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68(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/74a543d709b8c3cb7e0e5ef82b34a9f7/tumblr_om02m9ubvF1s4u80lo1_1280(.)jpg aliexpress review 68(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/935b52b0b261dd599a725beefb6d6f30/tumblr_om02m9ubvF1s4u80lo2_1280(.)jpg inuinu review 68(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/f5a31b9adfcb2a531df709389840d8d5/tumblr_om02m9ubvF1s4u80lo3_1280(.)jpg taobao review they use for fake reviews. I linked them as images bc the wholesale links r v long. Idk where i can send u the actual links, just remove parentheses to see links

them being images are fine. here are the images, for people to see easily:

image above is a screenshot of the aliexpress listing inu inu has taken this review from. review is from an anonymous russian user with the initials K.P., and the review reads: “Order came quickly-within 15 days. the bag is good quality-very tight, drawing a bright, without defects. I found only 1 sticking thread-everything else is perfect. size: 38cm width and 38 length. I recommend the seller.”

here is that review, reposted with the same image on inu inu’s website–you can see that they have changed the review significantly from the translated russian, and taken out details that are negative (like the thread comment) as well. revised review is from Abbey M., and reads “Order came quickly–within 15 days. The bag thing is that a good was very tight, drawing was nice, bright and without defects. Everything else is perfect.” 

interesting side note is that it is highly unlikely you would ever get this item from inu inu within 15 days–as they are drop shipping all of their stuff from China. the russian person on the original aliexpress review likely got their product so quickly because of their proximity to china. just thought i might point that out as well, since it is a piece of information that makes the review very actively misleading. on the above aliexpress image, you can also see that there are other copied reviews, all of which are also on the inu inu site, with altered details. 

this image shows the review images stolen from taobao, as well as reveals the fact that the information in the reviews on inu inu’s site are 100% fabricated–names, ratings, information. 

so, like i said before, extremely sinister, very scammy, and just holy shit–all around bad. 

anon, thank you for taking the time to compile this for me, inu inu’s site is pretty weird for me to navigate (and maybe this is just me) so i couldn’t even get the reviews on the fuji backpack to show up to begin with. i’ll add all this info to my original post and revise things a bit and re-release it here as soon as i get a chance, but i wanted to post all this info for folks as soon as possible and go ahead and get your new information out there–people definitely deserve to know these things, and this is another really damning piece of evidence against inu inu–you would think after all the other things that have surfaced about them they would stop this shit and try to just run a business properly, but apparently not. 

HEY so I’ve done some research on the Wish app and have some good news! Okay, so, a lot of people don’t want to use Wish because it looks too good to be true and they’re afraid they’re going to get scammed, HOWEVER. I have ordered about 20 (small, cheap (just in case)) things off of the site and so far everything has come early or on time! Another complaint I used to see is that Wish didn’t have any sort of consumer protection if the customer got scammed by a shop, which appears to no longer be the case, as they openly advertise they have consumer protection now. I haven’t had to deal with their customer service yet though, as everything has come. ALSO! They’re doing a sale right now where certain (mostly small things, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.) are free, and you just have to pay shipping (usually $2 - $4). There are also certain stores that are verified by Wish, and so there’s that extra layer of reassurance, and some stores offer speedy delivery. Most products I’ve gotten come from China, so shipping times can take 3-4 weeks, which in my opinion is the greatest downfall. Also, their products (predictably) are usually kinda cheaply made, which I would expect for an app that sells things at such a low price, which is why I haven’t ordered any clothes from them yet (but a lot of stores sell clothes up to 6X!!). So far I’ve gotten patches for my jacket (all good quality), a fidget cube (average quality, still durable) camera lenses for my iPhone (good quality), a phone case (average quality), a wall mount necklace rack (average quality, sometimes has troubles sticking to the wall) and an enamel pin (good quality).

In all, this is an app I would recommend.


How to Tell if a Discount Site is a Scam

Every once in a while, we’ll get an email from a reader asking if we think a certain discount site is a scam. The internet has made it incredibly easy to search for deals – just Google the item you’re interested in, and by the time you’ve hit the tenth search results page, you’ve scoured half the world for the best prices. 

It’s also never been easier for scam artists to rip off people using the same tools. 

The scam is pretty simple: set up a website for much-sought-after fashion items, pretend you’re a clearance house with blowout prices, and wait for someone to submit an order. Once someone does, the people behind the site have the buyer’s credit card information, which they can either use or sell to other people. Since these scammers are often located in countries with weak governments, it’s hard to prosecute them. 

So, how can you tell if a discount site is a scam?

