• No such thing as free tickets: an economic look at ticket scalping
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Can the free market beat ticket scalping? (RN Breakfast):

In the United States, AU$6.5 billion a year is going into the pocket of scalpers, rather than artists, producers and sportspeople.

According to American economist Art Carden, this shows that tickets to events around the world are underpriced. He argues that the scalpers are simply raising the price of tickets to their real market value.

‘Ticketed events do tend to be underpriced, relative to what the market is willing to bear,’ Carden says.

In the case of Hamilton, The New York Times estimates scalpers were making AU$80 million a year reselling tickets. In order to combat this,Hamilton increased their ticket price substantially.

The best seats in the house are now AU$1121, which up until June was the average price for a ticket to Hamilton on the reselling website StubHub.

Another hot ticket at the moment is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which has just opened on London’s West End. The producers have implemented an advanced ticketing system that requires potential buyers to wait in a long queue online, and provide identification when entering the theatre.

This not only stops scalpers reselling tickets, but also stops people from reselling tickets when they unexpectedly can’t attend. Only the person whose name is on the ticket can get into the auditorium.

Carden says this allows the producers to control the price of the tickets, and keep them affordable for their target younger demographic.

'If what they want to do is maintain a lifelong relationship with customers, then maybe it is in their best interests in the long run to get those tickets into the hands of people who don’t have a lot of cash right now, but are going to have a whole lot of cash later,’ Carden says.

Another incentive to keep ticket prices affordable is to keep the performers happy—which may be detrimental to Hamilton’s strategy.

In the process of cutting out the scalpers, Hamilton may become unaffordable to anyone but Manhattan fat cats and Wall Street suits with money to burn, meaning the enthusiasm of the audience may suffer.

'For Hamilton, producers want to get the top performers, and they will want to perform in front of people who are really passionate about what they’re doing, rather than just people with money lying around and nothing to do on a Friday night,’ Carden says.

'In this case, the problem is not the pricing, but the fact that there is a big difference in the resources available to the executive in Manhattan and the 17-year-old musical theatre fan.’


Carden says government regulation is a bad idea, as it would incentivise people to spend large amounts of time trying to get around price controls.

If ticket scalping is the free market at work and inequality between rich and poor is increasing, it may be left up to performers and producers looking for long-term loyalty from customers to keep popular sporting and artistic events affordable.


I burn my scalp for you
To assimilate these strands into your world
I burn my scalp for you
To temper the African that flows through each follicle
I burn my scalp for you
To feed each root with the toxicity of your prejudice
I burn my scalp for you
For my afro may not block your worldview of me

I burn my scalp for you
To straighten the kinks out of my nubian character
I burn my scalp for you
So that my Blackness may be obedient before you
I burn my scalp for you
So that these now timid strands lay in the grip of your elastic band
I burn my scalp for you
Lest these nappy curls stand up too much in defiance

You see, I have already burned everything else about me in your racist space
My melanin skin
My mother tongue
My culture
My crops on land you stole

It matters not that you have never burned your scalp for me
But you have policed my Blackness for too long

So now I refuse to burn my scalp for you
No longer will I burn within an ember of my authentic me
As I raise my fist past this mane of matted glory
You WILL accept me with my “kaffir hare”!

*Sean Burke


160829 Gayoung IG Update

kkingkkang, Scalp massage is cool? 🤗🐶
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oh my god……i just talked to this girl i had a class with last semester and she was telling me, A Gay, how she hates gay people because of religion i kinda snapped at her but shes really lucky i didnt scalp her right in the middle of the hallway lmao

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Testing out a new brown this time, because I’m still not exactly sure whose textures I was using before. This brown is an lighter version of remi’s brown, edited by me.

This hair has a thin gap between the bangs and the forehead, as well as near the scalp, as you can see on the zombie model. Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to fix these issues. It’s still a cute hair though, so I figured I’d retexture it anyways.

Binned, grey linked to black, mesh included.

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             ❛   oh,  uh —-  you don’t have to give it back if you don’t want to.  ❜      long fingers find themselves tangled in the untamed curls at the back of his head,   fingernails scratching against his scalp as his eyes duck  (  a   nervous  habit. one he’s had for years ).     a halfhearted shrug is offered before he speaks again,    ❛  looks nicer on you anyway.  ❜

  • SPSS is just…ugh. Random IT errors + my own lack of skill = wasting time.
  • Last night I didn’t sleep well because I was having random SPSS dreams.
  • The other day I was walking in the park and a man came riding past on a bike singing ‘killing me softly’
  • Then yesterday in the park, there was a man on a unicycle being swooped by the magpie.
  • The magpie is lethal by the way, I have had to alter my walking route because it has tried to scalp me about six times.
  • My discussion section is coming along very slowly…if this keeps up I am going to run out of time