Heads Up

Because people are garbage, the site is scamming Misha’s campaign. Again. You might recall they did the same thing last year too with J2M’s “Love” campaign. They copy the item being sold and sell it themselves, and keep all the profit–so the charities don’t get anything. You might see their ads on your Facebook–I see them all the time.

If you or a friend is going to buy from the “I Wish” campaign, please, please, please, make sure you’re buying from the Stands website. Teechip is very good at making their site look legit, but remember–it’s all a scam.

Here’s the tweet Stands sent out:

yo kids incase any of you get a message like this, IGNORE IT DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION

got this a while back and i thought it looked shady af so i gave them a fake email adress which is now locked (they changed the password to some random combination of numbers).
i don’t wanna imagine what they’d do with an email-account that’s used for e.g. onlinebanking.

the blog behind this looks very active and they seemed very authentic so kiddos be careful and don’t trust strangers on the internet who want your personal information, no matter how normal they might seem!!

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Subject Mark Baumgardt has been messaging privately over Facebook through his personal account, trying to convince users that he has sensitive information about them that they need to know urgently (i.e. school records, work location, partner’s contact info). He will provide enough proof to convince you he has access to your private information, and then he will offer the information only in exchange of intercourse and/or sexual favors, through harassment, and/or potential blackmail. He has multiple social media accounts under the same name that he uses for his advantage. He is also likely to be on Tumblr or Instagram under different usernames to access private information.  

Other names used in social media: 
- Mark Allan/Anthony Baumgardt
- Mark D. Baumgardt
- Marc Baumgard

Areas subject has frequently visited or has lived in: 

- FLORIDA: Oakland Park, Plantation, Fort Lauderdale
- OHIO: Bay Village, Westlake, North Royalton, Strongville, Cleveland
- WEST VIRGINIA: Charleston, Williamstown, Morgantown

Start date of noticed suspicious activity: March 2016 - Present.

If you know people in the indicated areas, please let them know the subject is a potential identity thief.

*The information posted on this post is publicly accessible online, no private information on the subject has been forcibly obtained*

My parents have been receiving calls from those Microsoft Technical Support scammers lately. Finally I was home from work when they tried calling. The guy went through the usual spiel about how they have been receiving lots of notifications on their end that my computer has viruses. He had me open Event Viewer, which all Microsoft computers have, and tried to claim all of the messages that appear are viruses.
I knew a minute or two later he was going to try to get me to go to x website which would have allowed him to take control of my computer. I told him I knew what he was doing. He literally asked me “How do you know Sir?” So I told him I have a degree in Computer Systems. He apparently didn’t want to believe me the first time I told him. I said it once again, he had a fit and hung up. I managed to keep them on the phone for about 6 and a half minutes. :D
On a serious note, if you do get a call from them, please make sure to waste their time as much as possible. Unfortunately they sometimes end up calling the elderly who often don’t know better.


For those of you in the Kyle, Uhland, San Marcos or Buda area of Texas, BE CAREFUL. This car literally drove up to my house less than 10 minutes ago. There was a girl who came up to the door and asked us to buy her shoes. I didn’t see her face very well but she was young, in a black tank top and rather thin. Their car didn’t have a front license plate and the one on the back was paper. THIS IS A POSSIBLE SCAM. i barely managed to snap this pic as the car drove off. PLEASE SPREAD THIS. BE SAFE AND WATCH OUT FOR THIS CAR.

I’m not 100% sure it was a scam but we have been scammed by a woman in the surrounding area before. Please don’t be fooled.

Boosting this! You can check on RDJ’s Instagram account as well! Boost boost!

