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how exactly does damon consume elena? like the show always say it but how? why doesnt stefan consume her?

Haha, I actually talk about this a lot and I have so many different posts on it. I have no problem going through it again and for those who follow my blog, I will try to at least switch up my examples.

OK here is the thing about the show and delena and consuming love. I honestly believe that the show doesn’t know what consuming love is and I believe this not just because we don’t see how Damon consumes Elena, but because Elena keeps saying it like it’s something that you want for yourself. No one actually wants a consuming love. The actual definition of to ‘consume’ is to destroy, to use up. To be consumed by someone is to love them so much that you hate them, you hate them for making you feel this way, for making you feel like you don’t belong to yourself, consuming love makes you irrational and obsessive and possessive and it tears you apart but you can’t stop because the intensity is overwhelming and there’s no alternative, absolutely none.

And shows portray this type of relationship wonderfully:

But Delena isn’t any of this and I don’t just mean that they’re lacking in the angst, they’re lacking in the intensity, they’re lacking in the chemistry needed to make a consuming love work. Elena doesn’t have a personality when she’s with Damon because the writers wanted to avoid the type of intensity you see in the above gifs; consuming love requires conflict and inner turmoil and the sense that you’re going crazy but you just can’t stop, you just can’t walk away. But what the writers did with Elena, she forgives Damon everything and anything, she only thinks about being with Damon and his well-being because they didn’t want a consuming love, they didn’t want conflict, they just wanted Elena to be with Damon no questions asked, they just wanted her to be his symbol.

Now with Stefan and Elena, their relationship is healthy, their love is selfless and it enhances the goodness that is already in their lives, it doesn’t overwhelm it to the point that they’re the only two people in their world, that is why their love isn’t a consuming one. Yet at the same time, they went through their consuming phase in season 3.

Elena is so hellbent on finding Stefan

that everyone around her thinks that it’s naive and it’s irrational

and Stefan isn’t supposed to have any contact with Elena, he wants her to move on, he wants her to be happy, he wants her to be safe and yet he can’t help but call her even though he knows he isn’t good for her, even though he knows she can’t go looking for him:

And while his love for her is actually a source of goodness and purity for him to the point that he can fight his demons because he loves her that much, he can actually do the impossible and resist an Original’s compulsion:

Elena’s love for Stefan actually puts her in danger, there’s consequences to it:

And yet that does nothing to stop Elena from risking her life again by falling off the bleachers:

she brings back Lexi to help Stefan break through his non-humanity:

and she realizes again and again that she’s become obsessed with getting Stefan back and she reprimands herself, she makes grand claims of moving on:

and Stefan has hurt her:

Damon is in the mix now:

And again, Stefan knows all of this, Stefan knows that he’s been terrible to her, he sees Damon getting closer, he knows he’s not in the right place to be anywhere near Elena so he keeps his distance but then a moment comes along and neither of them can help themselves:

and Elena is there like:

And Stefan is messed up, he can’t be around her because of the self-hatred and the guilt and the timing:

So he leaves her again, he has to:

But then we circle back in a few episodes later and it’s this:

So yeah, it can be said that in season 3 Stefan did consume Elena but it’s Stefan and it’s Stelena so you see them work their way out of that toxicity and back to a healthy relationship and they know much more about each other, about how badly they can wound one another but how loyal they are to each other. How in all the world is Delena ever going to compete with any of this? They can’t. 

*absolutely none of these gifs are mine*

Not a terrible episode, Just some things I noticed...

1. Why can every damn person who walks into the White House see that Mellie’s vagina being drier than the Sahara desert as a problem, BUT Mellie? You NEED a divorce!

2. I think they need to just go ahead and change the POTUS wardrobe to a T-shirt and sweats because Tony was looking yummy as fuck this episode! No wonder everybody is talking about the Cobra, have you seen that thing? 

3. SR why are we showcasing Joke’s bloated belly like he’s some type of eye candy when we know what Tony’s chest looks like as well as  Columbus’? No just no, I almost threw up..

4. Why am I tired of seeing the Bad News Bears show the fuck up to Olivia’s door at all hours of the night? They need to get lives and start writing a manual on how NOT to assault women instead of being all in her business since you know Huck is trusting everyone on the block now.

5. What are we doing with Jake’s storyline? This dude is a lost puppy that needs to find his way OFF the show with his cheap ass. 

6. OPA is just a mess. Dabby is a waste of airtime bc no one cares about them. Quinn is off the rails being annoying as fuck, and they got my man Harrison 3 seasons in without a storyline. Where the hell did they get this money to pay these mofos off? I thought they were strapped for cash. Was it Kudrow’s cash? That would make since. Just wasn’t sure.

7. Mellie why haven’t you gotten your life? Damn go find you some good good because that D that you aren’t getting has Olivia Pope written all over it. She’s cray, FLOTUS or not, I’m getting mine haha!!

8. When is Fitz going to win? Why does he stay losing? Can we just leave dude alone for like a second? I mean he almost died, killed someone, was a little bit of an alcoholic for a while, and can’t be with the woman he loves. Like isn’t it time for a change? He is always gonna be the villain, like damn. 

9. OR you are moving way too quickly. The cat is out of the bag, so I pray to GOD that she has something bigger and better cooking up. So Rowan knows that Jake is looking for his most trusted secret, that could potentially damage him, and HE DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT? Really? Okay. Huck figured that shit out in 2.5 sec, but they didn’t do anything to at least threaten them to pause, take a timeout, take 2 steps back? Ok.

10. Why are Tony and Kerry fire? They are too fucking hot for their own good. I absolutely cannot with them. This phone call put me so far in my damn feels. Olivia loves the shit out of that man, and she doesn’t know what to do with herself. LIke this heffa could have picked up the phone and called him to relieve some of that stress, but she wants do things the hard way. Shit if all we are getting are these phone calls right now can we spice it up? Give us some phonegate a la presidente. PS..Im proud of you Fitz for making her ass wait. 

Shonda please let them be great! Why can’t they be great? Who the fuck has chemistry like this? Like who? Olitz is where it’s at!


Scandal 3X05 Episode Review “More Cattle, Less Bull”

  • OPA Road Trip! 
  • Quinn with a gun (that won’t end well)
  • Mellie and Olivia “Talk”
  • Operation Remington officially gets on my last nerve!
  • Sally Langston shows her true colors (traitor!)