Title: Koe wa Shite Namida wa Mienu Nure Karasu | To Love and be Loved is the Supreme Bliss of Life | 声はして涙は見えぬ濡れ烏
Author/Artist: Unohana
Rating: PG

Summary: Recently, Aizawa Seiji has been interested in his super cool, sexy and beautiful neighbor, Ugouda Rin, who attends the same university. One day, when he tries to get close to Rin, he’s informed that Rin is gay, and the moment Rin kisses him and tells him “Don’t get close to me so carelessly,” Aizawa realizes his feeling towards Rin. Aizawa embraces him passionately and tells Rin “It’s okay even if we are just sex friends.” From sex friends to irreplaceable lovers, how will their relationship change…?

The sweet, painful and passionate love of adults unfolds in an ancient city during the peak of summer.

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Note: Hmm was planning to release Shiawase ni Narunosa! chapter 3 today but still need to double check so I went with this. Though I told myself not to release any new series until we finish our other on-going projects (woops). Then again, 3 series will be over soon so I guess releasing this now won’t hurt tehee (๑>؂●๑)۶ Also, happy birthday Klumnik!!!!