  • Look for Obvious Clues: You’ll probably know it in your gut. The layout looks janky; the writing is riddled with errors. Since these sites can be taken down at any minute by authorities, scammers don’t have the same incentives as real businesses to polish their presentation. That said, I’ve seen some nice looking scam sites … so you need something more than your gut. 
  • Suspicious Prices and Sizes: As the saying goes, “if it’s too good to be true.” Nobody is selling $1,000 designer jackets for $100 (sorry). Likewise, most fashion brands have pretty standard sizes (e.g. XS through XL, or the equivalents of 36 to 44). If you see unusual sizes such as XXS and XXL, particularly for high-end items, you’re probably looking at a scam site. 
  • Unrealistic Inventory: Since stores don’t want to get stuck with unsold inventory, they typically won’t carry more than a handful of items for any given model. So, you may see a store stock one or two Margiela leather jackets in size 38; five or six Barbour Bedales in size 40. If some site lets you checkout 1,000 pairs of Common Projects Achilles in size 9, it’s likely because they don’t have any real inventory on hand – they’re just trying to get your credit card info. 
  • Missing Photos and Product Descriptions: Similarly, since these sites don’t have real inventory, they’ll often have missing product descriptions (because they can’t actually describe the item). Or the information and accompanying photos are stolen from some other site. Do a reverse image search through Google to see if you can pull up the photo elsewhere. Many scam sites will take their info from Mr. Porter since they have the biggest inventory for designer goods (and thus the highest likelihood of luring someone in via Google). 
  • No Real Contact Information: Here’s the biggest and surest giveaway. Scam sites will never give you their real contact info for obvious reasons. On their contact page, they’ll usually just have some meaningless message field you can submit. Look for real and dependable ways to contact an actual person, such as a customer support line. If they’re selling heavily discounted designer goods, but won’t talk to anyone over the phone, you should be suspicious. 

For what it’s worth, the three biggest categories I’ve seen for these things include Ralph Lauren goods, Barbour jackets, and essentially mirror sites for Mr. Porter. If you’ve been shopping online for a while, you can usually spot these because the product photos will all look familiar – stolen from other sites you’ve visited before. But you can also spot them using the tips above. 

(pictured above: two scam sites we recently came across via readers)

I’m thinking about make a guide about how to buy from Taobao. There’s a lot of people paying even 150% of the original price in stores that simply all they do is order by intermediary, as the end customer could do and safe more than 50% of what they’re paying to the reseller. 

Personally, I think is not just take advantage of the ignorance or mistrust of consumer. (・へ・)


For example, the shirt on the image. The original Taobao link is a shirt that costs 45.00 RMB = 7.34USD. (american dollars). 

On the shop of the reseller (I don’t say who is it), the shirt costs 18.65$ (more than 50%) and with the shipping (18$, VERY EXPENSIVE, as you can see later…), the shirt that costs 7.34 now costs 36.65$!! Awesome huh?

Taobao only sells to China, but there’s a lot of intermediaries that will buy the item for you. In this case, I’ve shown BuyChina. It’s the most comfortable, but more expensive than others like Yoybuy. Even buying the item by Buy China, the shirt would cost (with shipping fees!!) 18.92$. 


The Taobao resellers who inhabit on Storenvy, simply buy the item by BuyChina or another cheaper intermediary and give them the address of their customers, so it means that they’re gaining most of the 50% of the real price because of the ignorance of the customer. 

That’s because I always link the BuyChina item, because this way you can avoid the resellers, safe money, and if you want to try with a cheaper intermediary, you can go directly to the Taobao link. 


Then, I ask you: Are you really ok with this kind of business? 


Free Spirit Shops

Y'all should be careful on which free adoption shops you buy/adopt from. Not all of them are reputable. Fox has made a list here that has the shops that we both trust. We have spoken with each shop on the list extensively and have a lot of trust in the mods at each of them. Some of the mods at the listed shops have their own personal shops as well that I obviously trust as well

I’m not saying you shouldn’t look at the other shops that are listed, but those are our recommendations. There are a bunch of options and we can ensure you won’t get scammed from them. 


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Hi! I was wondering if you had any tips on how to get money? I have a job but I need another income source. I can't have two part time jobs because school takes up most of my time already. Thanks!

Hey! Not sure what age you are; some of these might not apply if you’re under 18 or not in college yet. Some things that I can think of off the top of my head for side-jobs or ways to get money are:

Side jobs:

  • note-taker for students with disabilities
  • grader for professors in your classes
  • tutor kids in subjects you know well
  • dog walker
  • driver for uber or lyft
  • pet sitter/house sitter– for when your friend’s families are away
  • baby sitter– maybe for your teachers or friends of your parents?

