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Scandal Writers Episode list...updated.

Scandal writing Staff: Shonda Rhimes is the show runner/Head writer. The other writers are Jenna Bans, Matt Byrne, Severiano Canales, Mark Fish, Zahir McGhee, Heather Mitchell, Raamla Mohamed, Peter Noah, Miguel Nolla, Mark Wilding, Chris Van Dusen, Allan Heinberg, Richard Robbins (left show in season one), and Peter Nowalk (working as HTGAWM creator).

The writing process works this way… All the writers, including Shonda, discuss the breakdown of an episode first and they come up with an outline together. Then one person will write the dialogue from that outline. Draft one is written by that one writer who has been chosen to write that particular episode. Then Shonda helps with rewrites, add her own written scenes at her discretion, and over sees the final draft before it is presented at a table read. Small revisions of scripts are made throughout the filming process. The writer of the episode is always present on set during filming of the episode he or she has written.

Here is an outline of what episode each writer has written. Shonda, with the exception of 201, tends to write the premiere episodes and the finales. Heather Mitchell and Matt Byrne have written the most episodes. The source of my info comes from the Scandal writers twitter page, IMDB, ABC media, Wikipedia, and T.V. Guide

Shonda Rhimes

101 – Sweet Baby

107 – Grant for the People

208 – Happy Birthday, Mr. President

222 – White Hat’s back On

301 – Its Handled

318 – The Price of Free and Fair Election

401 – Randy, Red, Superfreak, and Julia

409 - Run

Heather Mitchell  - an American television writer and producer for ABC’s Scandal. She has written for many TV series including Grey’s Anatomy, The Chicago Code, Medium, Eleventh Hour, Ace of Cakes, My First Home and Desire. Her producing credits include Grey’s Anatomy and Ace of Cakes. She also worked as a Story Editor for Medium for its sixth season.

 102 – Dirty Little Secrets

202 – The Other Woman

210 – One for the Dog

216 – Top of the Hour

302 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

312 – We Do Not Touch the First Ladies

402 – The State of the Union

 Matt Byrne - is known for his work on Scandal (2012), Paper Anchor (2013)

103 – Hell Hath No Fury

203 – Hunting Season

214 – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

221 – Any Questions

303 – Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington

313 – No Sun on the Horizon

403 – Inside the Bubble

 Jenna Bans  - is an American Writers Guild of America Award nominated screenwriter. Originally hired as a staff writer for Jerry Bruckheimer’s cancelled action series Fearless, Bans became a part of the crew of Desperate Housewives in 2004. In 2006 she was nominated for a Writers Guild of America Award for the screenplay to the Desperate Housewives episode “Next” and in 2007 she received another nomination for the episode “It Takes Two”. Bans is a producer and writer on Grey’s Anatomy, and is the creator and the co-producer (along with Shonda Rhimes) of Off the Map, a series which premiered on ABC in January 2011, and was cancelled on May 13, 2011. She is currently a writer on another Shonda Rhimes created drama, Scandal on ABC.

 106 – The Trail (…bless you)

201 – White Hat’s Off

215 – Boom Goes the Dynamite

305 – More Cattle, Less Bull

406 – Baby Made A Mess

 Mark Fish - an American television producer and writer and actor. Fish has appeared in bit part roles on shows including The O.C., Ed, Law & Order and The Sopranos. He was an actor in the TV show Trinity, and a supporting actor in the film “Paging Emma”. Fish was story editor for Damages and has also written episodes for television shows The O.C., The Inside, and Scandal.

 204 – Beltway Unbuckled

211 – A Criminal, A whore, an idiot, and a Liar (Bless you)

219 – Seven Fifty two

304 – Say Hello to my little Friend

314 – Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang

404A – Like Father, Like Daughter

 Zahir McGhee  - a story editor and writer for Private Practice and Scandal.

 220 – A Woman Scorned

310 – A Door Marked Exit

315 – Mama Said Knock You Out

405 – An Innocent Man

Raamla Mohamed - a member of the production staff on Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal writer.

 205 – All Roads Lead to Fitz

217 – Snake in the Garden

311 – Ride, Sally, Ride

316 – The Fluffer

410 - Where’s the black lady?

  Peter Noah - an American television writer and producer. He served as an executive producer and regular writer for the NBC drama The West Wing. He continued in this role for the sixth season before becoming an executive producer for the seventh and final season. Currently writing for Scandal.

 207 – Defiance

212 – Truth and Consequences

306 – Icarus

 Richard E. Robbins

104 – Enemy of the State

 Chris Van Dusen – Writer on Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Scandal

 206 – Spies like Us

218 – Molly, You in Danger girl

309 – YOLO

316 – The Fluffer

404B – The Key

 Mark Wilding - an American television producer and screenwriter. He was nominated for two Emmys for his work as executive producer on the series Grey’s Anatomy, and won a Writers Guild of America Award for Best New Series as a writer on the same show. He has also worked on Private Practice and Charmed.

 105 – Crash and Burn

209 – Blown Away

213 – Nobody Likes Babies

308 – Vermont is for Lovers too

318 – The Price of a Free and Fair Election…co-writer

408 – Where the Sun don’t Shine

Peter Nowalk   - He co-wrote The Hollywood Assistants Handbook, published by Workman Books in 2008.[2] In same year he began working in the Shonda Rhimes medical drama series, Grey’s Anatomy as recurring writer and later executive story editor and supervising producer.  Nowalk is the creator and executive producer of the ABC drama series, How to Get Away with Murder.

 307 – Everything’s coming up Mellie

Severiano Canales - Writer for Off the Map, Grey’s Anatomy, and Scandal.

317 – Flesh and Blood

 Miguel Nolla - Grey Anatomy, Private Practice, and Scandal

317 – Flesh and Blood

 Allan Heinberg - is an American film screenwriter and comic book writer, who wrote Young Avengers for Marvel Comics, and has been a writer and producer on The Naked Truth, Party of Five, Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls, The O.C., and Grey’s Anatomy.

 407 - The Last Supper