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a.n. this was never gonna be what i wanted it to be. so have what was put forth, and then the XXX director’s cut. i’m free of chantilly lace. i’m fucking free. i ended up taking all the stuff i added into it and putting it into other things, keeping the original pretty much in tact.


There’s a lot of silence in the basement. They can be quiet people. He types and she flips through papers, scribbles things into files, they both read and go through the cabinet and reexamine slides. The silence is always comforting, a steady whir of intellectual efficiency that they mass produce like Ford’s cars. Sometimes a sharper edge of something mean underlines it all, when they’re frustrated or tired or burnt out. Today he cuts himself on it.

“There’s a receipt we’re missing,” she frowns, ruffling through more paper. “The bottle of wine we bought for the dinner party in Arcadia?”

“That’s been taken care of by undercover ops,” he replies, lipping around the base of his pencil. He watches her nod and tidy her space, slipping folders into place and putting her pens back in the holder. Five o'clock hits. He watches her stand up and slide her rolling chair under the table. He watches her straighten out her jacket and reapply her lipstick.

He never looks down her clothes, not on purpose, but sometimes it happens and sometimes he goes still and thinks about nothing. Scully is work-place practical with all of her clothing, something he’s come to appreciate, admire, maybe fixate on occasionally when his mind gets ahead of him. Cotton bras, beige, white – one time black, the little bow peaking out from under an unbuttoned button, and he dropped a book.

When she bends over to grab her suitcase, well, it happens again. Her blazer only has one button and she’s wearing a starched white blouse. It gaps open at the collar, and… he looks, is drawn to it like light.

Today Scully forgoes work-place practical. He’s never actually seen the tops of her breasts while doing this, or at least not this much of them. He’s never been that unfortunate. And what they’re enclosed in… lace. Sheer, black, Chantilly lace. The edges are scalloped, they frame her pale skin like a she’s an expensive painting. Maybe she is. She stands up. Mulder doesn’t move.

The phone rings and she gets it before he thinks to, pushing her hip against the desk and announcing their greeting into the receiver. She ticks her chin into her chest, brushes her hair out of her eyes. “Yes, I’m leaving now. I’ll see you soon,” she says lowly, and hangs up.

She nods to Mulder, lets him know she’ll see him in the morning. Picks up her suitcase and clicks out the door. He hadn’t noticed the extra inch to her heels. The new perfume, peppery and masculine with a hint of something soft. Dread fills him like new blood.


It’s a habit he tells himself to break whenever he’s made consciously aware of it, which isn’t often. It’s an instinctual thing. All at once he makes himself her most challenging adversary, more protective than any brother. Her most in-need patient, more proud of her than her own mom. No other colleague she’s ever had or ever will have will be more brilliant than him nor more in tune to her own speculative needs. More supportive than her very best girlfriend, sterner than her Captain and just as demanding. One day he’ll be the most interesting corpse she could hope to sink her scalpel into.

And now someone is having sex with her. How about that.

He supposes it was always a gamble. The unknown variable. When he now thinks of all the time she spends away from him, it is in terms of she is with someone else and she is not.

Else. As in opposed to him. As in not him. As in it should be him.

So. He refuses to let it be someone else.

At least not for long. He waits for her on her couch, replaying the image of her bending over in his head. The spite has dissolved his guilt. A different man than what he was only hours ago, he thinks of her in that little bra, thinks of taking her out of it. He’s pulled out of his fantasy with a twist of the doorknob. 

“Mulder?” She hurries to shut and lock the door behind her, dropping her purse and keys on the side table before rushing over to him. “Are you okay? Why are you here?” She feels his forehead, combs her fingers through his hair.

He studies her openly as she hunches over him. Not a hair out of place, no bruises or bite marks, and her mouth is as lipsticked dried-berry matte as it was when she left him in the office. Her clothes aren’t rumpled. Not even close. Nothing – nothing happened then. It’s eleven at night. If it had happened, if it had been him… she cocks her head when she’s concentrating, and there’s this spot on her jaw. His teeth, there. And on her neck. Pick a place any place. Her throat her ears his tongue his lips. He would pay for the dry cleaning. He would have kept the bra. At the very least she wouldn’t look like this. Like nothing happened. Nothing happened.


“Why are you here, Mulder?” She repeats, but this time she sounds tired. There’s a case, Scully. There’s a wart on my ass, I need you to look. There was an accident on the beltway and I had to make sure it wasn’t you. You’re dead wrong on biorhythms. Just here to say hi. What’s up. How are you.

“Scully, were you out with someone?” The words are thick like a foreign language – because they are. This is not their doublespeak, their runaround, their foot soldier-careful navigation of landmines and tripwire. But it doesn’t feel wrong. Not like he was so sure it would.

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business,” she replies, more curious than defensive. She eyes him warily and joins him on the couch, sitting at the farthest end.

“I almost kissed you,” he blurts out. “Over the summer. We never talked about what that meant.”

Her mouth works around nothing. She hugs herself. “The hallway,” she says mildly. “You’re bringing up the hallway. You’re bringing it up now.”

