scam classes

Gobblepot idea up for grabs

So I was reading this article about online romance scams for my German class, and my trash brain whispered “imagine the gobblepot version”.

Jim installs a dating app at the insistence of Harvey, and is soon matched with a lovely woman. Same interests and sense of humour, they get along fantastically, and talk till late into the night. Jim finally asks if they could meet face to face too.

Except, when Jim makes it to the date, a very nervous Oswald is the one waiting for him. He thinks the mobster is there to annoy him/ask for a favour, until Oswald confesses that he is said date. Yes, he lied, but he thought Jim was having fun?

Jim is raging and storms out of the restaurant. He needs like two weeks to cool off, two agonizingly long weeks, where he stares at his phone every five minutes, and his chest absolutely aches with how much he misses those conversations. He’s very lonely.

BUT THEN he finally realises that he’s always liked Oswald, and he’d never felt happier than when they were chatting till dawn, so he pays the mobster a visit. Happy end!

There should be a drug class, there should be sex education, there should be a class on scams, there should be a class on religious cult, there should be a class on police brutality, there should be a class on aparthy, there should be on racism in america, there should be a class on why people are hungry, but there’s not, there’s class on gym, you know, physical education, let’s learn volleyball…there’s classes like algebra where I’ve yet to go to a store and gone “xy+2 and give me my change back thank you.” the things that helped me were the things I learned from my mother, from the streets. They’re not, to get us ready for today’s world. They’re not, that’s not helping. It’s just what they took, so that’s what we’re gonna take. So that’s why the streets have taught me. Just make it harder and harder, just to keep you busy. And that’s where I think they messed up.