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Your friendly reminder:
  1. If you redistribute artists’ work without (or in opposition to) their consent, you’re a dick.
  2. If you trace others’ works for commercial purposes, you’re a dick. 
  3. If you claim another’s work as your own, you’re a dick.
  4. If you attempt to scam artists into free commissions on the basis of providing them “exposure,” you’re a dick. 
  5. If you claim to love an artist’s work but rant about their “horrible” commission prices, you’re a dick.
  6. If you actively promote or contribute to people who screw over others in ways 1 - 5, you’re a dick.
was never much one for playing the odds

A little birdie might have suggested that it was recently @moonfox22’s birthday and also that she needs hugs and love and good things.

I wrote this instead of working on my Camp project because Priorities™.

Blind date; insufficient underwear; luck of the sannin. Kakasaku. Smut. What is consistent tone.

Sakura tugs at the hem of her dress and scowls.

It’s not the length of the skirt that’s bothering her; Sakura is proud of her legs, thanks.

It’s that Ino broke into her apartment two days ago and stole almost all of her underwear. Apparently, cotton boy shorts with smiling fruit on them “aren’t appropriate for a woman over the age of seventeen, seriously, what the hell Forehead, your pink hair is bad enough.”

Which, okay, rude. There’s nothing inherently juvenile or girlish about pink hair, Ino. Sakura gets her hair colour from her grandfather. It’s gender neutral.

And Sakura is more than willing to fight anyone who disagrees.

She’ll even do it without chakra.

Anyways, Sakura’s underwear.

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Passive aggressive chef gets a master class in passive aggression

TL;DR: Chef is rude after I politely inform his staff about a bad scallop. Chef loses a sweet contract to host my father’s holiday party.

I posted about this incident recently in a completely different sub, and realized I had a great revenge story!

During grad school, I very occasionally treated myself to a nice meal out. I was at the smallest of the Big 10 schools, and the restaurant scene was surprisingly decent. My favorite local spot was tiny, open kitchen, terrific food. On my third visit, I had a beautiful plate of shrimp and scallops. It was perfect, until I got to the last scallop. Bit into it, and sheer force of will was the only thing that kept me from spewing my dinner all over the table. I’d never had bad shellfish before, and I never hope to have it again.

As I’d really enjoyed my meal, and every other meal I’d had there, I wasn’t going to make a fuss. It happens, I get it. But I did want to give the chef a heads up so he could be on the lookout for more bad shellfish. When our server came over, I told her politely that my dinner was terrific, but heads up to the chef that the last scallop was off.

She brought the plate back to the chef, who is standing directly in my line of sight about 20 feet from me. She smells the scallop, rolls her eyes, he does the same. Then the chef proceeds to visit every table in this small restaurant except ours, dropping dessert tasting plates at the tables who were done. Between tables, he takes time to glare in our direction.

The server brings us our check without a word. Doesn’t ask if we want dessert. I pay, and I briefly considered dropping a business card on the table atop the cash as my parting shot. (I worked for the local health department.) On reflection, I realized that could come back to bite me, so I left quietly.

My parents lived about 30 minutes away, and I brought them to the restaurant on a previous visit. Dad was so impressed, he had decided to hold his office holiday party there. His assistant had done all the legwork, and as it turned out, had an appointment the following week to finalize the menu and drop off the deposit. This was in the days when holiday parties were quite the do and the restaurant was going to get a check approaching 5 figures for a night when the restaurant was closed.

Dad took that meeting for his assistant. By his report, he sat down with the chef and the front of the house manager and a server started bringing out a tasting menu. Dad mentioned the conversation he’d had with me after my last meal there, told them he had no intention of spending another cent at a restaurant where his daughter was treated so rudely.

The chef blustered something about food cost, people trying to scam him out of free food, and what was he supposed to think. I’d eaten everything else on the plate, what were the chances that the last thing on my plate was bad.

The chef offered to discount the price of the party significantly, offered free meals, but dad wasn’t having it. “This is a small town. Word gets around. And FYI, my daughter works at the health department.” The restaurant closed up shop within the following year.

damnedcat  asked:

I work in manufacturing now and I KNOW most, if not all, my co-workers have worked food service/retail. Today, 4 of them were chatting about the different tricks they /actively use/ to scam free food at restaurants. I was so damn ready to deck some people in the face and it takes a lot to piss me off that much. What the hell is wrong with people?

1 out of every 100 retail employees turns into THAT customer. -Abby

Onision fans, do NOT sign up through that link. This website is a scam.

