A two page spreads of Super Heroes featuring (from left to right):

Robot Keiji- 1973
Shiro Jishi Kamen- 1973
Rainbowman- 1972
Henshin Ninja Arashi- 1972
Choujin Barom 1- 1972
Spiderman- 1978
UFO Daisensou Tatakae Red Tiger- 1977
Ganbaron- 1977
Kaiketsu Zubat- 1977
Denjin Zaborger- 1974
Tetsujin Tiger Seven- 1973

“To Bonnie Lynn and Edward [III] I said, ‘I have a good picture of you all in a happy time and I am going to send it to you.’ One of the best pictures in The Living White House is of Ed White, young and strong, arms aloft, poised on the edge of the White House swimming pool. He had just tossed Bonnie high into the air.”

-Lady Bird Johnson, A White House Diary

The White and McDivitt families spent the night at the White House in June of 1965 after Ed and Jim received the NASA Exceptional Service Medal following the success of Gemini 4.