“It had to come up,” he grits, almost through his teeth. If he shakes her now, by the sword-sharp set of her shoulders, he’d leave her wrinkled. Her shirt would bunch up under his fingers and crease around her elbows, and maybe the collar would flip up. “You know that, Scully.” She shakes her head and it feels annoyingly like they’re in the office, like they’re arguing a case. “You’re saying we could pretend it never happened. That you could pretend it never happened.”

“No, I’m saying it wouldn’t have come up. Mulder, you never would have brought it up.”

“I just did.”

“And why did you?” He stays quiet. To him it doesn’t matter why or how or even when, it just matters that it was brought up. Now they can talk about this. Now they can fix this. “You brought it up to prove a point. You brought it up to be right about something, but God knows what you’ve decided to martyr yourself for this time.”

“I’m bringing it up because we have to talk about it. We almost kissed, Scully.” His voice lowers, something hot stings the back of his throat. “And it wouldn’t have ended there. Not with all we were saying and feeling. We ignored it because you were taken… and I know things aren’t great right now…”

“I considered myself warned.” He frowns at her. “I didn’t want to make anything too personal.” He shakes his head and clenches his jaw.

“Don’t do that, Scully. Don’t take an entirely different set of circumstances and use my words with an entirely different context to dig yourself out of this.”

She cocks her chin and her eyebrow at the same time, stares at him through flesh and bone and kills the cells of him with just that look. “And just what am I digging myself out of?” She asks, hushed and unwavering. “Are you saying I did something to you?” And he feels it that yes, she did. Yes, you did do something to me. Now apologize so we can make up. Now apologize so we can make up. Now apologize so we can make up. “That I can’t even try to be happy without you making it all about yourself?”

Systems failure. He shuts down, her eyes a blue screen of death, their shallow breathing the beep, beep, beep of something wrong and coded. “He makes you happy,” he says blankly.

“I didn’t – ” air whistles through her nose as her face falls, but he’s not looking at her. “I didn’t say that.”

“That’s good.” He means it in a way.


“I’m happy that you’re happy.”

“Will you–”

“Don’t tell him that exploding cadaver story. It’s a great story. I love it. But it’s gross, Scully. You’re weird sometimes.”

“Jesus, will you just–”

“That’s a good thing. It’s a great thing. But maybe hold that one in until the sixth month anniversary or–”

“Shut up!” Scully shouts, and he snaps his mouth shut and falls back against the couch. They sit in awkward silence, with Scully holding her head in her hands.

“I should go,” he says finally. There are a million meanings in it, none he’ll ever really follow through with. He should go, though. He really should.

“Don’t,” Scully demands roughly. Okay. Alright. He can put the hurt away and revisit it later. They say it’s better fermented. Fine wine. They say you can really tell the difference.

“What do you want me to say, Scully?” He whispers. She shakes her head and looks away and he knows there are tears in her eyes and he’s sorry he ever said anything. “Tell me what you want me to say.”

Her breath hitches. Her shirt is all bunched up in the middle. Her hand falls off of her lap and she inches it toward him, an offering, a sacrifice, something. He tentatively takes it in his own.


“Who is it?” He asks, poised above her on the carpet. He’s proud of his work. The shirt is gone, that bra is… somewhere. She looked so good in it he just had to rip it off of her. Each man kills the thing he loves. Chantilly lace, Scully? 

That’s what I like. 

Instead she wears his bruises, his greed, wears out his tongue and his fingers and his cock. He wears her lipstick, the deep tracks of her nails down his spine. He wears her out. By the time he gets inside of her she’s practically melted into the carpet.

“Mm. No one,” she murmurs, fluttering her hands over his broad shoulders. Huh. Dana Scully is cock drunk, glassy-eyed and dumb.

“Who is it?” He asks again. A shallow thrust. She grinds against him, takes him back in all the way. Neither of them are apparently in any hurry. “I just wanna talk to him.”

“Oh. In that case.” She brings her fingers to his nipple and pinches it, hard. “No one.”

“Ask for some pointers.” She is. The tightest thing. Every moment he doesn’t come is a miracle.  “Compare notes.”

“You don’t take notes.”

“Who, Scully? Who did you–” fuck who were you fucking “–Put on that pretty little bra for and–” did he give it to you like this “–The matching panties, you little minx–” did he make you fucking come the way I’m going to the way I already did “–Who. Is. It?”

“Mulder.” She sounds serious. He looks up from between their bodies, where she had been leisurely rolling her clit. She cups his face with both hands and tells him the truth. “No one.”

He catches the wrist of the hand she’d been rubbing herself with and sucks her fingers into his mouth. The elation that courses through him speeds up his pounding hips, and the taste of her replenished on his tongue tightens his balls. “For me?” he moans with his mouth full. He can hardly bear to think of it, Scully trying to seduce him as they worked. In the few and far between moments of cognitive function, he imagines how long it could have gone on. Forever. He’s a fucking idiot.

“No, for me,” she gasps, spasming around him. Somehow he likes that idea even more. He fucks her slowly, gives her all of him, makes her come hard with her teeth stuck in his bicep and her hands in her own hair. Making her promise to wear it all again sometime, for him or for her. It did not matter, as long as it wasn’t for someone else.

