Entry 75: Scalosians

Home World: Scalos

Occupation: Hyper-accelerated aliens of the week

First Appearance: “Wink of an eye”(TOS 1968)

Summary: Over a century ago, the planet Scalos was a beautiful, thriving world with a humanoid population that had established an advanced civilization… then everything changed. A massive volcanic eruption brought up a horrible chemical mixture from deep underground that tainted the drinking water. Drinking it had two effects: it caused sterility in the Scalosians after a while, and it also hyper-accelerated the drinker’s body until they wound up functioning so quickly that they could no longer be seen by the naked eye. Anyone who wasn’t similarly accelerated was completely incapable of speaking to anybody else, as they would only hear a high buzzing sound, and wouldn’t be able to see anything. As for the accelerated person’s point of view… think “bullet time”. Times a million. And they can’t turn it off. Oh, but the newly-accelerated are so susceptible to any kind of unusual cellular damage that even a scratch can cause them to age to death in a matter of minutes.

After a few generations, the sterile population of hundreds of thousands was brought down to a total of 5. They used a distress signal to lure fertile males from other planets to their own, whereupon they would be similarly hyper-accelerated and effectively become their sex slaves, but it was too little, too late. The population is now presumed to be extinct.

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