yo kids incase any of you get a message like this, IGNORE IT DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION

got this a while back and i thought it looked shady af so i gave them a fake email adress which is now locked (they changed the password to some random combination of numbers).
i don’t wanna imagine what they’d do with an email-account that’s used for e.g. onlinebanking.

the blog behind this looks very active and they seemed very authentic so kiddos be careful and don’t trust strangers on the internet who want your personal information, no matter how normal they might seem!!

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Subject Mark Baumgardt has been messaging privately over Facebook through his personal account, trying to convince users that he has sensitive information about them that they need to know urgently (i.e. school records, work location, partner’s contact info). He will provide enough proof to convince you he has access to your private information, and then he will offer the information only in exchange of intercourse and/or sexual favors, through harassment, and/or potential blackmail. He has multiple social media accounts under the same name that he uses for his advantage. He is also likely to be on Tumblr or Instagram under different usernames to access private information.  

Other names used in social media: 
- Mark Allan/Anthony Baumgardt
- Mark D. Baumgardt
- Marc Baumgard

Areas subject has frequently visited or has lived in: 

- FLORIDA: Oakland Park, Plantation, Fort Lauderdale
- OHIO: Bay Village, Westlake, North Royalton, Strongville, Cleveland
- WEST VIRGINIA: Charleston, Williamstown, Morgantown

Start date of noticed suspicious activity: March 2016 - Present.

If you know people in the indicated areas, please let them know the subject is a potential identity thief.

*The information posted on this post is publicly accessible online, no private information on the subject has been forcibly obtained*
Amazon scam alert

As of: 19 Feb 2017

Ok, I don’t know if anybody else has been getting these, but I’ve gotten a couple of really fishy emails from ‘Amazon’ telling me that they’re confirming a purchase I’ve made. Despite, y’know, not making any.

These emails LOOK very legit. here’s a screenshot of one.

Even the address for the order is legit. I just googled them and McCloskeys Solicitors is indeed an actual firm, and that is their actual address.

The important give away is that while they give their NAME as, their actual sending address is

Delete that rubbish, don’t click a single link in there, let your vulnerable relatives know.

Attention, fellow artists, a dangerous and highly unpleasant client detected.

I can’t actually name this person, because I don’t want any harassment to be aimed at them (and if you know who they are, please don’t sent them anon hate or whatever, I just want to warn my fellow artists, this is not a crusade), but their initials are J.S., and they usually commission cheap art with the same character - a woman (or half-ghoul) with pale skin and light-blue hair, named Nicole, in relationship with Fallout 3-4 characters Charon and Hancock. My issue with this client is that, after I sent them a finished sketch, they opened a claim against me on PayPal, and demanded a refund. And this happened before the client even talked to me. The client at first justified their actions by claiming that 2 of 3 characters looked different than in my other pictures. I offered to fix whatever the client got upset about, but the client refused to specify what bothered them, then disappeared for a couple of days, and blocked me on social media (while continuing to proudly display this “problematic” sketch as an illustration to their fanfic). Which forced me to go into PayPal resolution center and explain the whole situation to the 3rd party (until then I was hoping that the client opened the claim by mistake, and will close it, after we resolve the issue, but nope, I was wrong). Luckily for me, the client’s claim was obviously unreasonable, and the case was decided in my favour.

So this is why I’d like to warn other artists in Fallout fandom, and also in Overwatch fandom, because that person has been active there as well lately.

1. Claims like those can potentially ruin your business, especially if you draw NSFW art (I don’t), because there is information about PayPal suspending the accounts that sell adult content. I don’t know if this issue exists with art, or only with photo and video materials, but just to be safe - I would not advise drawing anything NSFW for this client, if you decide to work with them.

2. Always ask money upfront, send the invoice, where you MUST describe the artwork you will create, and your terms and conditions, especially in which cases you will give the money back, for example:

3. If the client opens a dispute, don’t communicate via emails or social media - only communicate via PayPal resolution center, because your communications will be examined by the resolution center specialists if the case will be escalated to claim. In my case, the client skipped that part, and escalated the case to the claim within a couple of minutes, which, in my opinion, was very unprofessional and disrespectful.

4. If the dispute escalates to the claim, collect your thoughts. You will have 2000 characters to describe your situation. You can attach files in addition to that, for example, your emails. So please, keep the emails from your clients for at least 180 days. Be polite, don’t call anyone names, don’t make assumptions. Just state that you have done what you were paid for and deserve to be paid for it.

These measures should keep you safe enough, and protect you from both scammers and the people who feel extremely entitled to own all the art in the world without paying the artists what they deserve.

Back to the client, who is now on my personal black list, I don’t actually believe they are a real scammer, and their attitude is the result of extreme ignorance, immaturity, and a really big sense of entitlement to your art. So if this person contacts you, you may choose to work with them, but now that you know the risks, you should be extra careful.

A warning to my followers. 

In the past few days I have been running into a scam that I’m very sure could involve a virus or false antispyware selling. This scam reroutes your computer that looks like the official Microsoft website. And then it tells you that you’re computer has detected a super computer virus that has stolen your information. THIS IS A LIE and if you look closely the website has many typos that further show that this is all a scam. Please do not fall for the trap and do not call the number it instructs you to call. Instead use your task manager to shut out of the web browser. From there you should be fine. 

