scalloped lace hem

Here’s a great detail shot of my Sakizou Chocolate cosplay featuring ruffles, corset, biscuit necklace, and lace!  The beads on the skirt were hand made, too. I loved wearing this :) 

Sakizou’s “Chocolate” Original design by Sakizou 

Photo by Cozpho 

Cosplay made entirely by me, Effy Sews Cosplay 

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pairing: theodore nott x lavender brown

setting: post-war, canon-divergent au

word count: 1,219

written for: @paansyparkinson (i hope your exam went well, bb)

Azkaban is more than a prison.

Theo listens—watches, withers, waits—as the hastily reformed Wizenmagot sentences him to twenty-three months of incarceration with no opportunity for parole; and all he can suddenly think about is how the Malfoys are under house arrest, strolling through pleasantly fragrant rose gardens and drinking hundred year-old bottles of claret in their elegantly appointed drawing rooms and just—just biding their time, counting their gold and feigning their remorse and clawing their way back from the dead like the royal fucking parasites they’ve always been.

Theo, though—Theo is in chains.

He doesn’t speak as he’s led out of the courtroom. There’s nothing to say, not really. His parents are dead. Zabini had fucked off to France with his slinking, deadly snake of a mother. Theo had never had a lot of friends—had never particularly seen the point of making any—but there is, he imagines now, something uniquely terrible about being completely alone for this, the war-drum solemn moment his life is inextricably altered.


The tattoo they ink onto the inside of his left wrist—prisoner number 700, exactly—hurts less than he expects it to. He can almost feel the power of the runes seeping into skin, mucking about with the chemistry of his blood and his magic and his sense of self. Who he’s been, who he is, who he will be. It’s cruel, he decides. A punishment fit for a crime he’s still not entirely sure he’d even properly committed.

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anonymous asked:

Any nymphet items from urban outfitters?

Tons! :) <3 But here are some that I like…

Skirts & Shorts

Ryder X UO Flannel Skirt

Eyelet Scallop-Hem Skirt

Lace-Trim Slip Short

Denim Pin-Up Short

Plaid Inverted Pleat Mini Skirt 

Knit Circle Skirt

A-Line Mini Skirt

Calais Mini Skirt

Plaid Micro-Mini Skirt

Flip Side Skirt 

Menswear Zip-Pocket Mini Skirt

Pieced Jersey Circle Skirt

Suspender Cage Overall Skirt

Jackets & Coats

Faux Fur Jacket 

Sherpa Moto Jacket

M-1 Flight Jacket

Oversized Wool Hooded Coat

Tops & Sweaters

Somewhere Sweater

Fuzzy Cropped Sweater

Ski Bunny Sweater

Cameo Help Me Tank Top

Cooperative Chiffon Tie-Neck Blouse

Button-Front Sweater Bra Top

Peter Pan Collar Oxford Blouse

Polka Dot Mesh Top

Ruffle Cropped Top

Smocked Gauze Cropped Top

Lettuce-Edge T

Cropped Short-Sleeve Top

Off-The-Shoulder Blouse

Daisy Chain Sweaterknit Cami

Dresses & Rompers

Sunday Daze Dress

Flutter-Sleeve Button-Down Dress

Polly Frock-et Dress

Mary Mack Ponte Knit Dress

Crochet T-Back Romper

Austin Floral Dress

Amelia Dress

Burnout Velvet Dress

Tie-Back Mini Dress

Wednesday Collared Romper

Eloise Lace Tie-Back Dress

Kiss Me Dress

Smocked-Back Romper

Chambray Dress

Lansing Lace Romper

Velvet Underground Dress

anonymous asked:

What do you do if you need to add an underskirt to one of your dresses but the dress has a scalloped hem or lace/ other details around the bottom or on the bottom hemline?

Just make sure they compliment each other. There’s a lot you can do with an underskirt with just a scalloped hem as long as the dress lays nicely over it. Scalloped hems can actually look really cute over a ruffled or pleated underskirt:

If your dress has ruffles at the bottom, just continue them with more ruffles in the underskirt or lace for a little extra prettiness. And if it has lace at the bottom you can do a ruffled underskirt or something with lace that compliments that of the dress.