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Y/N’s curious, clumsy, and has a knack for asking the wrong questions at the wrong time. Bucky’s a hot-headed prick with a dark past and communication issues. Both are paired for training, and neither party is all too thrilled.

Word count: 791

You find the training room at precisely 6:28 a.m.

You’re rehearsing every possible angry excuse in your head. You’re new here. It’s not your fault the hallways are like the fucking labyrinth. It’s not like anybody was kind enough to provide you with a map of the place. And six a.m.? That’s less than four hours after your absolutely wonderful trainer had made it very clear that he was far from happy with having you as his trainee, which doesn’t leave you with a lot of time to sleep.

When you look around the room though, you realize it’s empty, and you almost sigh out of relief. There’s no need for excuses when there’s no one to give them to. Plus, Bucky can’t be mad at you when he’s late himself.

You decide to wait for five minutes, then scan the room one last time. He’s not here, and you doubt he’s going to show up. You’ve got better things to do anyway, like go back to sleep, so you’re not going to wait around any longer.

Bitter thoughts cloud your head again, and you mutter to yourself as you turn to exit the room, “If he couldn’t be up at six in the morning, why didn’t he just set a later time? What’s up with that attitude anyway? Why is he so–”


You feel it before your brain can ever process what happening. The bullet whizzes past your ear, so close that the rush of air it leaves as it goes raises the hairs on the back of your neck. The sound registers later, and you jump, whirling around with eyes wide.

“Tip number one,” Bucky says, standing up from where he was crouched behind the pile of sandbags. “Always be aware of your surroundings.”

Your heart feel like it’s caught up between two paddles of an intense game of table tennis. Your eyes narrow dangerously at how relaxed he is, just standing there, disassembling his gun as if hadn’t just shot a bullet inches from your head.

“Are you insane?” Your voice is so shrill it sounds foreign to your own ears. “You could have killed me!”

Bucky shrugs. “But I didn’t.”

You can’t believe your ears. Steve you can handle. Sam’s nice enough. But this guy? He's– he’s an absolute psychopath! It hasn’t even been twenty minutes into training and you know exactly how you’re going to die: with the contents of your brain splattered across the pristine floor of the training room, all thanks to Bucky Barnes.

The look on your face must speak for itself, because Bucky’s expression changes from nonchalant to serious again, and he strides up to you until he’s closer than he needs to be and his hand is grabbing your wrist firmly. Every fiery insult that’s manifested inside your head dies tragically somewhere on the way to your lips.

Bucky pulls out a roll of boxing wraps from his pocket and starts wrapping your right hand. “Tip number two,” he says, voice dangerously low this time. “Shoot where you aim.” He moves onto your left hand. “Misfiring can be fatal.”

When both your hands are nicely secure, he steps back. “You’re not ready for a gun yet. We’ll start with the bags.”

Turns out, you’re probably not ready for the bags yet either. When Bucky tells you to have your best at it, the punch you throw is so pathetic, you wince on behalf of your trainer.  For a moment he just stares at you with an impassive look on his face. Then his eyes close and his hand passes over his face as he inhales sharply. When he opens his eyes again, there’s a tick in his jaw.

He positions your hands so that they’re right in front of your face. “Drop them,” he explains, “and you drop your guard. And when you punch, all the power should come from here.” His hands settle on your hips, and you can feel how cold they are even through the fabric of your tights. You flinch.

He steps away, and you try again. This time, you can feel the strength behind your punch, and you swell with a little pride. So you’re not that bad.

Two hours later, Bucky’s showed you a whole lot more about punching. You’re drenched in sweat and your arms feel like they’re going to fall off. When you can’t do anymore, you stop, dropping your arms to your knees and taking a moment to catch your breath.

When you glance up at Bucky, he nods, then studies his watch for a moment. When he look back up, a lazy smirk manages its way across his face.

“Do it again.”

(You’ve decided. You hate Bucky Barnes.)

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Why Don’t You See Me?

Sam Winchester x Reader

1650 Words

Story Summary: Feeling alone and forgotten, the Reader confronts Sam. 

Sighing, you plopped down in your favorite arm chair, a frown on your face. Resting your chin on your fist, you watched as Sam paced the room in front of you. His hair was greasier than you had ever seen it, the strands stringy, and standing every which way. A beard lined his chin, making him scruffy and unkempt. His flannel shirt was wrinkled, with various stains lining the front.

“Sam, you are in serious need of a shower.” You muttered, watching as he stopped suddenly, cocking his head. Without replying to you, he strode off, making his way to your shared bedroom, no doubt following your orders.

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Innocent Churchboy!Josh is trying to teach you about God but you’re trying to teach him about a few other things..
Pairings: Joshua Dun x Fem!Reader
Warnings: weed use and vandalism mention ?? this is so vanilla it pains me. handjobs & thigh riding, praise kink is thrown in there for irony of it all
Word Count: 3.7k

Part II

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“It’s important to me that you admit you lost” [Jungkook]

Anonymous said: THIS ONE WAS MADE FOR MY MAN KOOKIE LOL “it’s important to me that you admit you lost.”

Your body shakes as you blink at the screen, disbelief flooding through you as you read the final time for your lap. It takes a second for you to mentally calculate the difference, but there is no mistaking that it was YOUR figure that was standing on the top of the podium. You’d done it. You’d finally defeated him at something. 

‘One second?,’ He shakes his head, eyes shooting to you in absolute shock. ‘You came first by one second? That’s impossible… Surely that calls for a rematch.’ Jungkook throws the controller onto the floor in frustration, body raising slightly off the couch as his eyes scan the television screen in doubt.

‘Jungkook, you can clearly see that I won, and you lost… Just admit it.’ 

‘Never.’ His voice is stoic, broad shoulders settling staunchly as he squares off to face you.

‘That’s completely unfair… you can’t bet dinner on a game of Mario Cart and then refuse to pay up when I win!’ You place your own controller down next to you on your position on the floor, turning away from the screen to face him. Your eyes scan over his face - his thick brows furrowed and chocolate brown eyes swirling with confusion.

‘But you always lose… You suck at Mario Cart…,’ His voice is dangerously low, his tongue pressing into the flesh of his cheek as he tuts audibly in your direction. You watch the smooth flesh of his skin shift under the pressure before his tongue pops out to dart briefly over the soft roundness of his lips.