And he needs… he needs her to keep doing that, fuck, he loves how she kisses him. So much time wasted. He needs to stop that. Notice her. Not avoid looking at her because it – she wraps her legs around his waist and urges him forward, whispering in his ear – because it scared him, because  what was scarier than not having her? He thought he had to – please, Mulder. Oh, god, I love you please – share her. He thought he had to share her.

When he finishes, he wraps her up in his arms and holds her against him until she can’t help but fall asleep. His life doesn’t feel all that different. He just knows it feels monumentally better than it did a few hours ago.

-An Audino named Charlotte is the spokesPokémon for a non-profit organization assisting deaf people.

-”Audino ears” are a flaky pastry with scalloped edges. They are a popular summertime treat in Kalos.

-Audino love their ears scratched.

-Audino will sometimes try to scratch their trainer’s ears back. It doesn’t really feel that great, but the intentions are good.



2-piece white organdy embroidered with silver metallic floral vines, the petals and leaves of emerald green and sapphire blue appliqued beetle wings, bodice having tiny, rounded collar, long scalloped sleeve and hem with green edging, double full skirt with three green edged scalloped and ruffled bands over a fully decorated underskirt tucked into four wide bands

Binding edges the scalloped crochet

Binding edges the scalloped crochet.

Knitted items “scallops” nicely frame the edge of the knitted products. Thus decorated the edge of the sleeves, jackets, hats or plaid looks very neat. Crochet a scallop is very simple, in this you will see by reviewing this master class.

To start knitting festoon type in chain of 5 loops.

Enter the dialed hook under the chain, grab the working thread and pull up a loop.

Again, grab the working thread and provarite elongated loop. So the first column without nakida associated from under the chain and on the hook in 2 loops.

Then knit 9 more columns without nakida from under the chain. Also insert the hook under the chain, taking the working thread pull loop.

Provarite elongated loop on the hook and will add another loop.

When on the hook typed 11 loops, grab the working thread and provarite all the loops off the hook.

Now attach the festoon povezav the column without nakida, departing 3 loops from the beginning of the festoon.

Festoons knit to end of row.

Scheme knitting crochet scallops:

Tie the edge of the scallops can you not just products of crochet, but knitting. To do this, you first need to tie the edge of the initial number of columns without nakida 3 air loop. And when knitting the ruffles to secure them on the columns.

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Ivory satin and faille brocaded with lilies of the valley, the back-lacing pointed bodice having short tulle sleeve and back bow, decorated with asymmetrical pleats, gold sequin-studded tulle, chiffon and scalloped fringe of gold beads with sequin drops. Bustle skirt with satin front inset with inserts of bead-edged scalloped spear shapes and tulle back with gold sequins, scalloped and ruffled hem bands


These are my personal headcannons for each flight’s scales! In my lore every dragon has small differences in their scales, like human fingerprints, so irregularities are common, but for the most part scales follow the models listed here. All scales of a flight are resistant to that element, since they have adapted to it (ex. fire dragon scales resistant to fire, ice resistant to ice, etc.)

Fire- fire scales are tough and surprisingly soft like leather, but harden at higher temperatures to be strong as diamond. This keeps scales from melting or getting stuck to things near the forges. They radiate heat all the time, even after falling or being torn off. For the most part, a fire dragons scales are the same shape ( a rounded semicircle) and size is mostly uniform. They’re the closest match to most traditional dragon scales in stories.

Shadow- for shadow dragons, scales are irregular and can range anywhere from as pointed as a wind dragon’s to nearly as blunt as an earth’s, and all on one dragon. They tend to be very small and tight-packed also. Their scales are lightly ridged towards the ground, which prevents an easy grip for most opponents. Their scales are slick as well, lending to the “slippery shadow dragon” stereotype.

Wind- a wind dragon’s scales are small, thin, and pointed, almost like little feathers. The scales are very light too, almost weightless on their own. This allows something a bit different from any other element; wind scales can lift slightly from the dragon’s body. Lifting scales can be a sign of aggression or threat, but it also helps slow the dragon in flight. When slicked down, the dragon can become faster than any breeze.

Water- on water dragons, scales tend to be large and regular like a fish’s. Their scales lie completely flat against the skin to allow for a more streamlined form. There’s no space between scales for any water, or anything else, to get through. They tend to have a shimmery quality, like the dragon just came out of the water, all the time no matter the dragon’s genes. The long plate-like scales can make water dragons great in defensive positions of battle.

Arcane- arcane dragons have some of the most unusual scales of any. They appear slick and membranous, but are surprisingly thick. As for shape, they tend to be long and tapered, and grow shorter near the head and claws. Their scales also have a slightly jelly-like property that makes lighter objects glance or bounce off the dragon instead of hitting directly. It isn’t uncommon for an arcane dragon to have a few off-color scales as well.

Ice- ice scales are thick and insulated, good for keeping the heat in the dragons body. The thickness leads them to be hard as well, nearly the consistency of the frozen rock of the ice fields. As they age the dragon’s scales will become brittle and fall off for stronger scales to grow as they mature. Their scales seem to carry the cold of their natural home with them too, making them popular in warmer weather as cooling systems for their clanmates.

