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I’m thinking about make a guide about how to buy from Taobao. There’s a lot of people paying even 150% of the original price in stores that simply all they do is order by intermediary, as the end customer could do and safe more than 50% of what they’re paying to the reseller. 

Personally, I think is not just take advantage of the ignorance or mistrust of consumer. (・へ・)


For example, the shirt on the image. The original Taobao link is a shirt that costs 45.00 RMB = 7.34USD. (american dollars). 

On the shop of the reseller (I don’t say who is it), the shirt costs 18.65$ (more than 50%) and with the shipping (18$, VERY EXPENSIVE, as you can see later…), the shirt that costs 7.34 now costs 36.65$!! Awesome huh?

Taobao only sells to China, but there’s a lot of intermediaries that will buy the item for you. In this case, I’ve shown BuyChina. It’s the most comfortable, but more expensive than others like Yoybuy. Even buying the item by Buy China, the shirt would cost (with shipping fees!!) 18.92$. 


The Taobao resellers who inhabit on Storenvy, simply buy the item by BuyChina or another cheaper intermediary and give them the address of their customers, so it means that they’re gaining most of the 50% of the real price because of the ignorance of the customer. 

That’s because I always link the BuyChina item, because this way you can avoid the resellers, safe money, and if you want to try with a cheaper intermediary, you can go directly to the Taobao link. 


Then, I ask you: Are you really ok with this kind of business? 


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Some websites out there will post a photo of a nice looking outfit (the images was stolen from a reputable site), only to send you a cheap knock-off and take your money in the process. This is a list of sites / companies to avoid.

AliExprss was also on the list but I did not include it because, like eBay, there are many different sellers and scammers are mixed in with the rest. Be sure to read reviews of the item by other buyers and reviews of the seller. If you have bought from these websites and you haven’t had any issues, you’re lucky. Please, always read reviews of sites and sellers before buying!


Once this medicine-man show has got you interested, that’s when they throw out the largest number they think you’ll agree to. If you wanna find out how badly you’re being ripped off, just look over the salesman’s shoulder when you hand over your debit card.

“The way it used to be is that prices were totally made up, but there is a logic behind it,” David explains. “They have minimum prices. … The POS system that we use is designed for that kind of haggling. In the corner, in small gray letters, is how much above the minimum you are.”

5 Ugly Secrets Behind The Kiosks At Your Local Mall
Doe Deere & Lime Crime: A Sordid History

So, I recently posted a palette of really cute lipsticks from Lime Crime, not aware that they have a really scammy history. I saw no bad reviews of them on Google, but ayujochuu suggested I check out this post by Doe Deere, and I’ve taken down the post. I know it will probably still circulate, but maybe read this.

personal psa

I’m going through a rough time right now physically and financially, so please don’t mind the fashion ads on my blog. I started working with a company I trust for a tiny bit of commission. I only have $18 dollars in my bank account right now and a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. I won’t promote shops super frequently, and I’ll make sure to always check reviews so I don’t promote scam shops. Please don’t worry about me, I have a roof over my head and food, just need to help my family with bills ya know? I love you all! Sorry this is negative, it’s been an insane month!

- Melody ♡

anonymous asked:

Is Nikki lipstick a reliable store because I've read some bad reviews ;-;

To sum up a lot of the older reviews, Nikki Lipstick used to be notoriously bad at shipping out products, and taking forever to hand out refunds. It was also rumored that celebrities and those who were e-famous received their products quickly, but that other buyers may not receive anything at all. 

I read some months ago (I can’t find the post, sorry!) that they were “reconstructed” or something of that nature, and that they were becoming more reliable. Since then, I haven’t heard anything on people having trouble with them, which is why I’ve started occasionally posting their products. For me, anyway, they’ve moved from the black list to the slightly-off-white list.

There was once a time when the #nikki lipstick tag on Tumblr was full of bad reviews and scam warnings, but it’s definitely changed, so I have hope!

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I'm not sure if they're in your scam shops tag or not but I ordered a purple suspender skirt from Caramel Syndrome on storenvy about 4 months ago and I never received it and they never replied to any contact. Paypal said to take it up with them so it looks like I won't be getting my money back. Just a heads up!

I searched #caramel syndrome on Tumblr and this came up, so I have to assume this is the owner:

If you want to contact them directly through Tumblr, search the tag (I don’t feel like throwing the username all over the place).

I do feel like I should say this:

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or if it gets stressful, or if you’re flat-out lazy: When you agree to take someone’s money for a product or service, you follow through. Period. When people don’t get their products on time - or at all - it’s on you.

My advice to this person would be to finish up their orders and be done with it. I notice they’ve already closed their shop, so they clearly just need to respond to the people who have given them money, make sure the items actually get sent, and be done with it. 

And that’s it. It’s really unfortunate that you could be out money just because of “laziness”.

anonymous asked:

Hi, just to let you know that the shop 'Black altar apparel' is a scam. I paid £35 for some clothing over three months ago. I have received nothing. On complaint they told me they didn't do refunds and to please wait as they would send another in the next batch. I never received a dispatch notice either time or any clothing and am now trying to dispute the charge with paypal however at this point I think it's a lost cause

Black Altar Apparel

I have heard it can be hit-or-miss with them, and they should have definitely issued a refund the second time. As I’ve said before, a “no refunds” policy is highly unrealistic for most shops. It is meant as sort of a “safe” policy for the shop owner to prevent customers from falsely asking for a refund, but in the end it tends to do more harm to the shop. It doesn’t say “no refunds” anywhere in their FAQ, and only touches upon exchanges, which is a little off-putting.

However, I’m hesitant to call them a “scam” because many others have received their products from them. It sounds more like a case of bad customer service, and possibly shipping, and I would still attempt the dispute through Paypal, and if that doesn’t work I would definitely go through your bank.

And I would make a post about your experience somewhere to document it for other people. Unfortunately, it’s better to go off-Anon on these sort of things.

I do really like the shop, but if this is true, that’s a little poopy.

anonymous asked:

just wanted to get this out there, i ordered from voodoo child on storenvy a few months back. never got my order, never got a refund even after e-mailing them about it, too late to get help from paypal. they relisted the item i bought and i commented asking them for answers and next day the shop was under maintenance. keep a look out for any stores under that name, thanks!

Voodoo Child

Thank you for sharing this experience! Well, the fact that they are under maintenance now says a lot. Storenvy has one of the highest concentrations of scam shops, and they really need that rating system. 

Always try to avoid buying from newer Storenvy shops unless they have an established Tumblr or Facebook!

Tips for Spotting a Scam Shop - Storenvy Edition

anonymous asked:

I recently ordered from a store called popsikleshop. It's been a while now and I still never recieved my order. I was wondering if you had any ecperience with her shop before or if you know wether or not they're reputable

PopsikleShop Facebook // Etsy

I hope this is the right shop? And, how long has it been since you ordered? The Etsy shop seems to be inactive, but the Facebook was updated only yesterday, so I would try contacting them, there. It’s strange, because they have a large following on Facebook, but out of the 27 sales on their Etsy, they have no customer reviews. 

Honestly, I’m not really sure what’s going on, and I couldn’t find any other reviews on them. Definitely contact them on Facebook, and if you don’t hear back, file a claim on Etsy.