‘Excuse me… I do not suck.,’ Your tone is laced with defense, your face contorting and body shifting back from the rudeness of his comment. ‘Should I remind you that I just beat you? And you came second?’ Your response garners nothing but a contemptful shrug, the folds of his hoodie shifting as his shoulders rise and eyes drop. You watch the fabric of the hood pool around his ears before his delicate fingers deftly lift the material to cover his head and provide him with solace.

So this was how it was going to be. You had to admit, this was not what you had imagined when Jungkook had invited you over to hang out. It had seemed innocent enough - a beer or two while playing playstation, maybe a movie if you were in the mood. Something simple to pass the time and keep him company while the others in the dorm were heading home for Chuseok. Deep down, you had known this would how it would end, though. 

You’d only agreed to hang out because you felt sorry for him, and if you were being honest, you’d long since carried a soft spot for the not-so-shy-anymore maknae. You’d often struggled to articulate it - struggled to find an adjective that appropriately described the weird flip your stomach did when you saw him. But it was there none the less. That was before you’d seen the sullen moods he’d get in when he lost at anything. Before you’d realized how ridiculously competitive he became about the most mundane of things. Before you’d found yourself falling so easily into the stupid games he often wanted to play - because you were exactly the same, and losing every damn time. But tonight - tonight was different. You’d won fair and square.

‘Look, if you’re going to be this pathetic, I’m just going to go.,’ You shrug indifferently as his eyes finally slip upwards to meet yours again, the hood falling from his head with a short shake. ‘I’m not going to get into a stupid argument over Mario Cart. We’re far too old for this.’

‘No we aren’t.’ You’re unable to bite back the belittling laugh that slips from your throat, and his cheeks immediately tinge a deep shade of red, head dipping low in embarrassment. That nameless emotion swells in you, part defensive in nature, and you find yourself apologizing to sate the guilt that so often came with it when he was embarrassed.

‘Sorry, Kook…’ You mumble, knees rubbing uncomfortably against the wooden floor as you shift your weight nervously. Your hands struggle to adjust the light dress that you’d worn to combat the humidity of the Seoul summer, but the suddenly tense atmosphere and strong air conditioning of the dorm was causing goosebumps to raise over the flesh of your thighs regardless of the season. 

‘I didn’t get here today by accepting second place. I’m naturally competitive. It’s me. You know that…,’ He shoots defensively. ‘Winning is important to me.’

‘I know.,’ Sympathy. Was that what it was? Was that what was making you feel so fucking guilty all of a sudden? Nope. You swallow hard, allowing a new resolve to seed itself in you as you find the guts to speak your next words. ‘But honestly, it matters to me too. It’s important to me that you admit you lost.’ You don’t know what had caused you to say it. You don’t know why you had admitted to him that you cared about winning too.

‘Why?’ His head shifts with a cocky edge, the floppy strands of his caramel brown hair swaying with it’s lift. He flicks them of his eyes with one smooth sweep, pupils staring intently at you. His expression is unreadable.  

‘Because… You win at everything, and it sucks.,’ You say finally, your voice quiet. ‘Like everything… and the one chance I win against you, you won’t let me have it. This is the only time I’ve beat you at anything, Kook. It’s important, okay?’

‘Why do you want to beat me so bad?’ He questions, his face still blank. You hated how he could hold his resolve like that, making it difficult for you to gauge how he was really reacting. Were you pushing him too far? 

‘Why do you want to beat me so bad?’ You counter back, finding it the safest of the responses that had sprung to mind. 

‘Because I like you. I want to impress you. I want you to think I’m strong… that I’m talented… fuck, that I’m cool…,’ He trails off, a small smirk cracking the blank canvas of his skin. ‘Plus, it’s really cute the way you sulk so much.’

‘Shut up.’ You scoff, that shaming laugh coming from your mouth again - this time, to hide your own embarrassment.

‘I’m dead serious.,’ He responds calmly, his own small chuckle lifting through the air. ‘I’ve had this massive crush on you for the longest time. I don’t want to lose because I’m scared of embarrassing myself in front of you.’

‘Shut up.’ You repeat, no laugh falling from your lips this time. Instead, you lift your head to meet his gaze again. Your heart catches in your throat as you view him from this angle - his head tilted slightly, light bouncing off the fresh smoothness of his cheekbones. His tongue slips from behind his teeth again, painting a wet strip across his lips as he follows you with his eyes.

‘Can I kiss you?’ His words don’t come as a shock to you, but what happens next does. You can’t tell who initiates it - who moved to the other first. But suddenly, his lips are pressed against yours, his hands wrapping around your body to pull you closer into his chest. The kiss is fast yet delicate - the kind that you sunk softly into, but was edged by the feeling of his lips shaking nervously as they touched against yours. His smell envelops you strongly as he embraces you, the soapy scent of the fabric softener embedded in his hoody mingling in with the fresh spray of musky cologne he’d obviously applied before you’d arrived.

And it hits you - that indescribable feeling that you’d felt pangs of ever since you’d met him. That ‘soft spot’. It surges through you, massive waves washing every doubt that this was a bad idea clean from your mind as you sink further into the plushy cushion of his mouth. Because you realized what it was - affection. You felt it so strongly there was no mistaking it’s name as his tongue delved inside you, ghosting soft strokes against your own. And so you continued to kiss him, heart full and happy.

Eventually he breaks the kiss while still holding you close to his torso, a single eyebrow raising as he grins heavily. ‘Don’t think this means I’m going to admit I lost.,’ He says before pressing a further peck quickly against your forehead, his thumb coming to briefly rub against your cheek. ‘I demand a rematch.’

William Nylander #3.2

- read the rest of the parts for this imagine here -

A/N: yay part two of this lovely imagine!!!! and yes i’m already like half way done part three so expect that soon too :)

Word Count: 3,793

Originally posted by nylanderhoe

The reaction you were getting from the many Leafs players and staff, accompanied by their families or girlfriends, was one you were used to as people first saw your childhood house. Cause, well it couldn’t even really be considered a house. Even before your fathers NHL career, both he and your mother came from money, so much that it embarrassed you now to say what sort of numbers were sitting in your bank account. But your embarrassment wasn’t to be mistaken by ungrateful, cause boy were you ever grateful.

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Novocaine-Chapter 22 Final

Summary: So here we are at the end. I wasnt expecting to end things this way, but when i sat down to write the chapter, this came out. Enjoy. 