Plague- the scales of plague dragons are usually more scarred than any other flight, from disease to battle wound to anything in between. Plague scales seem to repel any illness attained, so keeping healthy is not nearly as much of a problem for dragons of this flight. They are not as thick as Ice scales, but a close second, and are shaped raggedly. The jagged edges help protect the dragon from light injury and make even a simple tail slap dangerous to an enemy. Add that to the diseases possibly remaining on the scales, and an opponent is in for quite the fight with a plague dragon.

Light- light dragon scales are regarded as some of the best in terms of looks. They are bright and reflective like mirrors, but very thin, which makes light dragons better suited to long-distance combat in most cases. As the dragon grows it’s scales grow with it, unlike some other element’s scales that will molt with age. The scales are closest to human fingernails in shape, and are relatively small in comparison to the dragons size, but make up for it in numbers. A light dragon can blind an opponent with a pinprick of light off their scales with enough practice.

Nature- for nature dragons, the upkeep of scales is very important. Like cats, these dragons will spend hours grooming each other’s scales. Since nature scales are shaped much like leaves, with tiny scalloped edges, foliage is easily caught on them, so grooming is actually necessary. The ends of these scales lift from the dragons body for a blooming type of look. Scales are thick at the base and thin out towards the end to enhance this. They can also be edged with a bright color opposite the dragon’s primary in some cases, like poisonous plants.

Lightning- when it comes to lightning scales, they have some of the coolest to look at. They’re normally curved like flat claws, but can also be straight as an arrow. Some are even notably spiky at the ends. Made hardy and thick all the way through, they can resist many types of magic and weaker weapons. Running all the way through the scale are tiny currents of lightning for elemental attacks, which light up the dragon a second before they attack.

Earth- the bluntest scales of the bunch, an earth dragon has plate-like scales that are hard as rock, except around the joints and belly where they turn more leathery. The individual scales are round and big with a sandpaper texture and curved edges. These scales give great defensive capabilities but are prone to falling off rather easily, like pebbles shaken from a larger rock. They also can have immense blunt force when the dragon slams into an opponent, no matter how strong the attacking dragon really is.


A good ribbon-worked black taffeta robe de style, probably Lanvin, circa 1926, 

Black silk taffeta adorned with embroidered ribbons in shades of green and pink, with gold vermicular embroidery outlined in black cord, the skirt gently gathered over the hips, nude chiffon modesty panel to the front, large tulle bow to one hip, scalloped hem over tulle edging

silhouette design in magical girl raising project

i love some of the character designs in this show, but not all of them, and for various reasons. some characters have great color schemes, and some don’t; some have creative clothing choices, and some don’t; some have design choices that just bother me personally.

this post won’t be addressing any of those - although i may in another post.

this post is specifically targeting the silhouette design.

silhouette is incredibly important in character design - if you can’t recognize a character in silhouette, you’re less likely to recognize them later or from a distance. in anime this doesn’t get addressed often, as many character designs stay relatively close to normal clothing, which tends to not have interesting silhouettes as normal clothing (and hair) usually can’t believably defy gravity and follows what is possible to make via standard clothing manufacturing.

however, in magical girl anime, these boundaries are lifted, as the clothing and hairstyles are created and maintained through magic. magical girls can be held to a higher average, as it is expected that one lets loose in the character design. magical girl raising project is unique in that ‘magical girl’ simply means a girl with magical powers - a girl’s aesthetic doesn’t have to follow the standard magical girl fare of a fluffy skirt, boots, pigtails, etc. the artists went wild with this, more so than a lot of series i’ve seen.

so, without further ado, my opinion on the silhouette design in tandem with the character desig. there will be spoilers, so watch out! my deepest apologies for the image quality; it is frustratingly difficult to find clean versions of the artwork! this is specifically for the anime versions of the designs.

snow white: 3/10

snow white is… rather boring. it’s not terrible - keeping the standard fare makes sense for her character - but the interesting parts of her design aren’t pushed enough. the bud on her head and the flower straps in the back would be interesting if they were larger and more visible from more angles, especially when she stands still. the bows on the back of her boots are the most interesting part when she isn’t moving, and that draws attention away from the more important parts of her design. 

ripple: 8/10

ripple’s ponytail and scarf create an interesting silhouette, even when she’s still, but they look extremely similar - they can get lost in each other in certain poses. the pompoms on her skirt create some interesting movement in her dynamic poses, but look kind of weird in others. the ha on her shoes create a very interesting look from the side; it looks completely different from the high heel image the mg genre is used to. 

swim swim: 9/10

the ‘devil tails’ and bat wings not only create a recognizable silhouette - they even use it in the opening! - but they also immediately indicate that swim swim will be trouble. the ‘tails’ also create a skeleton bell dress shape; it makes her look a bit like an evil queen, which is exactly the role she takes on. the rest of her is very smooth - fitting, as she’s a swimmer. her curly hair creates interesting negative space, too. my only gripe is that i wish the wings were a little bigger, but any bigger and she could fly with them, so i understand.

tama: 6/10

not a fan of the leash; it looks like a tail, but not only does the long, thin tail not work with the fluffy rest of her design, it takes attention away from the fact that she already has a tail. aside from that, the batwing cape creates interesting negative space in her dynamic pose, and the large paws stand out amongst the cast of characters with tiny hands. the floppy ears are very visible, and from multiple angles. 