It is free only for the first month. In order to register, you must provide your parent’s your credit card number. Think about it: why would it need your credit card number or bank account info if it was free? I have found several reports from fans that have used this before who claim that after the first “free” monthly trial, their accounts were being automatically charged $5 for every month afterwards. One person even said that they had to change their card number in order to get it to stop, because they wouldn’t cancel the automatic deductions:

What Onision isn’t telling you is that he receives monetary kickbacks from them for encouraging people to sign up for his Patreon through this website. How could that be possible if it was free? The website would be paying him money out of their own pockets if they were signing people up at no cost.

Greg is deficient in many areas, but one area that he knows very well is how to make money. The man is incredibly business-savvy - I have absolutely no doubt that he knows exactly what’s happening here. I’m sure that this is just another way for him to make money; he would absolutely never go out of his way to do something nice for his fans unless it benefited him in some way, especially considering the 12+ hour long Twitter tirade he went on yesterday arguing with his own fans about how they shouldn’t expect him to be as grateful or give as much attention to them unless they’re willing to support him financially through Patreon.

So please, Onision fans, do not sign up for this website. It is not free as he claims it is, and you will find yourself, or your parents, on the hook for $5 a month until you change your credit card information.

Meet the new Scambots –  Bait & Switch and Scalper!

Bait & Switch are a two-headed walking disaster. Bait likes to initiate deals (legit, scam-free deals!!), while Switch either backs out or makes them dubious. Bait is reliable and hardworking, while Switch is manipulative and terrible. Not even the other Scambots trust them, which is unfortunate because Bait is a pretty nice guy.

Scalper is a connoisseur of things that are expensive and in-demand, and likes to buy things in bulk and overprice them to sell online. He also hoards things like a dragon and collects beanie babies. Scalper is super wealthy, and uses his wealth to buy more expensive collectables to resell. It’s a vicious cycle.

It is hard to over-estimate the influence of early training in the direction of superstition. You first teach your children that a certain book is true, that it was written by God himself, that to question its truth is a sin, that to deny it is a crime, and that should they die without believing that book they will be forever damned without benefit of clergy. The consequence is, that long before they read that book, they believe it to be true. When they do read it, their minds are wholly unfitted to investigate its claims.
—  Robert Green Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)

anonymous asked:

if I didn't want to have sex with a SD, which do you think would work better, being upfront about that or making him think he'll eventually get sex if he just keeps showering me in gifts and cash?

Honestly it would be much more effective to lead him on and just end the arrangement right before its time to have sex. Most SDs will be disinterested the second you tell them the arrangement will be platonic, so it’ll be much easier to find a SD if he thinks sex will be involved. It’s not a great thing to do, but imagine how many SDs would scam us if we weren’t careful. They try to scam free sex out of us, so why not get some money out of them without having sex. This is also much more realistic than telling you that you’ll be able to find a platonic SD easily, or at all. You won’t be able to have any long term arrangements if you do this, but you’ll be able to make some money. You may also make 2 profiles, one platonic and one not and just see what happens.


Piece of shit asshole that will try and scam you for free nudes, ignore you and then block you. He’s one of the many ‘doms’ on the website so this behavior shouldn’t be shocking.

i know i look like a new bitch but I know what it looks like when ppl try to scam my wishlist for free content so any freebies will be given after I receive stuff in the mail ☺️

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: I hope no one else ever sinks this low - Scam story.

This highly unkempt lady, by that I mean obese hog-sweat trailer trash with her stomach hanging a foot below her waist line, had come in to my store with her two kids demanding that we make her a free pizza because six hours ago she ordered and her son “dropped” the pizza. She brought in a pizza in a box that looked like it was sitting in a dumpster for a few days. Ripped off the customer labels so we couldn’t actually back-trace it. Asked for a number to call corporate, threatening this and that.

Manager looked up her number, baby daddy’s number, two other numbers and got nothing, so at this point we knew she was just trying to scam us for free food. I then took a delivery. Got back and she was outside on her phone and yelling at her uncontrollable un-clean mixed children. The sweat drops on her puffy red face reminded me of those youtube videos where they pop massive pimples and drain the chunky, bloody puss out. Anyway, manager refused to replace her pizza and she ended up buying two small pizzas for twenty bucks.

By: R0tard

We often talk like corporations are being stupid and crazy when they post entry-level positions that ask for a ridiculous amount of experience, but there’s nothing stupid about it. It’s entirely calculated.

