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About raws & Tadaima Okaeri

I no longer give raws out if they are not being scanlated. I don’t care if we are friends or if you are a stranger.

Just recently another group asked me for raws and then end up not using them. Do you think it’s fun for me taking apart my magazine I SPENT MONEY on and then waste all the time scanning the pages just for YOU?!

Only ask for raws if you are sure you are going to use them.

Also, I decided to scanlate the entire Tadaima Okaeri manga.

Even though there are only a couple of changes I’m not going to mix the manga and magazine scans. Not only do they have different resolutions but I also don’t like using other people’s raws. This is why this project it going to take some time. Besides proofreading I’m doing everything else on my own.(Scanning, dusting, cleaning, typesetting).


Daily Sketches 316-322/Huevember 11-17

Some Pokemon characters in honor of the new games. :>