Pairings; Dean x Reader x Bucky

Warnings: Innuendo, Angst (Slight), Violence (Minor) 

Word Count: 879

Originally posted by carefreegirlat221b

It had been years since you stolen the memories of your team on earth. In hell it had been only six months, and truth be told, you had never been happier.

You and your boys ruled over hell with an iron fist, punishing the damned and keeping the demons in line by day, finding solace in the arms of the men you loved by night.

Bucky had thrived, sinking his teeth into every lore book he could find going so far as to lead skirmishes on earth against monsters. Yes the hell gates had been closed, but you had the power to portal out, and Bucky had taken full advantage, hunting everything from Wendigo’s to Vampires. It made him ridiculously happy.

Dean rose to the task of King. It suited him. He was fair but ruthless, and would spend most of his days in the pit or in the Throne room, hearing petitions or torturing those who deserved it. He was both feared and loved, and it made you immensely proud to call yourself theirs, to stand proudly by their sides.

Nights were spent in the same bed, making love or talking. You were never apart, sandwiched tightly between the men you loved so much, who kept you from spilling over the edge into the dark abyss that was your mind. You had never felt more complete, more whole than you did with them. You wouldn’t change it for the world. This was your heart and your home.

You stretch lazily, naked as the day you were born, Dean’s hand tracing light circles over your protruding belly.

Bucky hums softly beside you, turning onto his side nuzzling into your breast and laying his hand over Dean’s, the latter burying his face into your hair and throwing his leg over your own.

The baby kicks gently at the feel of his father’s hands. It wasn’t a normal pregnancy. You were four months in, and already you were larger than normal, the baby kicking whenever Bucky or Dean came near.

It worried you slightly.

The witch you had commissioned to take care of you during the term of your pregnancy had raised her eyebrows and laughed heartily when she examined you. “Oh, dearie, that wee baby is going to keep you on your toes make no mistake!” she had cackled loudly when you asked if she could tell you who the father was, informing you gleefully it was both the boys who had impregnated you.

The baby was half super soldier, half demon, taking only a few of your talents. His aura was bright she told you, you had nothing to worry about. He wouldn’t destroy the world or start wars, and you were thankful.

You sigh happily as Dean’s fingers leave your stomach, travelling down to the apex of your thighs, Bucky’s hand snaking to your breast, tugging at the bars in your nipples. You moan wantonly as they play with you, whispering soft words of love in your ears as they do.


“My Love!” you call out, the screaming of the pit drowning you out as you hurry down the steps, needing to get to Dean as fast as you could, adrenaline and fear making you run faster. “Dean!” you yell wildly, searching for his distinctive frame as you go.

He finally comes into focus, standing tall with a whip in his hand overseeing the hordes of Demons attending the racks. His head whips around as he hears you approach, his brow crinkling with concern when he takes in your dishevelled state. “What’s going on?” he demands, his hand automatically settling on your stomach as he waits for a reply.

You suck in a lungful of air, breathing deeply as you try and catch your breath.

“Shadow!” he growls in warning, and you snap yourself out of your panic, raising your eyes to his. You don’t know what he sees in them, but he takes a protective step toward you, wrapping his arms around you, shushing you as he scans the area no doubt looking for Bucky who had agreed to help him oversee today. He spots him, and beckons him over.

The Winter Soldier appears beside you in mere seconds, his protectiveness causing him to step behind you, shielding your body from all harm.

“You gonna tell us what’s goin’ on, sweetheart?” Dean asks more gently, Bucky’s head snaps to yours, listening intently.

“It’s Crowley! One of the Demons patrolling the portal exit informed me this morning. His entire team has been wiped out, leaving only him alive with a message,” you explain hurriedly.

Dean snarls, baring his teeth. They glint dangerously, his entire demeanor screaming murder.

“What was the message?” Bucky asks, his voice cold as ice.

“He’s coming for his crown. Crowley wants his kingdom back, and he will kill us all to get it,” you whisper.

Dean laughs maniacally, his entire body vibrating with his laughter. “Oh darling, I’d love to see him try.”

In that instant you knew with certainty no matter what Crowley threw at you, that was never going to happen. Pressing a hand to your burgeoning belly, you smile. With Dean at your front, and Bucky at your back, no one would ever touch you or your growing family. Not ever.

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More celebrity crush hcs but with jack, genji, and Gabe?

Celebrity Crush

A/N: First post found here.

Jack Morrison

Celebrity Stuntman/woman

  • You met Jack Morrison when you decided to take the challenged issued to you by your fans and company. Which was to undergo the Overwatch training program for at least a week.
  • Jack knew you from a number of shows and movies. Actors were great and all but he knew you did all the harder and more dangerous work.
  • He signed on the papers allowing you to do the trail run with more curiosity in mind. Wanting to know if you’d last as long as he hoped you to.
  • He was surprised how easy you took the regimen. The running, weights, and hand to hand combat was a bit more than your usual work out but a breeze nonetheless.
  • The strike commander was even more impressed with how you managed to knock down some of his best soldier’s and beat a number of course records with flying colors.
  • It all came down to one of the last days when you were finishing the last of the training given to you a bit leisurely. He knew he had to recruit you. Jack Morrison hasn’t met anyone to have impressed him on such a level as you had.
  • “Is there any way I can convince you to join?” The blonde asked sincerely. “Your skills would be a great asset to our combat team.” You reached out to settle the punching bag in front of you before giving him a once over. He pretended not to notice, trying to stay professional in front of an impressive person such as you. “Buy me a drink?” You smirked. “Or two and I’ll think about it.” You tossed him a wink and returned to your training. This time he could not stop the blush that crossed his face before nodding and excusing himself.

Genji Shimada

Celebrity Dancer

  • Genji had recognized you from his youth, having appeared on a number of shows and music videos, dancing hypnotically to the beat. He always having admired how rhythmically inclined you were, catching his attention with how you moved. The music moving your body so fierce and quick, slow and sensual, or even loose a fun-loving.
  • He’d lie if he said he hadn’t learned a couple of your dances many years ago. Some of which he could still recall, although vaguely.
  • He held a big admiration for you and now that you worked for together he hoped he could possibly dance alongside you. His new body letting him be more agile and free.
  • However, he could not work up the confidence to even speak to you. Much less ask to be your dancing partner.
  • Zenyatta was the one who had given his pupil the much needed pep talk that gave him enough of a boost to approach you.
  • “Excuse me,” He called pulled your attention away from the mirror in front of you as you practiced. “I’m sorry to interrupt but I wanted to ask if I could perhaps join you?” You raised a brow. “Genji, right?” You questioned, the cyborg simply nodded in return. “You came at a perfect time. This dance routine is perfect for two people.” You smile pulling him in. “Just follow my lead, alright?” Genji nodded in understanding. You grabbed his hands placing one tightly on your waist and the other at your back. He resisted the blush that spread across his as you guided his movements. His hands lightly clenching at you when it got to the more complicated part of the dance.