Be on the look out and be safe. 

Beautiful* Halo Scam warning

if anyone has received emails from someone representing an online clothing store called “Beautiful* Halo” don’t reply, just delete/block the email because this company, upon quick research, is a piece of shit. They sell counterfeit goods and poorly made merchandise. They’ve also gone around to tumblr bloggers emailing them regarding sponsorship, my blog being one of them. i was dubious, and visited their website, and it looks like a legit store, but then i found these posts and it confirmed my suspicions. People who have actually signed up with their program have their accounts (BH accounts, not tumblr) terminated before payment or cheated out of money if they do manage to send money. So, if anyone contacts you about this, just delete them. They apparently harass people who decide to make contact with them, even if it’s just to say “no”

Also, i don’t know how they’ve done this, but they’ve permanently made it impossible for you to type “Beautiful* Halo” without the space or asterisk on tumblr posts. you can’t post it unless you alter it some how.

I’m assuming this is a scam (a new version of the “i wrote something funny about you on this blog lol” trying to get your password), but “your account can be terminated” is stressful as hell. I was working on this blog from several devices yesterday (7/22/16). So, that’s creepy.

Can confirm the link goes to a simple page asking for login info, and not exactly a professional-looking one. (I used my least important device to check the link.) It also asks for username in addition to email and password, which, it’s all obvs shady af already but that’s even more so. The blog itself just has a link labeled as “the last step to verify your account” and “re-confirm” (so, more phishing) with poor and inconsistent grammar.

I couldn’t find anything by searching or googling about it. Anyone else gotten one of these?


I just got this message today. I deleted it immediately on etsy but then decided i should share it so this is from etsy’s email to me.

Yeah so this is 100% a scam. Never ever send your dolls or items to anyone claiming this kind of stupid stuff.

Please use common sense and stay safe eveyone!

(Also i looked up this Marina Joyce person and man was that a hell of a read.)

NOTE: I’m posting this so people will be aware of how shady this fansite is. I would not, under any circumstances, work and/or buy from them! You can see my full post on my twitter: [click] 

Please reblog this and retweet so everyone will know!

Let me explain what’s going on between me and EXOLUSA. 

Weeks before EXO’luxion in LA, I bought 4 cheer banners from EXOLUSA. I was very iffy buying from them because of all the things that happened in the past. (Bullying, rude admins, scamming, etc.) But they said they got a new head admin so I gave in. 

They said they got a booth to hand things out at and showed us a map of where they were going to be at. No one knew where they where because the booth was in marina. Like they weren’t even close to the venue at all. So I couldn’t pick up my things. 

Then I got an email a few days later telling me to email someone so they can get my info and send me my items. I do that and they said they got me down. Weeks go by and I don’t hear anything from anyone. So I contacted my co-leader. (I thought it was the girl that sent me the email) come to find out, I was given the wrong info and the girl who emailed me was only doing the Texas concert. 

I confronted EXOLUSA in a post and they flatly told me it was my fault that I didn’t read what they said correctly. First off, I can read properly. I’m not dumb. Secondly, what kind of “business” belittles their customers? 

After weeks go by, we finally sorted things out and they sent my package. I just got it in the mail yesterday (March 14th) and opened it. For one, the package had the girl’s hair in the tape. No offense but, that’s super gross. Secondly, IT ONLY HAD 3 BANNERS. I PAID FOR 4. 

So I message the main admin, since she sent it off to me, and she told me it wasn’t her fault and that I should talk to my co-leader. She won’t even refund me my $5 back or even send me my missing banner. 

The pictures are the conversation between me and the head admin.

She also is pushing the blame on her co-leaders and saying that she never received a message with my info stated but, that was a lie because her co-leader sent me this. 

It clearly has all my info and was sent out before the due date. 

The admin is also saying that she refunded me the money which is a lie. The co-leader, who is just a volunteer, refunded me OUT OF HER OWN POCKET, my $5. She should not have to do that! It isn’t her responsibility. 

And apparently, EXOLUSA only did the Dallas show. So who did the LA ones? Complete strangers? It just doesn’t make sense. 

I’m talking to more people and they have also faced some of these issues. There is a lot of scams going on with this group.. I just want everyone to be aware. (Especially since so many people think they are a legit group)


In case any of my followers gets an email like this- it has been confirmed by the devs that it didn’t come from them. While it’s got some telltale signs of being a fake (like the odd formatting), I figured it was better safe than sorry in terms of passing the info along.


Hey followers THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!!!

I keep getting emails in my gmail that have NAMES OF MY CONTACTS but with the wrong email addresses. 


I have had three emails with names in my contact list, one with kousagi7hikari’s name but not her email, one from my MOM’S name but with a false email, and one from someone I took a commission from.

One of my friends actually texted me saying they got one from me with the wrong address and asked if I sent it. Somehow they are taking google’s address list and using the NAMES to try and scam/sending possibly harmful links??


Fanfiction Scam Alert!

Hey, I just got a scam message on from a ‘David’ asking to purchase one of my stories. If you get a message like that, do not reply! Report it to support with [abuse] as part of the subject line.