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Tsukista TV Ep 1 Summary Notes

This was the first episode of Tsukista TV which aired on 4/5/17. It focused on Kiyama Ryuu, who plays Kakeru, and Yokoo Lui, who plays Koi. These guys in Six Gravity talk a lot faster and talk over each other more than Procella, so sorry if I missed some things. With this post, I’ve finished writing notes for all six episodes. I know I skipped over this episode initially, but thanks for waiting for me to get around to it! You can find links to the other summary posts on my Scans/Translations/Misc page, but if you’re on mobile and can’t view it, I made a text post with links to each as well.

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When Sans is too tired to read, Paps goes to his little stuffed bun bun ^^


Engeki Haikyuu Exhibition Pamphlet

Opening spread
Furudate’s illustrations for each of the 4 Engeki Haikyuu pamphlets

The colored one is the for Exhibition specifically, and reads, “Welcome to the Engeki Haikyuu Exhibition!” 

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Special Edition Young Jump GOLD Vol. 1: Saito Shuka & Takatsuki Kanako Mini-Interviews

Voice of Watanabe You
belonging to CYaRon!

Saito Shuka

Born on August 16th. Height 150.5cm. Blood type A.
Nickname = Shukashuu

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“Mijuku DREAMER. I find myself incredibly drawn to this song because I feel like the lyrics reflect my own mental state.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"My life has revolved around dance since I was in 4th grade. Then, I met You-chan and started doing voice acting work. I’d like to stick to voice acting and dancing for a long time!”

Voice of Kunikida Hanamaru
belonging to AZALEA

Takatsuki Kanako

Born on September 25th. Height 163cm. Blood type AB.
Nickname = Takatsuking (King)

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
"Shoujo Ijou no Koi ga Shitai. Since it’s a song about girls who long for a more adult-like love, it has me wondering just who in Aqours could have come up with the lyrics (laugh)”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
“This franchise was my gateway to voice acting work. It’s always been my dream to sing songs for an anime, so I’m surprised that I’m singing for Aqours now!”

Translation: shukamod
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