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Katie Lowes - The Queen Latifah Show (April 9, 2014)

Katie Lowes Talks About Her BFF on “Scandal” and what she couldn’t believe he did to her.

Tony and Kerry, ok I see you now...

Let me start off by saying while I will readily admit that my primary reason for watching Scandal is and always has been because of Olitz I have never until very recently (the last few days) entertained much thought about Tony and Kerry’s off screen relationship.  I mean I always gave Kerry Washington the side eye when she said she didn’t enjoy making love scenes with Tony and I always thought that there was a strong mutual attraction but I guess I didn’t really give it much thought about where things were going with them off screen.  That changed a few days ago.

Just to give you some background, since Olitz was the major draw for me on Scandal and since we all know that nothing substantial has been going on with that story really since Season 2 I had basically given up the show after Olivia threw that ring in Fitz’s face.  I certainly haven’t been keeping up with the Scandal press circuit much.  When I saw on Twitter everyone going crazy about the Scandal Finale I of course watched the finale and rewatched, and rewatched, and rewatched…*you get my point* that Olitz ending scene.  In one episode I was hooked back into Scandal and more importantly Olitz.

Well y’all I’ve been on vacation the last couple weeks and had more time to catch up on the Scandal cast interviews and can I just say that I saw some things that have me looking at Tony and Kerry with new eyes now (Tony and Kerry I see you…).

For me the thing that got me looking at them differently was the video from Paley fest when Bellamy and Tony interrupted Kerry’s interview.  First thing that made me say what the…was the way Kerry looked when she said “Hi” to Tony like I know this man didn’t just walk by without speaking to me.  Then I saw the look on Tony’s face when he kissed her on the cheek and hugged her, I mean the man’s face visibly changed like he had the biggest treasure in his arms.  That’s the moment where I said OMG there is something much more there.  You can’t make up those reactions.

Thanks to some helpful Olitzers on twitter who I’d been following for some time but had no idea they stayed up to date on all things Terry I’ve gone back and watched the other Paley fest videos and the famous NAACP awards video and some past tweets between the two.  I’ve also read several blind items to which some I believe and some I’m not sure I believe.  Bottom line is yes I think Tony and Kerry are in some sort of romantic relationship.  The exact nature of that relationship only they know and it is their business to tell or not tell the public. I do think there is mutual love, respect, passion, and friendship between them in that relationship.

This helps me understand why that Olitz pairing has resonated with me so much.  I mean I have never seen so much chemistry in a TV pairing ever.  I think both Kerry and Tony are phenomenal actors AND I think to top that off they are bringing a little extra bit of themselves and their off screen chemistry to the role.

Kerry and Tony, I see you.  Congratulations as it looks like the two of you may have found something that most of us only hope for in a lifetime.  I’m truly happy for you both.  Thanks for giving us this awesome couple Olitz and I wish the two of you nothing but more love, respect, and passion to last a lifetime!


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