Ways to get some extra cash:

  • sell your clothes at resale stores– not sure your area, but the one’s I’ve heard of are Beacon’s Closet, Crossroad’s Trading, and Buffalo Exchange
  • sell your old stuff on your school’s sale page, through Facebook, or even Craigslist
  • sell old jewelry at gold/silver jewelry stores
  • rent out a room in your apartment, or rent it on AirBnB while you stay with a friend for a few days
  • sign up for research studies at your local university or hospital– usually you must be 18 for this, and there are risks involved especially if you’re doing a drug trial. I’ve only ever done psychology and non-invasive ones involving blood pressure and heart rate.
  • sign up for paid marketing focus groups– make sure they’re not scams.
  • spend less! Budget, shop sales, penny pinch as much as possible.

Good luck and stay safe!!– Mimi

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the character that symbolizes what it’s like to be the modern witch. she’s smart and witty, yet dangerous and cunning. her spells rang from charms for catching the noon bus on time to causing massive heart failures with just a smile. spending her days working in the local psychic shop scamming men and women into giving her money for worthless crystals spelled with luck charms. her nights are usual flashes of spell casting and movie marathon with her favorite black cat.

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Is KpopPlus an official shop or scam? I'm new to purchasing albums and I cant figure out how to work BTS' official shop.

I’m not sure but you can also buy albums in Kpoptown, Kpopmart, KTOWN4U and YesAsia

External image

Hellooooo, Ladies
So a few days ago, my friend linked me to this online store and even though we are both on the brink of “don’t do it, don’t shop online now, man”, we kind of folded and decided we could each spare $10 to see if this site was as good as it seemed. She linked to several Youtube reviews, but I was not 100% convinced because some of the review videos I saw were sponsored - are people necessarily 100% truthful if the got a ton of free stuff through sponsorship? Yes and no. Website reviews of Miss A seemed to be mixed bag. People with large orders seemed to be the main population with complaints e.g. items missing, wrong items received, stuff like that.

That said, I was wary, everything is $1. It seemed too good to be true and I have the worst luck with online shopping. As in, if there’s a way to fuck up my order, it will happen. If there’s a way some seller with 100% feedback can just abruptly decide to turn crooked and scam a buyer, it would be me. That kind of bad luck.

I figured I would gamble the $10 and see what happened since there were some useful items and my credit card company has always been amazing to work with whenever I had a problem so I felt safe-ish. I was excited to see Kleancolor brand cosmetics on the site since I find that they are a fun budget cosmetic band and who doesn’t love inexpensive jewelry every now and then? Despite the negative reviews I saw, it is pretty hard to fuck up a 6-item order, so I decided to look around and add things to the ol’ shopping trolley.

So what happened? Well, shopping on their site was a bit of a disaster because I kept running into errors which would go away when I refreshed the pages. My friend tried 3 different browsers, I tried 2, we both had the same issues with these errors. 5000 page-refreshes later, I had a trolley loaded with my 6 items [accounting for the $3.95 flat rate shipping to keep it just under $10] and was checking out. Checkout seemed to go okay, until I got to actual submission page where I got another error. I had no idea if my order was processed but I didn’t dare refresh lest my order be submitted twice and credit card get charged again. So I logged into my “orders” section of my account and saw that the order was indeed recorded and was being process. All is well, just going to sit tight and see what happens. This was 9/8/14.

My order shipped via USPS first class mail 9/11/14 and the tracking number didn’t seem to want to load anything after I checked it a day later. However, work has been keeping me busy on the verge of frantic so I completely forgot to check back later - no matter.

The package arrived today, 9/13/14 and packages ship out of Dallas [something I couldn’t find anywhere on their site] because inquiring minds and such.

My order arrived in a plain bag mailer.

Inside the plain bag mailer is your invoice and your contents bundled together in bubble wrap. As you can see, whomever packed the order circled off each item which requires more than just tossing items into a bin before packing so, I am guessing they are fairly careful about getting your order correct.

Under the bubble wrap, someone also takes the time to wrap your items in tissue paper and put a Miss A sticker on it. Under that is more foamy packing material! They did a very nice job packing things.

Pile o’ loot:


Kleancolor Baked Eyeshadow

Kleancolor Kajal Eyeliner

Kleancolor Eyebrow Razors [been curious about trying these for a while and I was going to give one to my friend who linked me to the site

Grippy accessory mat for your car dash

Turquoise bead necklace

Key charm necklace

Overall impression: Despite the website being a bit if a pain to use [errors galore], I am impressed and like the items received. I especially like the 5-day turnaround [time from order placement to item receipt] and that they are in the US so you do not wait for weeks or months to receive your goodies. Jewelry is about the quality you’d expect from Claire’s or similar. Worth the $1? Hell yea. The turquoise bead necklace was actually pretty nice. The silver rhinestone key necklace and its chain look a bit cheapish but whatever, easy enough to work into an outfit. The grippy mat works on other flat surfaces, but the weather is gross outside so I have not gone out there to test it on my Rav4’s textured dash, but it should be fine. The makeup? On par with my other favorite budgety brand with cosplay-friendly colors, NYX. All in all, this package brought a little sunshine to this rainy/blustery/wtfy day.

