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College Fashion - Nail Art How-To: Scalloped Nails for Spring Break

What You’ll Need:
- A beige color to represent the beach – I used Essie’s Sand Tropez
- Two blue polishes – I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Pacific Blue and one that I mixed myself with Pacific Blue and NYC’s French White Tip (Sidenote: any recommendations for a nice pale blue or turquoise color?)
- A top coat of your choice

Step 1: First, take the lighter blue color and — starting halfway along your nail — paint a streak up the nail. To get the rounded edge, I found it easier to first shape the brush on the neck of the bottle, and then use it to dot the starting point, before painting the line.

Note: if you have a brush lying around with a rounded end, you could certainly use that for an easier application.

Step 2: Repeat the first step until you make three streaks — or more, depending on how many you’ll need to cover your nail area – in an ascending/descending order (whichever you prefer) and wait for them to dry.

Step 3: Once that’s dry, take your darker shade and repeat the same process, making sure that each rounded edge corresponds to the one in the lighter shade.


I had to redo these amazing “scallop” inspired nail art I saw in the OPI Hello Kitty advertisement.
What I Used: @opi_products Look At My Bow! , 5 Apples Tall, Alpine Snow 🎶Song: Come and Get Your Love| Redbone

Step 1: paint your nails white
Step 2: with a small striper brush take some of the polish and make a medium sized stripe(it doesn’t have to be perfect) •start out by skipping the first stripe (because your nail is already white) start with the pink, then red, white(BE SURE TO SKIP)
Step 3: take a dotting tool dipped in the same color your stipe is and make small dots along the top of the stripe
Step 4: take a large bead of top coat to seal it all in. (don’t drag the brush or you will smear the colors!) @nailpornography

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