I Cant Wait For Sunday School And I Just CANT Wait To See The Easter Bunny And Fry Up Some Of His Eggs… I Like It In An Omelette I Like It Scambled… I Like It Heated Twisted Parb-Roiled And Put In The Mush… Any Damn Way I Love My Eggs

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Strifesodos soulmate au: Cloud has the entirety of Loveless written on his back.

Because why would I need sleep?

They were almost artistic, the words down his back.

Cloud hadn’t noticed when they’d appeared, tiny lines fading in one by one, in a near perfect script, neatly paragraphed along his shoulder blade. At ten years old Cloud had little interest in his back and had just reached the age of being appalled by the very notion of his mother wandering in on him changing and half dressed, and so with the only mirror available to him high and small above the bathroom sink he couldn’t say when the words began to darken. It was only when he got hurt playing on the trails outside of town that he clambered up onto the little counter to inspect the damage, hoping to not have to let his mother know what he’d been up to, that he saw it.

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  • bloodborne: [does cosmic horror]
  • every indie dev """inspired""" by dark souls: holy FUCK [scambles to add a generic cthulhu to their next early access patch]
  • guys who edit tv tropes: woah... high octane nightmare fuel bro... how will the kids handle THIS one.. this is creepier than courage the cowardly dog and is giving me more fetishes than minerva mink

Symptoms of the present wave, intense wave: Body tremors and sleep issues. Intense body pressure. Involuntary muscle movements. Eye twitching. head pain. Some experiencing depression and sadness while others intense joy and happiness. Vibrating and seeing objects vibrate. Heart race increases and increased blood pressure. Intense Hunger. Body Heat flashes. Heart Palpitations. Some feel they have to go to bed because there is no way to otherwise handle the wave. Some feel like scambled eggs for brains. There is a feeling of not being able to organize ones thoughts.

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"Shit!" Didre swore as the last bit of her lunch slipped from her fingers. Unlike most of the people in the Castle, she preferred to eat her lunch out in the fields. It was less of a trek. That also meant sometimes, the wind picked up her lunch, and flung it. Didre scrambled after the apple, not seeing the tall blond man her apple was rolling toward.

Jarl leaned down to pick up the apple as it kept rolling towards him. Seeing Didre try to scamble after it let him put two and two together fairly quickly, and he extended the hand to give it back to her.

“Take it this is yours?”