Would I order with them again? Yes
Do I recommend them? Yes, perhaps stick with a smallish order
May I ask you a question that wasn’t answered about your experience ordering? Yes

Once this medicine-man show has got you interested, that’s when they throw out the largest number they think you’ll agree to. If you wanna find out how badly you’re being ripped off, just look over the salesman’s shoulder when you hand over your debit card.

“The way it used to be is that prices were totally made up, but there is a logic behind it,” David explains. “They have minimum prices. … The POS system that we use is designed for that kind of haggling. In the corner, in small gray letters, is how much above the minimum you are.”

5 Ugly Secrets Behind The Kiosks At Your Local Mall

The Secret of the Perfect Toy

Remember folks, if you can’t find a highly sought after item in the store this Christmas, it’s because they deliberately understock them for the holiday season. This is because parents tend to make a promise to their children that Santa will surely bring them the toy they desired most. What kind of guy would Santa (or they) be if the child didn’t get their toy?

Now, the store knows full well not everyone will get their toy. Parents will be forced into breaking their promise. However, you don’t just leave the store empty-handed. You still have to buy SOMETHING that comes somewhere close to the original toy. But still, the child will not be fully pleased.

Which means you’ll go back to the store to buy the original toy you promised them after Christmas is over anyway.

Merry Chri$$$tmas!



She opens new ones and changes names so frequently because all her old ones quickly become known as SCAMS and people gradually stop buying from them.

So her new one is Night Venus. IT IS A SCAM. 

Each shop lasts about 3 months max and every single one of them has taken people’s money and not sent the items paid for.

A list of Felice’s scam stores to date:

  1. Deumos
  2. Evil Trinity
  3. Ghostly Chic
  4. Black Fawn Boutique
  5. Night Venus

On top of this she has had multiple ebay, etsy and bigcartel accounts shut down because she was found to be using them to scam people!


If you have bought something from her and don’t receive it lodge a paypal dispute!!! You only have 40 or so days to do it, if you don’t do it you won’t see your money ever again.

Do some research and see for yourself. Freelice blogs often offer you info on cheaper items exactly the same as the ones Felice sells.

(feel free to re-post instead of reblog and make sure to tag the store names, felice’s names and scam terms kthnx)

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I'm not sure if they're in your scam shops tag or not but I ordered a purple suspender skirt from Caramel Syndrome on storenvy about 4 months ago and I never received it and they never replied to any contact. Paypal said to take it up with them so it looks like I won't be getting my money back. Just a heads up!

I searched #caramel syndrome on Tumblr and this came up, so I have to assume this is the owner:

If you want to contact them directly through Tumblr, search the tag (I don’t feel like throwing the username all over the place).

I do feel like I should say this:

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or if it gets stressful, or if you’re flat-out lazy: When you agree to take someone’s money for a product or service, you follow through. Period. When people don’t get their products on time - or at all - it’s on you.

My advice to this person would be to finish up their orders and be done with it. I notice they’ve already closed their shop, so they clearly just need to respond to the people who have given them money, make sure the items actually get sent, and be done with it. 

And that’s it. It’s really unfortunate that you could be out money just because of “laziness”.

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Hey I just thought I'd let you know (and maybe some of your followers too) that you should avoid buying any items from shops run by/associated with Felice Fawn. If you look up "Felice Fawn scam" or even fraud you'll see why.

I’ll publish this just in case others didn’t know. Thanks for letting us know!

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what do you mean by your post about felice fawn?

She’s a major scammer, and it’s a fact. Let me link you to a couple of good posts:

This one also has the proof of other shops she scammed countless amounts of people with and recent scams from her newest shop:

Besides that you can get all of the things she is selling for ten times cheaper, which there are links up as well for.

Besides that she is just a major lie in herself. Her anon hate is fake (here), she shops a lot of her body (there is evidence for this everywhere), photoshops fake cuts and self harm wounds (watch here in her own uploaded gif on her own uploaded gallery how her self wounds appear and disappear and her arm changes form and color) and many countless things that have all been proven, as well as her changing her nose and face and jawline in every picture, and comparing her own pictures that she uploads to pictures that her friends upload are totally different. 

Don’t get me wrong - she is beautiful without the photoshop! It’s just the photoshop to make her the thinspo queen of Tumblr that is dangerous - many girls have ended up with anorexia and even in the hospital (I am trying to find the story of that girl) because of her. They wish they look like her, but even Lauren (because that is her real name, Lauren Cook, may I add) wishes she looked like her alias Felice Fawn.

I would look up her photoshop fail evidences because there are quite a lot but I don’t want to waste that much time on it. Here is one:  The only reason I am answering this is because I want people to be aware not to fall into the trap of “she’s so beautiful and skinny I am ugly and I need to be as skinny as her” or to fall prey to her countless and neverending scams.