Attention, fellow artists, a dangerous and highly unpleasant client detected.

I can’t actually name this person, because I don’t want any harassment to be aimed at them (and if you know who they are, please don’t sent them anon hate or whatever, I just want to warn my fellow artists, this is not a crusade), but their initials are J.S., and they usually commission cheap art with the same character - a woman (or half-ghoul) with pale skin and light-blue hair, named Nicole, in relationship with Fallout 3-4 characters Charon and Hancock. My issue with this client is that, after I sent them a finished sketch, they opened a claim against me on PayPal, and demanded a refund. And this happened before the client even talked to me. The client at first justified their actions by claiming that 2 of 3 characters looked different than in my other pictures. I offered to fix whatever the client got upset about, but the client refused to specify what bothered them, then disappeared for a couple of days, and blocked me on social media (while continuing to proudly display this “problematic” sketch as an illustration to their fanfic). Which forced me to go into PayPal resolution center and explain the whole situation to the 3rd party (until then I was hoping that the client opened the claim by mistake, and will close it, after we resolve the issue, but nope, I was wrong). Luckily for me, the client’s claim was obviously unreasonable, and the case was decided in my favour.

So this is why I’d like to warn other artists in Fallout fandom, and also in Overwatch fandom, because that person has been active there as well lately.

1. Claims like those can potentially ruin your business, especially if you draw NSFW art (I don’t), because there is information about PayPal suspending the accounts that sell adult content. I don’t know if this issue exists with art, or only with photo and video materials, but just to be safe - I would not advise drawing anything NSFW for this client, if you decide to work with them.

2. Always ask money upfront, send the invoice, where you MUST describe the artwork you will create, and your terms and conditions, especially in which cases you will give the money back, for example:

3. If the client opens a dispute, don’t communicate via emails or social media - only communicate via PayPal resolution center, because your communications will be examined by the resolution center specialists if the case will be escalated to claim. In my case, the client skipped that part, and escalated the case to the claim within a couple of minutes, which, in my opinion, was very unprofessional and disrespectful.

4. If the dispute escalates to the claim, collect your thoughts. You will have 2000 characters to describe your situation. You can attach files in addition to that, for example, your emails. So please, keep the emails from your clients for at least 180 days. Be polite, don’t call anyone names, don’t make assumptions. Just state that you have done what you were paid for and deserve to be paid for it.

These measures should keep you safe enough, and protect you from both scammers and the people who feel extremely entitled to own all the art in the world without paying the artists what they deserve.

Back to the client, who is now on my personal black list, I don’t actually believe they are a real scammer, and their attitude is the result of extreme ignorance, immaturity, and a really big sense of entitlement to your art. So if this person contacts you, you may choose to work with them, but now that you know the risks, you should be extra careful.






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Please avoid donating to these random Go Fund Me campaigns that are popping up supposedly to give Katya $100,000. They are not official or endorsed by Katya and I don’t want any of you to get scammed out of money.

Katya will be crowdfunding for her show “Help Me I’m Dying”, but there is no official link for that yet. 

If you want to help Katya financially go to her shows or buy her merch. Or just send her a message telling her how much you love her. I’m sure she’d appreciate that more than any amount of money you might give her. 

PSA! Chronically Ill Patients, Please Take Heed!

This company is a Hemp Hustler:

What is a hemp hustler? 

A company that produces and/or purchases industrial hemp and markets to the chronically ill claiming that it can “cure” their ailments. This particular company messaged me multiple times offering free products for my daughter, stating that they want help us out. I’ve received many messages on Instagram as well from hemp hustlers. If you receive the same offer from them or similar companies, please decline!

What is industrial hemp?

Industrial hemp is used to make car parts, rope, fuel, balms, or as dietary supplements for omega-3′s or in place of tree nuts, and grown to clean the soil of a particular area, etc. It does not contain the amount of CBD to be considered medically viable. Most importantly, if the hemp was used to clean the soil, you most certainly don’t want to be ingesting that product!!

There are only a handful of hemp products out there that our legitimate for treatment of chronic illnesses, like Haleigh’s Hope, Palmetto’s Harmony, Jadyn’s Juice, Charlotte’s Web (I’m skeptical of CW), and a few others.

What’s the difference?

Products like Haleigh’s Hope, were bred from many different medical marijuana plants (not hemp), that were high in CBD and low in THC, the end result is the strain called Haleigh’s Hope, which is a very high concentrate of CBD and less than .3% THC. This ratio classifies the plant as a “hemp” plant under US federal guidelines because of the low concentration of THC, and for that reason, is able to be shipped to all 50 states under the Hemp Industrial Act of 2008 (correct me if I got the year wrong).