Gabriel Reyes

Celebrity Sports Player

  • You had been transferred into a sports team that Gabriel had a big following on. Though, he had been a bit apprehensive to the new addition, he had heard many great things about you.
  • It was only 3 games in that you proved to a great competitor and you had him smitten.
  • Your playstyle was heavy and fierce but you played to the rules. Which had him in awe with what you could get away with on technicality.  
  • He ended up being a bigger fan than he thought. Cheering you on when your games were playing to buying a team jersey with your number.
  • He also owned a copy of a sports magazine with you on the cover tucked away in his desk but that was his business alone.
  • He followed your team for a number of years. That is until you called in an early retirement.
  • He was very upset when he heard you were leaving. His mood souring even more when Jack had called him in for a meeting.  
  • “I’m sure it’s someone you’d like to meet.” He had told him over the phone. Gabriel ,however, highly doubted that.
  • The door opened and he was immediately caught off guard as he met your eyes. Mouth opening slightly a bit agape.
  • You scanned the man before you with intrigue. He was handsome no doubt but the prominent colors of your team’s jersey peaked from the dip of his hoodie had caught your eye. You smiled. “Nice to meet you, Mr Reyes.” His heart skipped a beat as you stuck a hand to shake.  He took it and both of you shook firmly. “It seems I will be joining your ranks. Hope I can live up to your expectations.” His eyes widened as he looked over to Jack, who smiled smugly. “If you fight as hard as you play, I’m sure you will” He remarked. You laughed, “Oh, you have no idea.” The comment itself wasn’t meant to sound so forward but it had him smirking like no tomorrow.
  • He decided not to give Jack such a hard time for a week in gratitude.
Hotel California Chapter 5: Learning as You Go

Dean Winchester x Reader

1500 Words

Story Summary: After an unfortunate incident at work, you take a couple of days for yourself, planning on staying at the nice restaurant at the edge of town. There you meet a handsome green eyed man who comes to your rescue when you’re visited by a ghost.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“So you sit around and look at books and computers for hours?” You asked, as you turned the page of the third book of the day. After your speech of wanting to help, Dean had pulled you along, leaving Sam behind to search around the internet.

“Yeah, it’s not the most glamorous part of the job, but it’s what gets things done.” He told you, as he tossed another heavy book to the side. The two of you had been lucky, the hotel kept a nice sized library, books all about it’s long and glorious history. You and Dean had combed through most of it, looking for the mysterious girl who was killing off people who were staying at the hotel.

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Hello! Could you do an hc where MC was really close to Rika (family or friendship) and the RFA + V + Saeran tell her what Rika's done and MC gets really angry/upset and doesn't believe them for a little while?

This is honestly a really great and interesting request! I really hate Rika but looking at her situation in this unique point of view was fun yet challenging but I loved it! I sincerely hope that you enjoy!!~


  • You were Rika’s best friend and when she first introduced you to Yoosung, the three of you were inseparable
  • Rika told you that she was creating a charity group and asked if you wanted to join but you honestly had too much going on at the time
  • And that was the last time you ever saw Rika
  • A couple of months later, your door bell rung and you opened it to find Yoosung, biting his lip and looking ashamed
  • “MC, we need to talk about Rika.”
  • So you and Yoosung sat down, telling you everything that Rika had done from blinding V to betraying the RFA altogether
  • But you didn’t believe a word he said, it was Rika, his own cousin and your best friend, how could he say those lies to you?
  • You snapped, telling Yoosung that his lies were disgusting and it was awful that he would say such things about his cousin like that
  • Yoosung tried to calm you down but you shoved him out of your home and slammed the door in his face
  • About a week later, Yoosung came back to your home saying that he had evidence proving about what Rika did
  • He showed you Rika’s journal that she kept when she was the leader of Mint Eye
  • As you read the pages, it seemed that Yoosung may have been telling the truth since you knew that it was her handwriting in the book
  • You started to break down and cry, not wanting to believe that Rika, your best friend, was capable of doing such awful things
  • Yoosung wrapped his arms around your shoulder, reassuring you that things were tough for him too but the two of you would get through it together


  • It always amazed Zen that you were the reason why Rika met him and he joined the RFA
  • You were Rika’s cousin and told her to go see a musical that Zen was in because in your opinion, Zen was an amazing actor who she had to see
  • But as time went on, Rika talked to you less and less, you figured that she had been busy with the RFA
  • Soon all of your connection with Rika was cut off and you didn’t hear a thing about her until Zen came to visit you one day
  • You had to admit, you were a little starstruck seeing Zen but the frown drawn on his face made you feel uneasy
  • “There’s no real easy way to put this MC…”
  • Zen sat you down and explained why Rika suddenly cut off her connections with you and how she created Mint Eye to ‘cleanse’ people
  • But you stopped listening to him, how could Rika do such terrible things to others?
  • By the time Zen was finished telling you about her, you were sobbing uncontrollably, not sure what to think anymore
  • You started yelling at Zen, calling him a liar and shouting for him to get out and never talk to you again unless he wanted to tell you the truth
  • It had been almost two weeks later when Zen came back and showed you her medical records stating that she was mentally unstable along with her scribbled notes talking about how she was going to become the world’s savior
  • Yet again, you started crying, unable to process that Zen had in fact told you the truth about your cousin
  • Zen brought you in for a warm hug as you buried your face into his chest, with him whispering how he was going to help you overcome the sadness no matter what


