scalloped bezel

I started to make these earrings for my sister, who was once obsessed with turtles, before I remembered that (a) she doesn’t wear jewelry very often and (b) she doesn’t even have her ears pierced.  Well, I tried…  I guess they’re mine now, but I rarely ever wear anything I make (why would I wear and potentially ruin something I put so much effort into making nice???).

Turtle-wise though, I think these are cute.

Sterling silver sheet and wire, some green stone… my source says it’s malachite.  I used scalloped bezel wire, which added an interesting touch.  My favorite part is the wire around the bezel – I think it adds an elegant look to the design.  The ear wire is store-bought.  Trust me, you will know when I make them, because I make them HUGE.  Relatively.

I’ll just leave this here for your viewing pleasure. Yellow gold ring with scallop-bezel, reverse-set, round-brilliant black spinel. So sexual