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After an hour(ten minutes) of searching the web I concluded that;

Jungkook is just close to his stylist noona. He teases her, a lot, nothing to get work up over because jungkook teases the HELL out of people. Remember if you meet him and you’re shy he’ll tease you. So don’t make it a big deal. It’s just Jungkook messing the the Cordi noon


Kay so I cannot be the only person who thinks that Nagito from Scandal in the Spotlight and Mizuki from My Sweet Bodyguard look similar???

I mean the pose, the hair, the expressions?? Please tell me I’m not the only one seeing this?

Conflicted and Confused
Conflicted and Confused

Conflicted and Confused.   i don’t know what to do with this blog?   i don’t know what i can do with this blog?   i do NOT wanna build a shrine to the one TV show that aggravates me the most – and yet, the foundation of this blog iz Scandal ((of course, that foundation was laid back when i still liked the show)), but Scandal iz the foundation of this blog, and the Olitz fandom heavily influences all the commentary i post.

i’d like to find a balance to where @redorkulous gives the ppl what they want, but still NOT create the “I Hate Shonda” fansite.   maybe i just need to delete this account – but i don’t wanna do that – then again, @redorkulous trying to move away from Scandal iz like McDonald’s trying to move away from hamburgers.   any suggestions?    -redork


SCANDAL; “Osaka” blogpost by RINA☆

Headed towards Osaka in the morning. The temperature felt higher than Tokyo’s. After we had a radio and TV broadcast recording, it was a talk event at the "Osaka AUTOMESSE 2016”. This would be broadcast on 23rd February, 9PM~; on FM802「ROCK KIDS 802」! Everyone who’d gathered for us, thank you♡

This year, we’ll also have many lives in Osaka. 3days on the album tour, then an outdoor live on our 10th year anniversary since formation at the Izumiotsu Phoenixー! Spring and Summer both, kindly look over us as we continueー

Last night, we went to Furaibou after years. It was delicious, thanks for the meal. I’m looking forward to today’s live recording. Those who’ve won, let’s have a great time together♡

(Note: "Furaibou” is an izakaya in Nagoya.)