  • Jaehee was always a bit wary of Rika and her friends, so you were no exception
  • But when she found out just how close of friends the two of you were, it broke her heart
  • Jaehee knew that you needed to know the truth about the awful things Rika did so one day she invited you to her cafe to talk
  • She grabbed you a cup of your favorite drink and sat you down, taking a deep breath to mentally prepares herself
  • “I need to tell you something MC and it may be difficult to understand, but please hear me out.”
  • Jaehee told you about how Rika left the RFA in order to form Mint Eye and how instead of ‘saving’ people, she only ended up hurting them
  • But you didn’t care what she had to say, she didn’t know Rika like you did right?
  • You scoffed at her explanation, telling her that lying to you was ridiculous and you knew Rika better than anyone else so there’d be no way she would do anything harmful to anyone
  • You left Jaehee’s cafe since she decided to apparently lie to you about your best friend
  • A week later, Jaehee called you to visit her at her cafe again because she wanted to apologize to you
  • You cautiously agreed but when you got there, Jaehee handed you the statements from Rika’s followers as they described how she harmed them both physically and mentally
  • You broke down, not wanting to believe it but the facts were legitimate so you had no choice but to believe them
  • Jaehee put her hand over top of you, telling you in a gently voice that it was okay to cry and be upset and that she would help you in whatever way she could


  • Having a crush on Rika for her to then be engaged to his best friend followed by having her create a seriously messed up cult was bad enough for Jumin
  • But when he realized that you, Rika’s cousin, still didn’t know what horrible things she had done to all of those people was even worse for him
  • Jumin knew that he had to let you know what happened because you had the right to know
  • It may have also been because Jumin had a slight crush on you but he pushed that thought out of his mind for now and focus
  • Jumin invited you to his house to discuss things with you and he calmly told you about Rika and how she injured V and how she almost destroyed the RFA
  • But Jumin was crazy, Rika was such a kind and caring person so why was he saying such terrible things about your cousin?
  • You didn’t want to listen to his lies anymore but when you tried to leave, Jumin grabbed your arm, insisting that you listen to reason
  • But you were livid and slapped him across the face telling him to never think about saying anything hurtful about Rika again and how he needs to get his facts right
  • Jumin let you leave but he was determined to show you Rika’s true form
  • A couple of days later, he went to your house and almost broke your door since he was knocking so hard
  • You cracked the door open and Jumin handed you some documents stating how the building Rika used for Mint Eye had to be closed off since there were many toxic chemicals that were found throughout the building that she used on her followers
  • You let Jumin in, apologizing for being rude but telling him that you were just hurt since you were so close to Rika and didn’t want to believe that she could do anything so horrible
  • Jumin embraced you and told you that he would do anything to help you because he knew you were hurting and he was too, but you two would be able to overcome it in time


  • Seven had spent so much time thinking about how he would tell you about the whole Rika fiasco
  • You and Rika were the closest of friends and he knew telling you about what Rika did would hurt you deeply
  • Just as Seven was starting to get an idea, he heard a knock on the door and almost passed out when he saw it was you
  • You just wanted to chat with him but he led you to his couch and figured now was as good of a time as any to tell you about Rika’s craziness
  • So Seven told you everything that Rika did from abandoning the RFA to all of the terrible things she did to his brother
  • You sat there in shock and angry at Seven’s words, there was no way Rika could do such awful things… Could she?
  • Your emotions got the better of you and you lased out at Seven, telling him his accusations were absurd and that his lies genuinely hurt you
  • Seven watched as you slammed his door shut as you left, he sighed knowing deep down he did the right thing even if it did hurt you
  • He still wanted you to know that he was indeed telling you the truth so he tracked you down and went to visit you with his evidence
  • Seven let himself in your house telling you that he had proof of Rika’s madness
  • Despite your protests, Seven showed you a letter she wrote to V that he got a hold of saying how she wished she hurt him more and how she was going to cleanse the world and you were going to be her next victim
  • You scanned over the letter multiple times but you couldn’t doubt it, it was Rika’s handwriting
  • Tears started streaming down your cheeks and Seven quickly went to hug you, understanding how you felt betrayed by your supposed best friend
  • Seven promised that he would help you get through this and would protect you because he didn’t want anyone getting hurt because of her


  • Why must I make this poor man suffer?
  • It was bad enough that his fiancee became so mentally unstable but V knew that it would be even more painful telling you about what she did
  • After all, you were Rika’s sister
  • But V was determined, nervous but determined to tell you because you had a right to know
  • V invited you over to his home one day to talk about Rika’s disappearance
  • He then explained all about Mint Eye and how Rika was now in a mental facility to try and get her better
  • You couldn’t believe a word that he was saying, Rika was your sister and there was no way that she was the mentally unstable one, it had to be V right?
  • You demanded that V tell you where your sister really was but he kept saying that he was sincerely telling you the truth
  • V watched as you stormed out of his home as he sighed, feeling like it was all his fault like usual
  • He finally decided that he didn’t want to be a push-over anymore so the next day, V went to your home and found you crying on the couch
  • V went over to gently rubbed your back, saying that he could show you what Mint Eye was really like
  • You nodded in agreement and V took a deep breath and handed you his camera
  • As you looked through the camera, you saw that V secretly took photographs of Mint Eye and even got some shots of Rika abusing some of her followers
  • You slowly began to realize that what V said was true and broke down
  • V wrapped his arms around you, telling you that it was okay to cry, that whatever happened from that day forward, he would be there for you


  • Saeran had no idea how any person could ever like Rika
  • She had made his life a living hell and did unspeakable things to him
  • But Saeran knew that you, Rika’s cousin, were still blissfully unaware of the horrors she caused
  • So Saeran went to visit you one day and tell you the truth because you needed to know that it didn’t matter that you and Rika were family, she was an awful person
  • Saeran sat you down and tried telling you as much as he could about what Rika did in Mint Eye, careful not to bring up any bad memories that could trigger him
  • You sat there in disbelief and as much as you wanted to believe Saeran, you simply couldn’t because you knew that Rika was a great person right?
  • Wrong, very very wrong
  • Saeran couldn’t understand why you didn’t believe him and started to feel himself become angry
  • You stood up about to leave until Saeran asked you why you wouldn’t listen to reason
  • You said it was because there was no proof supporting his case and that he was probably just making it up
  • Saeran’s eyes burned with rage as he threw off his hoodie and shirt, showing you his painful scars from Rika’s abuse
  • He yelled that if he wasn’t proof enough of Rika’s madness, then you were just as crazy as her
  • You stared at Saeran’s abused body, lightly tracing your fingers over a particularly nasty looking scar
  • He stopped feeling angry when he saw you crying and as you went to hug him, you apoligzed multiple times to him
  • Saeran forgave you, telling you that he understood why you were upset and if you needed to go to therapy he would gladly go and support you because he genuinely cared for you and secretly loved you
Complicated (Epilogues)

Summary: Life was good. You had your boyfriend Cedric and best friend Oliver. But what happens when hidden feelings come to light?

