This number is calling and trying to scam people. This is the second time they have called me. They claimed to be from Publishers Clearing House and that I had won $950,000. All I had to do was get a Green Dot MoneyPak, a reloadable debit card. The people who use this card, typically do not have a bank account. Scammers like them because they’re more convenient than a money wire, but just as untraceable. I told the guy on the phone that this is a scam and that I am sending his number to the police, I’m not, and he said that he has my number and he is sending my number to the police and I just laughed at him. Be careful you guys and make sure that your grandparents know that this is a scam! #Scam #Scammers #Jamaica #ScamCalls #PublishersClearingHouse #PCH

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