he should have stayed; maybe he should have fought for her - for them. But he can’t deny Marinette anything, even at the cost of his bruised heart. Her words run through his mind, tiny daggers twisting in the wound of her goodbye.

And suddenly he stops running. He’s nearly home, standing on the roof of a neighbour who would probably be scandalized to find Chat Noir loitering on his property, when the niggling thought at the back of his mind makes a reappearance as he rolls through Marinette’s words one more time.

“It’s best to keep it a secret, Chat. Even between us.”

He’s heard that before. A memory of a hotel broom closet after fighting Lady Wifi flashes through his head, along with thoughts of the girl he loved keeping him at a distance when he promised to keep her secrets. 

“It’s best to keep it a secret, even between us.”

And all at once, it clicks; the eyes, her smile, the hair.

They have the same hair. How could he have been so blind?

Chat looks at his ring, and can’t believe his luck when he sees that he’s in the clear, four neon-green toes beaming on his cat’s paw. He spins on his heel and runs, faster than he knew he could, back to the balcony where he left his heart with a girl he fell for twice.

As he runs, more and more pieces of the puzzle slide into place; the sheer number of akuma attacks Marinette has missed, how Ladybug knew all of his classmate’s names. He still isn’t over the fact they had the same hair, and he didn’t notice.

Whilst a minute part of him is screaming coincidence! It’s all a coincidence! Chat Noir is sure that Marinette Dupain-Cheng is also his partner in crime-fighting, Ladybug. And if she is, then the game has changed. 

If she is, then she has some explaining to do. 

And so does he.

Group Selfie at The Paley Center with Tony Goldwyn

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 Awesome Group Selfie!

SCANDAL on GiGS; Besides the all-member-service photo book, SCANDAL will also be holding a design contest, with support from both the band and Fender! The 4 members will together select a best designed guitar or bass guitar, which will then be made into a real Fender guitar! In this issue’s interview, SCANDAL also chats about their thoughts on an instrument’s design.





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