cranberry: 1/10

the only interesting thing about cranberry’s silhouette, unfortunately, is the leaves on her shoes - the rest is streamlined and nothing sticks out. the mullet skirt isn’t apparent unless she’s moving - it otherwise looks like a normal skirt. her upturned jacket collar doesn’t create any negative space like it does in her chibi art, her flower crown isn’t very visible… overall rather weak.

the peaky angels: 5/10

the twins are interesting in that they essentially have two silhouettes - when they’re together, and when they’re separate. 

separately, the one-sided wing is an unexpected shape, and the speech balloon halo becomes a very distinguishable shape, too. the rest of their form is unfortunately indistinguishable - the bell-shaped dress makes them look like an egg. their hairstyles aren’t that different, either, and one of them just looks like she’s got a perfectly round head.

together, their silhouette forms a whole angel, which indicates that they’re only whole when together - fitting, because after yunael dies, minael goes ‘one winged-angel’ in personality. definitely an interesting take on the ‘tiny angel’ look.

hardgore alice: 3/10

while i love hardcore alice’s character and color palette, her silhouette is rather uninteresting. her wide, wavy hair takes up the entirety of her upper body, the ends are indistinguishable from her dress’s hem, and her hairpiece is flush with her head, so it’s invisible in silhouette. the rabbit plush she carries around can add something nice, but it’s rarely visible because of the dress’s length. the bloomers’ ruffles look good, though, and the apron adds some appeal in more dynamic poses. the long, wavy hair makes her, at first glance, look like a little girl, which suits the character, but i wish it wasn’t her only feature.

sister nana: 2/10

nana’s overlapping elements don’t really work. the nun’s habit’s scalloped edge or her hair’s drill ends would have looked fine on their own, but together they look like one big, uninteresting mass. her hair also blocks out the interesting appeal on her torso - the (pillows?) on her hips would have an interesting shape if they were visible. the ends of her hair, however, sync up nicely with the way the end of her dress is drawn with the bunching. you really can’t tell she’s a nun at all -particularly with the slit dress - unless you see her in color.

top speed: 9/10

immediately you can tell top speed is a witch. the hat gives it away, and the cape sells it. the crooked tip is visually interesting, but doesn’t point in a direction that looks out of place. the braids are always visible, and look fantastic when in motion. the cape unfortunately blocks out most of her body, especially her skirt and collar, which have interesting shapes, but it follows the same line as the braids, which looks good, and fits the whole ‘halloween witch’ theme. 

calamity mary: 7/10

holy howdy, those spurs have a great shape, as do her long fringe sleeves. the fringes create good negative space, especially when moving and the individual strings fan out. her boots and gun holster make her legs together look more interesting than one or neither. her hair kind of detracts from her shape -long hair often does - and i wish her hat had a wider brim so you could tell what it is, but it does have a different tangent than her head, so it’s visible even in sihouette.

weiss winterprison: 4/10

she… mostly looks like a block when standing still. the asymmetry of the belt and the scarf looks good, and the crossbody belt creates a small shape on the right, but everything else lies flat - the scarf on her neck, the belts in the front, even her hair is smooth and flat. in motion, though - the loose straps and the scarf fan out to create excellent negative space. while this isn’t always good practice, it works to a degree with winterprison, better than it does with sister nana, because winterprison tends to melt into the background unless she’s in a fight.

magicaloid44: 10/10

definitely one of the greatest silhouettes in the show. her very short height immediately stands out in the cast of similarly-statured characters. the four ‘ponytails’ create a very distinguishable shape, especially in a ¾ view. the triangular jetpack wings work with this, skinnier and longer but pointing i the same direction. while the gauntlets and her skirt merge together, the gauntlets’ top is still easily distinguishable from her arms and the rest of her body. the sharp, perfect angles lend themselves well to making magicaloid44 have a different feel from the rest of the characters - fitting, since she’s a robot.

la pucelle: 8/10

with one glance, you can tell she’s wearing a ton of armor. the jagged shapes around her arms and legs couldn’t really be anything else. the jagged tail and horns, too, make you think of little else than a dragon. the dragon knight aesthetic is instantly visible, especially when paired with the huge sword. her hair creates negative space, more so than most of the other characters. some of the armor shapes could be bigger and more imposing, though.

ruler: 8/10

whatever those things on her head are, they’re the strongest part of her silhouette. they stick off her head very visibly, and the ribbons create good negative space. her upturned collar is visible in most angles, and looks very regal. the cape blocks out more detail than top speed’s does, but it works here as well. it just skims the ground; it’s clearly been tapered and exactly measured, and she looks like a ruling authority. she gets a lower score than top speed, though, as the rest of her outfit has a better silhouette than the cape, and you can never see it.

nemurin: 11/10

the best silhouette in the show. there’s so much appeal in this design - the pigtails that drag and gather lazily on the ground, the clouds dripping off her hair, the gathering of the nightgown, especially in the sleeves, the bunched up socks… everything about the silhouette creates fantastic visual space. the pillow’s ruffles connect it visually to the socks and the clouds, which all have the scalloped shape. even without the pastel colors, the shapes and her posing always give off a sweet, lazy girl vibe. i’m pissed that they killed off such a well-designed character so soon.