Do your research!

Before deciding to purchase ANY cannabis product, do your research! 

  1. Is it industrial hemp, or modified MMJ? 
  2. Where is the plant grown? 
  3. How is it cultivated? 
  4. Is it organic and non-gmo? 
  5. Do they use pesticides? 
  6. Has it been tested for mold, metals, and other contaminates? 
  7. Has the concentration been tested? If so, does it contain what they claim?
  8. Has a third party lab tested it and gotten the same results? 
  9. Is there dosing information?
  10. If for a child, was it made with children in mind? (i.e., extraction methods)
  11. Are there people in the cannabis community who can stand by it?
    If you say “NO” to #4-8, DON’T use the product, or get it tested yourself by a reputable lab.

Check out this facebook page: CBD Scam Watch, To ask questions about any product you may have in mind, or for recommendations.

You can also contact the Flowering Hope Foundation with questions and/or concerns.

Be Smart, Don’t Get Hustled! 



Pay attention to this name right here: DIANA BECHTOLD ROBLES. She has been running through several Facebook groups that I’m a part of and trying to take people’s money.

Diana Bechtold Robles starts off with this photo, stating that she doesn’t take PayPal but only money orders or Walmart Money Gram. Now, that right there is a red flag to me. I decided to contact her and see what I could find out. If she was legit, this lot of ponies is worth WAY more than a measly $43 plus $7 shipping.

So, I contacted Diana Bechtold Robles and had the following lovely conversation.

Today, when I got home from work, a fellow collector posted this in one of the groups:

Yeah, scammer! Just as I suspected. So I started another conversation with Diana Bechtold Robles.

Now she’s blocked me. However, that doesn’t stop me from Googling her! Not only does she run this scam on Facebook, she’s trying to get money through GoFundMe ( No donations have been made yet, luckily.

Now for the fun part. What do we do with scammers? As much fun as a good keelhauling would be, that’s been illegal for a while and I’m sort of short one barnacle-clad ship. But, we can get the FBI involved!  I’m often surprised at how many people don’t know about the IC3- the Internet Crimes Complaint Center. I first learned about them way back in 2003 when I was scammed on eBay from a dude taking my money for a college textbook I never received. A friend told me about the IC3 and how to file a report. A year later, the guy was caught and went to trial. I got my money back and he got 4 years in jail. Filing with the IC3 works. If you, or somebody you know, have been scammed by her, please file a report!

If you’d like to help keep this no-good-money-taker from robbing anyone else of whatever they’d like to give her, here is how you report a fraudulent GoFundMe.

Please reblog, especially within the Pony community! Let’s make her well known enough that she can’t do this to anyone else.

Long story short:

Don’t trust DIANA BECHTOLD ROBLES of Bristol, IN.
Report her to the IC3:
Report her GoFundMe as fraud:
Please Reblog :)

Don’t pay that registry fee!

There are many websites online that prey upon disabled people who want to obtain a service animal or an emotional support animal (ESA). Many of these websites call themselves “service animal registries” or something similar. They often offer to sell certificates or identification cards, as well as vests. While some of the services offered by these websites may be helpful on an individual basis, the truth is that they are scams.

Here are the facts:

  • There is no official service dog registry for the United States.
  • Service dogs do not require registration, certification, or identification of any kind.)
  • To qualify for a service animal, one must have a disability as defined by the ADA.
  • Service dogs must be trained to perform a specific task relating to the handler’s disability. The training may be done professionally or by the handler.
  • Emotional Support Animals do not have the same protections as Service Animals, but also do not require the same training. The only thing required for an ESA is a prescription from a qualified physician or psychiatrist.
  • Service animals do not require a special vest. These vests are optional and serve the purpose of notifying the public that the dog is on duty.
  • You should never have to pay extra fees associated with having a service animal or ESA. Any website that requires a fee is a corporate business at best, and a scam at worst.

Remember, no employee is allowed to ask you to provide proof of a disability. Unless your service animal is causing significant disturbance or is not housebroken, you cannot be asked to leave due to the animal’s presence (religious organizations are exempt). More information is available in the links below.

Frequently asked questions about service animals and the ADA

Partial list of scam sites

NPR article on the subject (audio available)

Hey, just a heads-up to collegiate tumblr- if you get a very official-looking letter in the mail from the Student Financial Resource Center, THIS IS A SCAM.  This has nothing to do with your FAFSA or state grants.

