Suzuya Juuzou’s lines in chapter 107 + scenes from the last chapters

My name is Doug Robichaud and I’m a New England based photographer. I visited Melbourne, Australia while studying abroad in the Gold coast last semester. If you ever visit Melbourne, make sure to check out all the amazing graffiti that covers the alleyways… as seen in this picture. I like to take pictures because it is a way to challenge and grow my creativity. 

More photos by me can be viewed at my tumblr:

Scan - George Harrison, Empire State Building, New York, 1963, from George’s camera

Scanned from Living in the Material World

“George always seemed to have a camera with him. He took a lot of 8 mm footage too, from the time he went to visit his sister in America in 1963.” - Olivia Harrison

You can change back now, y’know…

Drew the marauders hanging out after a full moon for a trade with  gaddingwithghouls :) 

tried out some different texture/coloring techniques and really enjoyed how it came out!! Might work more on balancing it into my usual art style so it isn’t such a shift/feels more like ME,  though. 

also if anyone else wants to do HP fanart trades I’m totally up for it


Scans - (Photo 1) George, Bora Bora, 1964; (photo 2) George, Tahiti, 1964, both images from George’s camera, and scanned from Living in the Material World.

“I woke up and looked out of the porthole. It was fantastic. At that time we’d hardly been anywhere out of England, and never to anywhere that was tropical. It was incredible, a smooth lagoon with the island in the background with mountains and coconut palms. Five or six Tahitians were paddling an outrigger canoe, gliding across the calm sea. It blissed me out.” - George Harrison, Living in the Material World

Scan - George Harrison in the garden, 1973, from George’s camera

Scanned from Living in the Material World

“He’d garden at night-time until midnight. He’d be out there squinting because he could see, at midnight, the moonlight and the shadows, and that was his way of not seeing the weeds or imperfections that would plague him during the day, so he could imagine what it would look like when it was done. He missed nearly every dinner because he was in the garden. He would be out there from first thing in the morning to the last thing at night.” - Dhani Harrison, Living in the Material World