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Mulder's 'You know what I like' on Scully identifying Chantilly Lace from Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose is one of my favorite lines. Maybe where Mulder sees Scully wearing something in Chantilly Lace and muses about it?



There’s a lot of silence in the basement. They can be quiet people. He types and she flips through papers, scribbles things into files, they both read and go through the cabinet and reexamine slides. The silence is always comforting, a steady whir of intellectual efficiency that they mass produce like Ford’s cars. Sometimes a sharper edge of something mean underlines it all, when they’re frustrated or tired or burnt out. Today he cuts himself on it.

“There’s a receipt we’re missing,” she frowns, ruffling through more paper. “The bottle of wine we bought for the dinner party in Arcadia?”

“That’s been taken care of by undercover ops,” he replies, lipping around the base of his pencil. He watches her nod and tidy her space, slipping folders into place and putting her pens back in the holder. Five o'clock hits. He watches her stand up and slide her rolling chair under the table. He watches her straighten out her jacket and reapply her lipstick.

He never looks down her clothes, not on purpose, but sometimes it happens and sometimes he goes still and thinks about nothing. Scully is work-place practical with all of her clothing, something he’s come to appreciate, admire, maybe fixate on occasionally when his mind gets ahead of him. Cotton bras, beige, white – one time black, the little bow peaking out from under an unbuttoned button, and he dropped a book.

When she bends over to grab her suitcase, well, it happens again. Her blazer only has one button and she’s wearing a starched white blouse. It gaps open at the collar, and… he looks, is drawn to it like light.

Today Scully forgoes work-place practical. He’s never actually seen the tops of her breasts while doing this, or at least not this much of them. He’s never been that unfortunate. And what they’re enclosed in… lace. Sheer, black, Chantilly lace. The edges are scalloped, they frame her pale skin like a she’s an expensive painting. Maybe she is. She stands up. Mulder doesn’t move.

The phone rings and she gets it before he thinks to, pushing her hip against the desk and announcing their greeting into the receiver. She ticks her chin into her chest, brushes her hair out of her eyes. “Yes, I’m leaving now. I’ll see you soon,” she says lowly, and hangs up.

She nods to Mulder, lets him know she’ll see him in the morning. Picks up her suitcase and clicks out the door. He hadn’t noticed the extra inch to her heels. The new perfume, peppery and masculine with a hint of something soft. Dread fills him like new blood.

7 Nights of BTS: Jungkook

V felt someone shaking his shoulder in the middle of the night, or at least he thought it was night. He awoke to Jungkook standing over him. 

“Hyung said it’s time to get up we have a lot to do today.” The maknae whispered, his eyes looking over at >>> as she slept. 

“What time is it?” V, sat up wiping his eyes, then remembered he was naked, and pulled the blankets up. 

“5:30am. Everyone else is just getting dressed, don’t wake yobo up.” Jungkook, left from the room. 

He knew that tonight he would be laying where V currently was, and he shivered at the thought. He wasn’t like the other guys. He was slow and supple in his approach, he liked the tease. The chase and the buildup. Perhaps, he was spending too much time around Jin, that could explain it except he wasn’t into the spanking and slight pain. Jimin could be his influence as well, but, he wasn’t one for toys. 

He went back to the living room, since he was the first one up and made rice, heating up some leftover meat. He sat at the table, pen in hand and he looked down at his blank paper.

He wanted to leave her a note, but what would he say? He tapped the pen against his lower lip, and chewed on the end for a bit before he started composing some words. They might be deep, and maybe a touch too personal but; it was how he felt. When he was finished he re-read over it, knowing her Hangul was good enough that she could pick out his sloppy handwriting. He folded it and walked quietly upstairs opening her room door. 

She was still asleep and he, placed the note on her night stand before leaving the room, closing the door behind him. As he exited, Suga stood there, eyeing him.

“Is she still asleep?” Min Yoongi’s voice still laced with sleep. 

“Yes.” He looked down, not wanting to meet his eyes.

“What’s wrong? Nervous?” Suga pulled him away from the walking down the stairs. 

“She’s a noona. I know she likes me, but I don’t want to take it too far and disrespect her.” Suga grinned. “She’ll smack you if you do, she has no problem with that.” 

He chuckled, leaving Jungkook feeling more flustered. After breakfast, the boys, gathered whatever they needed and cleaned the kitchen, locking the front door behind them. 

She awoke three hours later, naked yawning as she turned on her back. “Shit, my bonnet.” She said, slapping her forehead. 

She immediately got up, going to the bathroom. It wasn’t so bad. Thank heavens for silk pillow cases. She combed and brushed her hair, fixing it to her desires, before showering. As she came back into her room, she spied the folded paper, and sat down on her bed, wrapped in her towel as she opened it. 

It’s me, Jungkook,

I feel like an idiot for saying that. I could have just signed it. Anyway, we have a lot to do today so we won’t be home until later. I like saying that. We won’t be home, knowing you’ll be there. We have a show to do and an interview, then practice and studio time to get out a song. The hyungs are gonna have us running like crazy. I’ll be thinking about you all day. We haven’t really had time me and you. I like when we do. I like watching your mouth when you smile, how you always raise an eyebrow whenever J-Hope says he has an idea. That way you take a deep breath, and I can watch your breasts rise and fall. I shouldn’t look, but I do. You always find a way to touch my hand. I don’t think it’s a conscious action for you, but I like it. I love the way you smell different but nice. A deep scent that comes from your skin, it soothes me. It makes me wonder about other things. Things that I shouldn’t, I don’t want you to be ashamed of me. How I feel. I’ve been hiding this for so long. I’m sorry, I hope you have a good day, let me know when you wake up. 