FAFSA is free.  Filing for state grants is free.  The Student Financial Resource Center only wants your money and your information so they can sell it off to advertisers.  Reputable financial aid institutions will NEVER ask for a filing fee.  Tear this up and throw it away.  Warn your friends to be on the lookout for this letter.  And most of all, let your school know, whether you are in college or still in high school, because I’m sure they would like to put out an alert to the rest of their students.

I repeat- FAFSA is free, and filing for state grants is free.  This is a scam.

I just got this message today. I deleted it immediately on etsy but then decided i should share it so this is from etsy’s email to me.

Yeah so this is 100% a scam. Never ever send your dolls or items to anyone claiming this kind of stupid stuff.

Please use common sense and stay safe eveyone!

(Also i looked up this Marina Joyce person and man was that a hell of a read.)

Scam Alert! - Dollyhair

I wanted to take a moment to give a warning to anyone who has been buying doll hair, or is thinking of buying doll hair. There are not many options on the internet, and of the few, Dollyhair has always offered the best product, so Dollyhair has been the one most people order from.

Please be aware that starting early last year (2012), people begun reporting  the following problems with

  • Orders they had placed with started failing to be fulfilled. Randomly, this company will just not fill your order.
  • They have also been shorting peoples orders, failing to deliver part of what you order. 
  • The weight of the hanks, both MLP hanks, and saran, have been reported to be half as much as normal. For the past 5 years at least, people came to expect a certain amount (15-18oz), and now that amount has been cut nearly in half. (10-11oz)
  • The weight of a hank of hair is often shorted (6oz), while the price remains the same.
  • There has been a fee silently added in to the checkout process. I personally to not remember if it is for people who pay via Paypal, or Credit card.
  • For some time, when you ordered product, it was being replaced with another product of similar color, with no questions asked to the buyer to find out if that was OK with them. Often, the hair type was not even the same.
  • The icing on the cake is that Dollyhair has been IGNORING customer emails. She blames an assistant who no longer works there for every problem and offers no solution.

Edited to add links to relevant discussions: Topic 1 Topic 2

Be aware that MANY people are currently filing paypal disputes to get their money back. If you have ordered from recently, or plan to order in the future, please keep an eye on your 45 day time limit with Paypal to file a dispute to get your money back.

There is an alternative to buying from Dollyhair! RetroDolls has started to order the same MLP Nylon hair that Dollyhair has, and they are slowly working on expanding the selection. They have AMAZING customer service and great prices! Every purchase you make with RetroDolls only helps the inventory to expand :) So, even if they only have one color you need, consider ordering it there.

In the past, Dollyhair has attacked competition with complaints about the product they offer and the quality of their customer service. They probably think Rerodolls will fade away and not be a challenge, but RetroDolls is shaping up to be a huge contender! DollyHair will not be THE place to buy hair forever. By the end of this year, Shannon over at RetroDolls hopes to have every MLP color that DollyHair currently has.

Please pass this public service announcement around if you know folks who might benefit from reading it.

IRS Scam Alert

HEADS UP: Just spent 15 minutes giving an IRS impersonator the runaround–he claimed to be representing New York “Attorney” “Dan Brown.” While it was an amusing diversion for me, there was something ballsy he did to try and persuade me that he was a legitimate representative: he tried to walk me through the IRS web page to “prove” he’s a legitimate representative listed under the local office section.

REMEMBER: pretty much ANYONE can pull up the official IRS website and look it over. Therefore, anyone can call someone, then point to that list and claim they’re one of the offices listed (especially since these offices do not have published names associated with them).

These calls are made by people who are methodically aggressive and confrontational to sound “serious”–they may even resort to verbal abuse to intimidate you. It’s very easy to be scared when they start railing about taking you to court or having you arrested. It’s easy to go into panic-mode. And when you’re panicking, having true facts waved in your face can be a very persuasive tool, even when those facts don’t actually prove anything. It’s manipulation.

Per the IRS’ official site, the REAL IRS will not:

  • “Initiate contact with you by phone, email, text or social media to ask for your personal or financial information.
  • “Call you and demand immediate payment. The IRS will not call about taxes you owe without first mailing you a bill.
  • “Require that you pay your taxes a certain way. For example, telling you to pay with a prepaid debit card.”
  • Ask for your credit or debit card numbers over the phone.
  • Threaten to bring in police or other agencies to arrest you for not paying.

If someone claiming to be from the IRS calls you, and you do not feel capable of dealing with them, just HANG UP.