Setting: Okay this all takes place during Sorcerer’s Stone, but I changed things around a bit so Oliver is a 5th year, Y/N and Cedric are 4th years (canon they’d be 3rd but for the sake of it I changed it a little)

Notes: These were meant to go up yesterday guys I’m sorry, but anyways here are some little blurbs to close out the series! All the positive feedback you guys have given me has been amazing, and I’m so happy you guys have liked it!!

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Spending time away from Cedric reminded you why you fell in love with the boy in the first place. He is intelligent, funny, and one of the most caring people you know. Even while you both agreed to some distance you noticed him in the halls or in class, always glancing over you to make sure you’re alright.

He’d always told you that he would do anything for you. Drop whatever he’s doing and be there to support you, and you know you would do the same for him. Cedric was your first love, the one to truly showed you what it felt like to be in love. You still love him, and you know that’s not going to change.

“Cedric!” You find him in the hallway, talking to a friend who leaves so you can talk to Cedric. You run up to him and throw your arms around his neck, exhaling deeply as you feel the familiar comfort of his arms slowly wrapping around your body.

“Y/N,” he says with a small laugh. “What’s going on?”

“I love you,” you lean back and look up at him, grinning broadly. “And I’m sorry about this past week, I’m sorry I ever doubted anything,” you start rambling, and Cedric cuts you off by pressing his lips to yours.

“Y/N, I don’t mind. It’s a lot to deal with, I just want you to be sure,” he scans your eyes, searching for any sign of doubt. You smile softly, knowing that Cedric would give up his happiness for yours if you wanted to be with someone else.

“I couldn’t be any more certain,” you smile, before crashing your lips into his again.


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As much as you loved Cedric, you couldn’t deny your new feelings for Oliver. You just needed a push to realize what you felt for your best friend was more than just friendship: it was love. The way your heart picks up pace when you’re around him, your breath catching in your throat when he pulls you in for a crushing hug after a quidditch match.

Oliver was there for you through everything. Helping you whenever you needed it without being prompted to. He didn’t tell you how he felt, not wanting to disrupt your relationship, when you had been so happy with Cedric. He had sat by, watching you fall in love, helping you through every stumble and fight with your boyfriend even when it hurt him to do so.

There was nothing you couldn’t share with Oliver, the two of you had the type of connection people spend their lives searching for. Someone who know you better than you know yourself, and loves you for everything you are.

You just didn’t recognize what you felt for Oliver as love. It was the kind that sneaks up on you, feelings concealing themselves as something else before a nudge unearths their true nature.

You find Oliver in the Gryffindor common room, busy drawing up quidditch strategies in a notebook.

“Hey Ollie,” you call out to him, leaning against a doorframe. He glances up, recognizing your voice anywhere.

“Y/N, what’s up?”

“I broke up with Cedric,” you sigh, moving to sit next to him on the couch.

“Why? How are you both taking it?” Oliver’s full attention is on you now, the quidditch notes long forgotten.

“It’s hard, but he understands. Thinking about things made me realize I love someone more, and Cedric and I staying together just hurts us all.”

“W-What does that mean, exactly?” You turn to face him, not believing how he hasn’t gotten the message yet.

“It means I love you too, you idiot.”

Lost Connections

Summary: After a falling out, Dean and the reader didn’t see each other for over a year. Drawn to the same town for a case, though, it is inevitable that they will run into one another.

Word Count: 1,581

Pairing: Dean x Reader lightly implied

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Nerves, or perhaps guilt, Dean couldn’t really tell the difference between the two anymore, threatened to choke him when he glanced up from the musty book lying open in front of him. In front of him and … and you.

Your hair brushed your collar bone now, and a new scar streaked across your right cheekbone, but he knew without a doubt: It was you. In this library. Scanning the same shelves he had been standing in front of just an hour earlier.

He cussed under his breath as you popped onto the tips of your toes, squinting at the faded titles on the books’ leather spines. You. Definitely you.

He should have run. Should have grabbed the book, stood up, and ran straight out of the library doors until he was in the next state. But something, some stupid, hopeful part of him, opened his mouth.

“Looking for something?”

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Pretty please do a smut imagine for Bradley 😭

Haha omg this is my first smut >.< Don’t hate me if it sucks. Pls don’t read if you’re not comfortable with this kind of stuff! 

Brad smut:

You feel his hands roam your body as your tongues fight for dominance. You’ve been with Brad for almost six months, but the two of you haven’t “done” it yet. In fact, you’ve never done it. You’ve never trusted anyone as much as you trust Brad. You pull your lips away from Brad’s and take a breath. He hovers over you on his bed, and breathlessly asks, “Are you sure you want to do this?” You nod and start to fumble with his jeans zipper. He peppers your neck with kisses as he slides his hands behind your back, undoing your bra clasp. You pull Brad’s pants down, snapping the waistband of his boxers against his hip. He bites his lip and brings his lips up to your ear. “Don’t tease me” He growls. Your cheeks heat up and you nod quickly. He smirks and pulls your pants down, bringing your panties with them. You pull your shirt off, and toss it onto the floor along with your bra. He swiftly pulls his boxers down and rolls off of you, sitting up in the bed. You let out a small whimper and look over at him. He chuckles and opens the condom wrapper. “Patience baby…” He soothes, pulling the condom over his length. Seconds later, he’s hovering over you again. “Are you positive you want to do this?” He asks, scanning your face fro any doubt. You nod quickly and kiss his lips hungrily. He takes this as an opportunity to thrust into you. You gasp against his lips, half from pain, half from shock. He kisses your lips sweetly and strokes your cheek with one hand while holding himself up with the other. He lets you adjust to his size before thrusting gently. “Baby you’re so tight..” He moans. You shut your eyes and hold onto his shoulders. “I-it hurts..” You whimper quietly. He kisses your nose, then your lips gently. “It’s okay baby, it’ll pass.. It’ll be okay” He murmurs. You nod and tighten around him, causing you both to moan. After multiple thrusts, you feel a weird sensation filling your stomach. “Brad I-I think I’m close” You manage to croak out. He nods and does his final thrusts before riding our both of your orgasms. He pulls out and flops down beside you, pulling his blankets over you both. “I love you baby, so much” He whispers in your ear, cuddling you close. You snuggle up to him and let out a small happy sigh. “I love you too Brad” 

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(Kbtbb) Mc getting extremely sick all the guys noticing. Then she takes a test goes to doc finds out she's pregnant then when she tells the guys they say they already knew


You’ve been feeling sick for quite some time now. You wake up early every morning feeling nauseous and it’s starting to take it’s toll; you’re much more tired than you usually are and even though you feel ill your appetite has also steadily increased - you blamed this for the little swell around your belly. You tried to hide your weight gain from Eisuke, wearing baggy clothing and sitting with pillows in front of your bloated abdomen. However unbeknownst to you Eisuke had noticed, very much so.

