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Monster Hunter Frontier G10 Artbook 
Artbook we just got in and scanned for those who would like to use them as art reference or cosplay reference. Please do not redistribute scans/re-upload scans

1:  Front Page
2:  Back Page
3:  Page 1: Guanzorm, Page 2: Guan Hammer and Dual Swords
4:  Page 3: Guan Heavy Bowgun,  Page 4: Guan Armor Blademaster
5:  Page 5: Guan Armor Gunner,  Page 6: G10 Premium Charge Axe, Senryukons, and Bow
6:  Page 7: G10 Premium Armor,  Page 8: G10 Premium ‘Partnya’ Armor/Weapon
7:  Page 9: Event Weapons (Top, Long Sword, Buttom is Senrykons),  Page 10: Toridokuresu Armor
8:  Page 11: Toa Tesukatora Armor Blademaster,  Page 12: Toa Tesukatora Armor Gunner
9:  Page 13: Guildmaster Armor and Weapons,  Page 14: 2015 Anniversary Armor

I have started the slow process of scanning the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Book. It’s 160 pages long and I will be scanning, editing, and posting it in small batches over the end of October and the start of November 2016. 

The book contains a near encyclopedic catalog of the events, merchandise, and releases these past 5 years. Everything released under the “Sailor Moon 20th” label is logged and labeled. There’s little in the way of new art. However, there is new content in the form of interviews with, among others, Anza; The popular actress who played Sailor Moon in the old musicals. It is not, sadly, an artbook. Still fun! I’ll try to post as many highlights as I can and translate some later when I have time.