If you have some time to kill, claim they actually need to speak to your head of household and conference in the Jolly Roger telephone bot (mute your phone so you can eavesdrop on the fun). This is a surprisingly realistic sounding bot with sophisticated algorithms designed by a phone technician to waste telemarkters’ time by drawing calls on for as long as possible. Because the telemarketing call centers run on a time-is-money method, this is far more unhelpful to them than you just hanging up, and is more likely to push them to avoid calling you in the future than if you just hang up on them. AND since it’s just a bot talking to them, there’s no risk of you giving out your personal information.

Here are some articles about the bot: X X X

For instructions on how to use Jolly Roger bot, click here.

For a complete list of voices the bot can use, click here.

In regards to scam warning

Back on August 4th 2015, I posted THIS noting that I am selling designs to refund the very user who is spouting off about me being a scammer. I noted that I am attempting to gather funds to issue them a refund. (It took the user about a year to pay me in the first place, which is what was agreed.)

Within moments (Literal seconds) of me posting that very post, the user in question (silmaneero/Isra) messaged me this:

The user cared more about the artwork than my current mental health. Recently, more than a few unwelcome things have happened in my home and my family is barely coping with it all. I put the post needing to sell designs to issue Isra a refund over a month ago, which explained why I could not work on art for her at the time. I had attempted to, but due to the disagreement we’d had (About a forum RP that she had quit which left everyone feeling upset) I found that I could not give her the quality of work that she deserved, and decided I needed to find a way to refund her. I’m not sure why she felt the need to ‘remind’ me that the total is only 410 when that was already in my post, but clearly we see that she was aware of the fact that I was attempting to gather a refund PRIOR to her threat to report me to paypal.

It is not as an excuse that I mention this but as a fact: I am autistic, I do not handle conflicts well, and I also have severe anxiety which in the past year or two has gotten so bad as to cause a mini heart attack. Stress right now can literally kill me, and talking to this person has only proved to send me into shaking fits in the last couple months. I’ve had to work with another friend and also my bf on writing out the full reply letter which is over seven pages typed at this point.

The user was also told that I needed time to work things out and that other things are going on at the same time right now that are also stressful (Among that list being, our car has broken down, our truck almost caught on fire, my grandpa has had a few strokes, one of our cats died, the rent went up, the constant abuse from moms quasi bf, and the fact that through all the stress, my clinical depression has gone so south that I’ve had a mental breakdown and I am trying very hard to cope with all the things on top of one another. The two people helping me have also been busy and having stresses of their own and have gone days between being online for me to get help from.

I don’t handle conflicts well at all, and tend to avoid addressing them until I am 100% confident in my reply- I don’t want to write it in anger, or have what I say be wrong, so I go over it over and over to make sure I haven’t said something stupid. I would never use my autism as an excuse, which I know some people do, I’m just trying to explain how it is my brain reacts to conflict and issues like it does. I depend on my friends to help me through some tough times, while at the same time, procrastinating things that I should not procrastinate.

Everyone knows that I take a long time to do commissions in general, I even have a notice about that up. But I am neither a scammer nor has it ever been my intent to not pay the user back. The refund post was made and reblogged simultaneously to my other two accounts. I know the user saw it because she commented on it right away that night, and now acts like I never intended to resolve anything. I have a massive lot going on and am struggling to cope with things going on in irl let alone online things happening online. the amount of things going on all at once is unbelievable (Including the fact that my mom may have finally snapped and realized that the not very nice guy living here is effecting our mental health negatively, after 13-14 years of this nonsense)

So, no, I’m not a scammer, and yes, the original poster was made aware that I am attempting to refund her since I am not confident that I could do good enough art for her at this stage because of ill feelings toward one another. I could try to do the art anyway if I am not able to get the funds to refund, but as it stands, I don’t want to give the user shoddy work. Wanting to get physically sick when working on an art piece does not make for a good outcome. The most fair thing I could do was try to gather a refund, which I am still trying to do, and will still do, even if I have to make payments. Every single one of the people I talk to knows the same thing about this situation, and all of them were online when I originally posted my refund post a month ago and can state that it was up prior to the threat of being reported.

The user cannot claim that I have ever intended to /not/ pay them back. I have been actively working on resolving the conflict, whether I talk or not. As people who follow me may have noticed, I went scarce everywhere online for a long time, because I am so massively stressed I cannot see straight. At one point I didn’t even leave my bed for the duration of roughly a month, outside of getting food or using the bathroom. Despite the massive depression though, I am still and currently even, attempting to gather funds to refund the user.

And if for some reason I do find myself unable to do so, because as mentioned in my original post and in this one, working on art pieces for the user has become too difficult, I will still try to finish them, but not before I put my everything into getting the user the refund.