It had been three months when you realized you had missed your period. You had been so busy with work you hadn’t even noticed. Everything made sense to you then, the weight gain, the sickness, the increased appetite. You were eating for two. You took a test to confirm it and then another three just to make sure. You even went to your doctor just so that you when you finally plucked up the courage to tell Eisuke there would be no doubt in your mind. All the tests were positive of course, and the doctor even gave you a sonogram picture of the little baby that was growing inside of you.

You knew you had to tell Eisuke right away even though you were frightened. Eisuke was often unpredictable in how he reacted to things, you didn’t know if he was going to be very happy or extremely angry. The horrifying thought that he might not want your baby hit you. As soon as you got home from the doctor you headed straight up to the penthouse. You banged on his door and heard his impatient voice call out to you. “Soryu is that you? If it’s about the auction-”

“It’s me, _______ .” You say to him calmly. His reply is silence which you take as an invitation inside. You enter his room, he doesn’t even look up from his computer screen as you sit in front of him. He sips his coffee and wets his lips “I have something to tell you. Something important. Please don’t be angry-”

“Save it. I already know what you’re going to tell me. I have known for longer than you. You don’t think I’ve noticed your little round belly and all you’re trips to the toilet in the morning? Do you take me for a fool?” Eisuke smirks. Your face went red and your heart sunk into your chest. He knew your body better than you yourself did. “Now that we’re both aware I want you to go home and rest. You need to take care of yourself now that my baby is growing inside of you.”

Eisuke smirks as he watches your hand fall upon the swell of your child, his child as he’d prefer you to say.  He quickly returns to whatever he was doing on the laptop looking pleased with himself. You were still dumbfounded when he said to you. “This baby is going to be my heir,  _________ .  He or she will want for nothing and neither will you.”


Soryu holds your hair whenever you throw up in the mornings and is right there by your side as the tears of pain slip down your cheeks. It’s times like these when you struggle to comprehend that he’s a mafia boss - he’s so kind and gentle to you, traits you certainly wouldn’t have put with a mobster. You start to notice the waistband of your trousers growing tighter and soon you can no longer button up your jeans. One morning he finds you stood at the mirror trying to pull the zipper up on your favourite pair of shorts, you groan out in displeasure as it refuses to close.

“Don’t be so rough _______ .” You hear his soft voice from behind you. His hands are around your waist sooner than you can respond to him and his fingertips brush against your swollen tummy, lingering for a few moments. With gentle hands he eases the zipper up, making sure there is plenty of breathing space. “I think someone needs an expandable waistband.”

Your cheeks blush red at the statement and it isn’t until later that you start to ponder it’s meaning. A light bulb flashes above your head and you nip out to the shops. You purchase a pregnancy test, your hand shaking as you hand it over to the cashier. You take it the minute you get home and are surprised and frightened to receive a positive result. Your hand rests on your belly and an uncertain smile grows on your face at the prospect of holding Soryu’s baby in your arms. You wonder if he had already figured it out, or if his cheeky statement about the expandable waistband  had  been made in complete ignorance of your condition.

You decide to find out. You head to his office and let yourself in. The ice dragons there know that you are his girlfriend and smile at you as you pass them. You don’t even knock on his door before you enter. He turns to you dumbfounded. “I’m pregnant!” You state the moment you enter. An unsurprised smirk grows on Soryu’s face and he has you in his arms before you can protest.

“And  finally the penny drops.” He whispers into your hair. He kisses your temple repeatedly. “All those detective novels have made me very perceptive you know,  I spotted all the clues and put all the evidence together. I promise that I will protect the both of you from now on with my life.”


You had a food-baby and you were starting to get paranoid that Baba had noticed. He was used to beautiful woman with perfect bodies and you had always felt pressured to look like they did. Baba had caught you looking at yourself in the mirror one morning and flashed you one of his trademark grins. “My princess looks perfect as usual.” He said pressing a kiss onto your cheek. His gaze fell upon your belly ever so slightly and you were upset that he had noticed you’re bigger than usual waistline. “Few women with your condition look so good in dresses. You’re even more beautiful than usual!”

With your condition - what, the condition of loving pizza too much? not to mention ice cream, and even more than that the two together. Your stomach was rumbling at the thought. Baba was always there to prepare whatever you craved - whether it was ice cream pizza or chicken wings coated in nutella. As the weeks went by and your food baby grew progressively larger, one day you found yourself on the couch with your belly poking out of your track-suit bottoms and a plate of pickles on your knee. Baba was sat with his arm around you, nonplussed by the loud crunch as you ate your supper. In a small moment of clarity you saw yourself from an outsider’s perspective. Weight gain. Strange cravings. Missed period.  You weren’t  a mathematician but one and one made three. Your food baby wasn’t a food baby - it was a real baby.

Baba watched as your  hand flew to your belly. You looked at him with wide eyes, looking for confirmation of the mini-realisation you had just reached in your own head. His face broke out in a grin. “Looks like my queen just found out we’re going to be having a little prince or princess!” Baba showered you with kisses not fazed by your picklish breath.


Pregnant. You wondered for a short moment how you were going to tell Ota. You weren’t showing yet and you still looked exactly the same as usual, yet you had a morning sickness so bad it lasted well into the afternoon and cravings that made fish and chocolate sound like a delicious combination. Ota had been in his studio a lot so you doubted he had noticed anything different. You were frightened to tell him - you had no idea if he would be angry or happy. You were scared he would leave you and the baby you already adored, and that he wouldn’t want either of you.