She grinned, face warm as she folded the letter. She would place it in her top dresser drawer, and get dressed. Work came early this morning, she only had time for a smoothie, and a piece of toast, as she hurried out the door. Thankfully, she was going to be in the store room all day. Inventory and sorting called to her. That also meant she was going to be alone, and had time to be on her phone. As she started up the work computer, she pulled her cardigan around her and texted Jungkook. 

I’m awake, and at work actually. I got your note.

He texted back fairly fast. They are getting our faces ready, also now I’m embarrassed.

He sent a picture as well, she smiled looking at it. 

Why are you embarrassed? It was sweet and cute. I loved it. Didn’t know you felt that way. 

The bubble to tell her he was writing, appeared and disappeared several times before a message from him finally came back. 

I want to say: I don’t know how you couldn’t have. The way I look at you, it seems obvious to me, but I think you’re looking at Hoseok or Namjoon more. That’s ok, I know I’m young.

That’s not true… She wrote back. 

Did she look at or pay attention to those two more? She knew Hobi first and she didn’t even meet Namjoon until she had known Hobi for like two or three months. The rest kind followed. Jungkook, had a crush on her though? In a way she could tell. He played with her in the same manner that V did. Then again, last night she got a lot closer to V than she ever had before. So, was kookie next? God, what was she doing with her life. He didn’t text back so she assumed he was busy. She got started on printing on sheets for inventory and found a pen getting ready to sort and count. 

A few hours later she had just finished with bottoms and had just started on tops when her phone chimed. She expected to see a text from Jungkook, but it was Hobi.

Hey, you good?

Yes, why? Jungkook told me y’all had a show.

Oh yea, we are on break right now. Why is my life so hard?

She laughed. If you say so, International K-pop star. 

It’s Mr. International, address me correctly

She continued to laugh. Whatever, Hobi, I’m sorting through clothes, counting and organizing. Boring, normal people stuff. 

I’d trade places with you, but you can’t rap. You miss me?


You better, gotta go. 

The day went on like that. Her doing work, no one else texted her but Jungkook and when she finally went on lunch she looked at her phone to a surprise. 

What color panties are you wearing?

She double checked the name to make sure it said Jungkook.

Uhm, why?

I’m curious. I’m also in the car going to an interview and thinking about you naked, I’m sorry Noona.

She felt a very warm rush, moving her legs against each other. She didn’t know what color underwear she was wearing. She didn’t give it any thought when she put them on. What was she going to text back? She looked around the small cafe she was sitting in, thinking someone could read her texts. 

I don’t know, and don’t be sorry.

Take a picture and send it to me. Please? 

She couldn’t believe the thought even lingered in her head that she could. Could she? She wasn’t the pic taking kind. Slowly, she stood up looking around, her food wasn’t there yet and she went to the bathroom, locking herself in a stall. 

Just to let you know, I am in a cafe bathroom.

His reply was quick. Good, are you thinking about me rubbing my fingers against your panties? Pressing on you? Teasing you. 

Where did this dirty side come from?

She sent him a picture of her dark green ‘no show’ panties. Their scalloped edges laying flat on her skin. 

It’s always been there. I’m letting you see it. Damn, I love the way green looks on your skin. The color is amazing.

She grinned, pulling her pants back up exiting the bathroom. Their next few texts seemed to get racier. Jungkook, told her that she was naughty, taking selfies in the bathroom for him. Or, was she into a little voyeurism? Perhaps, she could touch herself under the table, and video it for him. She didn’t but she could hear his breathless voice in her ear, begging her to. Back at work, he had sent her a few pictures. Well timed photos of how tight his pants were and the bulge steadily growing therein. Him, biting his lip. 

You’ll be sleep by the time we make it back. Can I wake you up?

And if I say no? She was almost done for the day, cleaning up the store room.

If you deny me, I’ll spend the rest of tonight, teasing you and snapping you pictures to make you say yes. 

The goosebumps that ripped across her flesh, were too heavy to deny. She walked out of the store, and into the gloomy day trying to will her body not to react. 

Pictures like what? She asked.

He didn’t respond. Her snapchat notification went off and she received several videos. The first was him with his shirt in his mouth, his eyes sultry as he gave her a peek of his stomach, his pants low on his waist, that v of his hips visible. The next he was touching his chest, hand rubbing on his body, up his neck and then down into his pants. The third he put his finger in his mouth, licking it slowly, staring right into the camera. God, did he know how to start the engine. She grinned, teeth clenching as she tried to will the images from her mind. 

Nope, burned in. 

She sat on the bus, waiting to be dropped off. Looking around at the people, near her. Was she giving herself away, could someone see her? God, he knew she was going home. He knew where he was doing. 