Y’see, they’ve set things up so that the only way to get the required experience for entry-level positions is through internship programs. At the same time, they’ve systematically eliminated paid internship in favour of unpaid internship. Yeah, unpaid internships are totally a thing - you’re literally working for free in order to build up “relevant experience” to apply for positions that actually pay you.

If that was all there was to it - i.e., scamming free labour out of young college graduates - it would be bad enough, but it goes further. Consider: what sort of college graduate can afford to spend a year or two working for free? Well, naturally it would have to be someone who didn’t have to take out any loans; unemployment is grounds for deferral of student loan repayments, but an unpaid internship counts as being employed, thus disqualifying you for a deferred repayment schedule, even though you’re not getting paid.

Combined with skyrocketing tuition fees that render it virtually impossible to pay for college with a part-time job, the upshot is that there’s a whole class of jobs that are effectively available only to those with financially well-off parents: they’re the only ones who can afford to take on the unpaid internships that are required to rack up the necessary “relevant experience” to apply for those jobs in the first place.

So really, it’s not just about free labour: the unpaid internship racket also serves to filter employment by economic class, ensuring that only the children of the wealthy are able to apply for jobs that permit actual career advancement. You thus have the appearance of openness in a job market that is, in reality, rotten with cronyism. And it works perfectly - it’s really a brilliant arrangement, if you’re willing to look past the fact that it’s pure evil.

(This is also the scam behind those job application forms that ask for a long list of references in good standing, but specifically exclude relatives, teachers, past employers, and just about anybody else you’re likely to know who’d qualify as “in good standing”; what they’re really saying is “put down the names of your rich Dad’s golf buddies”.)

Re: the ‘Maya x Prison cell’ spammer

Been made aware that the culprit is, so if you have ever drawn ace attorney art and want to save yourself the hassle of dealing with someone trying to scam free art off of you, you know who to block.

Reminder: we are not your personal art monkeys.  Don’t spam every artist in a fandom tag; if you want it drawn, commission someone, or maybe not copy and paste the same empty praise before launching into a ‘Gimme free art’ spiel.


How many more times does Limecrime have to prove they’re a shit company before you guys stop buying from them? You’ll keep backing the verbal abuse, threats, bullying, racism and theft of your OWN money just because you want pretty packaging! Someone will make an equivalent on the mass market! Stop holding down for LC!

I’ve been on youtube since the beginning of beauty gurus (Petrilude and Xsparkage anyone?) and so have some of you and yet some of you still cash in your self-respect and dignity.

anonymous asked:

Your a straight shooter. Want your thoughts on people like Maven doing kick starters etc for his adventure. I understand he is giving something back for the pledges but want your honest thoughts.

I told Maven he should have done his kickstarter when he was doing indipac. I said it was a good idea.

He is being transparent about why he wants the money and what he is going to deliver for it to his audience. 

There has been instances where people started up kickstarters, got paid and then didnt deliver what they promised. They ripped off their audience! Sadly I could name about 10 people in the last year who have done that. 

If you are clear with why you want the money and what you will deliver for it AND you deliver then I can’t see a problem with that. I don’t see anyone being mislead here. It isnt a scam so people are free to do what they want with their money. 

Does that make sense?

amesbonet  asked:

Hey girl did you hear Russell singing along to Hairspray on Snapchat?! I screamed and had to rewatch because when will anyone's fave ever know the words to the BEST version of a classic musical?!?! I love him more 😭😭♥️♥️

I just did!! off season russ out here relaxing, coloring, scamming restaurants for free dessert, and watching musicals I love it lol

for those of you celebrating Chara’s birthday on 9/9

The theory that their birthday is on September ninth originated from the blog nochocolate. Maybe you know them, maybe you don’t. But if you love Chara and also just being a decent human being, here’s a few reasons why you should re-think accepting this headcanon for yourself.

  • The mod’s own birthday is on 9/9. If that doesn’t sound like a scam for free chara fanart on their own birthday, idk what does.
  • They believe that Chara, a mentally unstable and likely abused kid, is an abusive mastermind. Because…. ableism? ‘edgy’ theories? just riding off the wave of chara hatred the fandom is already crawling with?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • They’ve been known to go into otherkin tags for the sake of making fun of kin.
  • I also have some info from the inside that they love to hate on soft chara theories, and basically anyone who supports them. Because how dare we look into the evidence the game gives us and come to the conclusion that– surprise– the game all about mercy and forgiveness and “no one is the real villain” continues this same trend with a literal dead kid who was just trying their best.

tl;dr there are 364 other days of the year to headcanon as Chara’s birthday. Why not choose one of those instead?


How to sneak into any game (the grand scam)