 THIS IS A WARNING FOR EVERYONE WHO SELLS THEIR OWN ART OR GOODS! Although the scam took place through Etsy anyone can be a target!!!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Thanks to someone on DeviantArt who pointing out their account details once again. It looks like i’ve been scammed by the same person (known as (ToxicMutagen or Pixlett on DeviantArt) as mentioned in the journals below . The name and similarities just add up too much to be coincidental! 

Two more people who have posted a journal about this scammer:

electricserge ’s journal

witchpaw’s journal

I recently had someone purchasing two hand-made plushies from my Etsy shop and not a week later after shipping them, they opened a chargeback for one of the two plushies through PayPal with the reason that the transaction was ‘unauthorized’. No matter how hard  tried this buyer didn’t respond to any of my emails or messages. because I didn’t have the right documents to proof myself, accoording to payPal, I lost the case. I tried to contact the buyer again afterwards with a last warning that I would share their name if they didn’t respond, which they completely ignored. 

You can read the full story here: Read here

 Please be VERY ALERT when someone on Etsy by the name of Aednat O'Rinn aka Jake Hrach (their PayPal name) purchases something from you! DO NOT IN ANY SHAPE WAY OR FORM ACCEPT MONEY FROM THIS SCAMMER! CANCEL THE TRANSACTION because they are just looking for a free buy! They will NOT respond and ignore any attempts at conversation no matter how much you try!

If anyone is familiar with this person or has been a victim of his scams PLEASE LET ME KNOW and I will mention you. You are more than welcome to share additional information about this person. Any information is valuable. Scammers shouldn’t get away and continue their shameful acts! 

SPREAD THE WORD! I’d hate to see anyone go through a similar situation! 

A screenshot of the chargeback for the 'unautorized transaction (please excuse me if the translation is poor or laughable, my PayPal account is originally viewed in Dutch.)

Here are some of my attempts at trying to contact the buyer:

Less-Than-Truthful Etsy Corset Shop Alert

So this kind of thing isn’t *technically* illegal, but it still makes my blood boil. I was browsing corsets on Etsy when I clicked through to this shop because I saw one I liked in their listings:

Once I was in the shop, I saw some corsets that I thought looked vaguely familiar. Even though I haven’t bought from them in years, I still subscribe to the VintageGoth emails because I find their designs and fabric interesting. VintageGoth, for the uninitiated, is an offshoot of the Punk69/CorsetStory/CorsetDeal/etc. empire with sort of vintage-flavored designs. AKA they are probably pretty sturdy corsets in terms of construction but not very curvy and likely boned with industrial scrap metal instead of real boning. On a hunch, I went to the VintageGoth website, and sure enough, the corsets were the same, just being sold with a markup. Here’s just one example. Here’s the corset on the Etsy store


And here it is on the original website:

As you can see, the only real difference is the price-it’s $75 from VintageGoth and over a hundred dollars from the Etsy shop. Now, I don’t know if the seller is actually breaking Etsy’s TOS, especially since they’ve in the past been pretty damn lax on resellers and played fast and loose with the definition of “handmade.” But I firmly think it is ethically wrong, if not illegal, to resell factory mass produced corsets at a markup as custom made to order items. If someone didn’t know better they might think they were getting a great deal, as the seller states that the item is “handmade” and “made to order”, making it sound like it will be a custom corset made just for the client-when in reality they’re getting a mass produced off the rack item. And there’s nothing particularly wrong with mass produced corsets-but there is a LOT wrong with selling them in such a way that it sounds like they’re custom-made.

I mean, I guess technically someone’s hands were on that corset at some point (likely an underpaid sweatshop worker) and that when the owner of that shop orders the corset from Vintage Goth it’s being “made to order” but. That’s bullshit. I charge very low rates for my time as a corsetier because I’m beginning and I still realistically can’t make a corset (an actual handmade custom corset) for less than about $150. People see things like this, and then they come to people like me and say “BUT I SAW A HANDMADE CUSTOM CORSET FOR $100 ON ETSY, YOU’RE OBVIOUSLY JUST OVERPRICED.” It depresses the market and who knows, someone who gets an uncomfortable and badly fitting garment from a site like this might decide all corsets aren’t worth buying. Please, don’t patronize this shop or others like it-if you want a cheap corset save yourself the $25 and buy straight from Vintage Goth (but please be aware in doing so you’re not gonna get a fabulous garment), and if you want a good one, patronize a real corsetier. Please spread this so we can keep money in the corset community going to real small businesses and hard-working people and companies like Castle Corsetry, Badbutton Corsets, Elektra Designs, and Orchard Corset, instead of unethical resellers looking to fleece unsuspecting buyers.

thecorsetauthority, corsetfakery, this may be of interest to you and your readers.