Friendly note to the Tumblr world out there. I think there is a new scam of some sort going around with tumblrs direct chat/message system. Had a random person send me a message that just said “hello”. Never seen the person before. Never seen the name before. And seemed innocent enough but my paranoid mind kicked in. The profile picture was just of a random girl. I took a look at their page. All they had ever posted were pics of said girl from profile in various positions. None of which were mature in any regard. But also none of them had captions or # notes attached. And then i checked who they followed. To which it said. None. No profile title either. All of this together rings very odd for them to randomly message me some rando who they never followed or reposted anything of. Of who is also not of all of any note. I went ahead and just blocked the account. If anyone has heard of any new kinda scam starting like this, spread the word (and maybe let me know so i don’t feel like a jerk who just blocked someone looking for a friend)

Amazon scam alert

As of: 19 Feb 2017

Ok, I don’t know if anybody else has been getting these, but I’ve gotten a couple of really fishy emails from ‘Amazon’ telling me that they’re confirming a purchase I’ve made. Despite, y’know, not making any.

These emails LOOK very legit. here’s a screenshot of one.

Even the address for the order is legit. I just googled them and McCloskeys Solicitors is indeed an actual firm, and that is their actual address.

The important give away is that while they give their NAME as, their actual sending address is

Delete that rubbish, don’t click a single link in there, let your vulnerable relatives know.

Beautiful* Halo Scam warning

if anyone has received emails from someone representing an online clothing store called “Beautiful* Halo” don’t reply, just delete/block the email because this company, upon quick research, is a piece of shit. They sell counterfeit goods and poorly made merchandise. They’ve also gone around to tumblr bloggers emailing them regarding sponsorship, my blog being one of them. i was dubious, and visited their website, and it looks like a legit store, but then i found these posts and it confirmed my suspicions. People who have actually signed up with their program have their accounts (BH accounts, not tumblr) terminated before payment or cheated out of money if they do manage to send money. So, if anyone contacts you about this, just delete them. They apparently harass people who decide to make contact with them, even if it’s just to say “no”

Also, i don’t know how they’ve done this, but they’ve permanently made it impossible for you to type “Beautiful* Halo” without the space or asterisk on tumblr posts. you can’t post it unless you alter it some how.

Paypal Scam

Got sent another scam. This time through email claiming to be paypal asking to resolve a case that for one looked unfamiliar to me and when I clicked on the link and logged in it asked to verify my card information when it shouldn’t have to. Got out of that and logged into the actual paypal site to check it out and I currently have no cases that need resolving. Added some screenshots to show what this looked like. I suggest if you see anything like this and you don’t recognize it, it’s probably a scam. Don’t click any of the links and if you do, you better change your password and any matching passwords. 

disliking lainey: it’s very simple

I know some people in the anti-o community believe that Lainey could probably be a decent youtuber if it wasn’t for the onion cheese dick, but I don’t agree. I ain’t going to go in on their gender identity and their whole sexuality gimmick and all those “quirky” and “unique” things that are somehow supposed to prove something (i really don’t give a fuck lmao). 

Now, let me give you my most honest and harsh opinion.

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A warning to my followers. 

In the past few days I have been running into a scam that I’m very sure could involve a virus or false antispyware selling. This scam reroutes your computer that looks like the official Microsoft website. And then it tells you that you’re computer has detected a super computer virus that has stolen your information. THIS IS A LIE and if you look closely the website has many typos that further show that this is all a scam. Please do not fall for the trap and do not call the number it instructs you to call. Instead use your task manager to shut out of the web browser. From there you should be fine. 

Be on the look out and be safe. 

I’m assuming this is a scam (a new version of the “i wrote something funny about you on this blog lol” trying to get your password), but “your account can be terminated” is stressful as hell. I was working on this blog from several devices yesterday (7/22/16). So, that’s creepy.

Can confirm the link goes to a simple page asking for login info, and not exactly a professional-looking one. (I used my least important device to check the link.) It also asks for username in addition to email and password, which, it’s all obvs shady af already but that’s even more so. The blog itself just has a link labeled as “the last step to verify your account” and “re-confirm” (so, more phishing) with poor and inconsistent grammar.

I couldn’t find anything by searching or googling about it. Anyone else gotten one of these?


I just got this message today. I deleted it immediately on etsy but then decided i should share it so this is from etsy’s email to me.

Yeah so this is 100% a scam. Never ever send your dolls or items to anyone claiming this kind of stupid stuff.

Please use common sense and stay safe eveyone!

(Also i looked up this Marina Joyce person and man was that a hell of a read.)