You let out a sigh as you thought of ways you could tell him. You could slip a pair of baby shoes into his own or bake him a big cookie with the words “We’re pregnant” in icing across it’s front. Or you could simply go up to him and tell him, blurt it out and patiently await his response. You were too frightened to do the latter so you resorted to leaving him a little note by the painting he was working on in his studio. You were in the kitchen when Ota got up from bed. “You look glowing Koro.” He winked at you as he withdrew a glass of milk from the fridge. Glowing, did he know? your cheeks turned scarlet regardless. “I’m going through to my studio to paint some more. Hope you don’t miss me too much.” He kisses you quickly as he leaves.

Ten minutes later you hear a roar of laughter from the studio and your heart takes a dip. Why is he laughing? You fidget with your hands on your lap. After a further five minutes you decide to head through and see what he was laughing at. When you get to his studio you see the painting he was working on. He had  had it hidden under a sheet when you had went through to leave the note and you hadn’t bothered to look at it. You sucked in your breath as you marvelled at it, every small detail was so precisely marked out. It was his best painting yet. “What do you think?” He asks you, a wide smile on his face, the note in his grip.

You look at the painting again. You’re the focal point and on your face is a smile twice as large as any other. You are looking down at a little baby, it’s hidden amongst blankets and sheets but you can tell that it is an infant child - your infant child. You look at Ota again dumbfounded. He had been working on this painting for weeks, that means he had to have known about the baby long before you ever did. Ota makes a move towards you and covers your flat stomach with his hand. “I knew from the moment you started throwing up.” He smiled at you warmly. He was happy - relief flooded through your body. “When my baby is born I’ll paint another one with his or hers beautiful face.”


Mamoru was a detective so you had expected him to be perceptive but alas he seemed to lack that particular trait. It had been nearly a month since you found out you were pregnant. You had taken around ninety tests to be sure and had the doctor get a second opinion at the scan so there was no doubting it. You were still flat as of yet and a large part of you was excited for the baby to get bigger and to feel him or her kick. The thought made your heart feel warm. Mamoru didn’t know yet, mainly because he was always busy at work and you hadn’t gotten the perfect moment to tell him and also because you were frightened. He was always calling you a kid, how would he react to you having a kid?

But you had left him clues. You wanted him to work it out to save you from having to tell him  bluntly. You had given him plenty of evidence if only he’d put the effort into making sense of it all. You had dragged him through the baby aisle in the supermarket and admired the little onesies. You had sat on the couch by his side with your hands folded over your abdomen. You had left a magazine open on a page about pregnancy. You had even left a baby name book by the toilet seat. You had given him all that evidence and he had still failed to see the connection. You were at wits end and decided that you would have to confess.

You found him half asleep on the sofa with his head on a pillow. He was watching some news report on the television and you wondered if it had to do with a case he was working on. You sat by his side. “You. Move closer…” He spoke to you carefully, you did as he said thinking he was going to wrap you up in his arms or something romantic of the sort. Instead he plopped his head down onto your lap substituting you for the pillow. “That’s better.” He shuts his eyes for a few moments as if he’s going to go to sleep but then they pop open again. You stroke his hair as you usually do - it’s a habit of yours. You quickly remember the reason you came through - to tell him about the baby. “I missed this sweetheart. I wish I never had to work. I wish I never had to get up.”

“Mamoru there is something-”

He ignores you and opens his own mouth to speak. “I should get as much as sleep as I can while this peace we’ve got going on here lasts. When that little kid of ours  is born I doubt I’ll be able to get any sort of quiet round here.” Your heart stops in your chest as he speaks. He knew all along? All this time and he already knew. You narrow your eyes. “Never thought I’d ever be a daddy sweetheart. Life has a way of always surprising you don’t it? in a good way though. A little kid ain’t never a bad thing.”

“You knew that I was pregnant! Mamo you could have told me!” You exclaim. Mamoru doesn’t even seem phased, the only thing he seems bothered about is the fact you’ve stopped stroking his hair. A small smile grows on his face.

“Well I ain’t no Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple sweetheart but you were as good as shouting it at me. If a criminal had given me as much evidence as you did he might as well have confessed.” Mamoru smirked at seeing your building anger.. “Don’t raise your blood pressure kid, it ain’t good for the kid.” Your eyes were now slits. You slapped his head playfully with your hand but ultimately couldn’t fight the smile that had spread on your face. He was happy - and that made you even happier.

Matcha and Coffee (JB Smut; College AU)

By Admin Lychee

“Can I have a latte please?" 

The smell of grounded coffee beans was a usual scent for you; and if not that then biscuits.
Since you worked at the small cafe on your college campus, you had a tendency of smelling like the caffeinated drink, luckily, you didn’t mind.
You had started working there last semester after hearing about the job opening. You’ve always wanted to work as a barista, since you were basically raised around the delicious taste of Starbucks coffee so why not?
It was an early Monday afternoon and it was finals week so students were lining up ridiculously, shouting out orders and complaining about their names being misspelled.
"Can I take your order sir?”, you asked the following customer as you quickly refilled the register. You hated days like this but alas, they were inevitable.
“I’d like a matcha green tea please”, the man said. His voice was soothing and calm, something that you didn’t expect to hear at a time like this.
“Matcha?”, you replied, looking up.
A tall yet amazingly attractive man stood looking at you with confusion.
“Matcha?… Do you not have that here?”, he responded, holding a ten dollar bill in his hands. You scanned the stranger up and down, admiring his looks.
His hair was jet black and lazily distressed as if he didn’t care of what to do with it, his eyes were dark brown and hooded, giving the impression of a scowl and each of his ears were decorated with about 3 different pairs of earrings.
“I’ve never heard of that before…”, you spoke, eyes glued to his jawline as he scanned the menu.
“You’re right… I doubt that you know what it is”, he smiled apologetically.
Was that a smile or what? His teeth seemed as if they were chiseled from marble.
A few customers in line began to grow aggravated and made faces to each other.
“How about a green tea?”, you suggested, resting your hands on the counter. The man smiled again before nodding, “that sounds great. One please”, he said, handing you his cash. As you took it, your hand brushed against his faintly yet you could feel your cheeks burst into a flush of red.
“Oh sorry”, he bowed, waiting for his change.
“No no! It’s not a big deal”, you smiled back, giving him his change.
“Can I have your name?”, you asked, taking a marker to his cup.
“Jaebum”, he said calmly. 

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