Angela Who?

//GET IT TOGETHER. Listen, I’m here for Jealous Liv. Angela can stick around in my book. Angela seems genuine, and she even asked for Olivia’s permission before pursuing Fitz. I hate the people who support Zilla’s crazy ass “Feminism” that results in Fitz being traumatized. All Fitz did was love Olivia’s ungrateful ass and she broke his heart so many times. Olivia can’t get mad when she was fucking Jake’s lame ass even after he choked her out and participated in the killing of Fitz’s child. There are so many things wrong with the
Olake ship. Jake is a fucking serial killer, and she chose him over Fitz. Fitz built her a Mansion, got a divorce for her, and he even declared WAR for her. Maybe Angela deserves to he a recipient of that love until Olivia gets her act together. She’d better hurry it up. She’d better hope Fitz doesn’t fall in love with Angela. Her time is running out because I bet you that Angela would drop everything and move away to go be with Fitz. I love Angela’s character, and I hope she will give Olivia a shove in the right direction. She needs to see that Fitz won’t be dangling by her finger forever. I am a HARDCORE Olitzer, but Fitz deserves happiness atleast until Olivia wakes up.