Kookie, this isn’t nice of you *winky face*

She texted him saying. His reply was lengthy. I’m not playing games, do you want it or not? I can make you feel good. Lay you back and show you what this maknae can do, would you like that? How about if I show you something I read in a book, put your legs on my shoulders, and hit the right spot? Can you handle that?

She wanted to moan, to lay on her bed, and let her fingers go to work. As she got to her stop, she started to walk towards home. Answering him. 

You’re bad. Poor answer, what else could she say?

I can show you worse. I don’t just talk a good game. Before you sleep, get naked and wait. Interview starting.

Hope it goes well…

He sent back another picture of him. Innocent, as always.

As she turned the key into the lock, getting home. She sighed. It was so quiet, like most days. She anticipated the boys being here. On the couch, and in the kitchen. In her way, and asking her what she could cook. 

“I’m hungry, >>> make me food please?” Suga, poking out his lip as she stood in front of her. 

“Yo, sexy…snacks, where are they?” Namjoon in the cabinet where cups stayed, thinking if he stood there long enough they would appear. 

“Jagi!” Taehyung calling her. “I’m thirsty.” She had told him to look in the fridge. “I can’t! Jimin is beating me on the game, please, you have to! DOn’t you love me?” 

She had become accustomed the boys. Accustomed to her guys, and she missed them. How was she going to survive when they left? What was she going to do when they left? Go back to what she was doing before? Maybe they would visit more? Maybe they would visit one at a time? With the way things were going, she wasn’t dumb enough to know that they couldn’t have known. Perhaps, they were testing the waters and she would have to choose one of them. Was that what this was? Equal opportunity? She couldn’t even be mad, if they had asked her to her face, she would have avoided the conversation completely. Was J-Hope in on this? He acted the same, was he going to approach her as well? If they hadn’t talked to her about it yet, should she talk to them? She had eaten and showered, night already setting in when she decided to watch some TV. Besides, BTS of course, EXO was her first love and she caught the tail end of a variety show they were on. She almost passed out on the couch, when she walked upstairs to her room. She stripped the sheets from her bed, putting on new ones. Left her door cracked, and got naked, before cuddling up in bed, falling asleep. 

Suddenly, she felt hands on her legs, opening them. In her dream state, the wt tongue moving over her skin belonged to some guy she never saw before but who sounded like Jungkook. The quiet whispers she realized were real, and then she opened her eyes, gasping. 

“Awake now.” Jungkook said, between her legs, kissing the v of her body. “I assume, this means yes.” 

She was wide awake now. “Yes.” 

“Good, because.” He sat up removing his shirt, his lean body exposed. The lines of muscle clearly seen, in the dim light. “I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to do to you all day.” 

His voice dropped an octave, as he unbuttoned his pants, letting them drop down his legs. “Like what you see? It’’s yours. I’m going to give you me, and in return I want to hear you call my name.” 

She nodded her head, this side of the innocent kookie, was something she couldn’t imagine. He climbed over her body, boxers still on and pushed her legs open. His hips grinding into hers, as he dry-humped her. 

“Tell me what you like. I can make that happen.” He looked down at her, expectant. 

“I like kissing, and touching. Make me want you.” Embarrassed, that she told him that, she placed one hand over her eyes. 

He moved her hand, before letting his fingers, slide up her slit. The sticky, wet moisture, he played between his fingers letting her see. “You already want me. I could slide inside you right now, no resistance. That’s what I like.” 

Jungkook sat up, removing his boxers, his length sprang free. Sitting back, he palmed himself, pumping up and down in front of her. His eyes on hers as his thumb skated over his tip. Again, he repeated the motion, his eyes never leaving hers. 

“Would you like a taste >>>, you look hungry.” She nodded her head, mouth coming over him. 

Jungkook hissed, his hand removing her bonnet. FIngers, fumbling through her hair, as he pulled out hairpins dropping them on the floor. “Just like that baby, suck hard.” 

She rotated her mouth around him, adjusting the pressure, as she did so. He groaned, hips pushing into her mouth, once then twice. “You’re so good, baby, use your tongue more.”

She opened her mouth, letting her tongue slather on his testicles, as she deep throated him. Jungkook held her hair tight, his legs moving on the bed. “You’re gonna make me come.” 

He pulled her up, bringing her mouth to his. “Let me kiss you. I wonder what your lips feel like.” 

He was a talker, and she loved that. His lips met hers gently, moving his flesh on hers, she felt him grip her waist, his hands on her buttocks, squeezing firmly as his tongue started to dance with hers. “So sweet.” He mumbled, a hand full of her ass cheek. He held her butt up with one hand, the other between her legs, sliding a digit into her. She listened to him whisper, of how he was going to enter her, penetrate her and, make her moan. His hands working on her, keeping her from going over the edge but bringing her so close as she nibbled on his lower lip, and caught his tongue with hers. 

“I’ll make good on my word.” Jungkook said, as he stopped kissing her.

Her head spun as he laid down on the bed, putting a plump pillow behind his head, he brought his knees up, crossing his legs slightly. “Come sit on it.” 

Her legs quivered, as she entered the space he made for her. Reverse cowgirl, with a twist, she could hold his knees for support, as she rocked on his member. 

“Just like that, slide down on me. Don’t be shy >>>.” Jungkook’s hands on her waist, he moaned, rubbing up and down her sides, as she lowered herself onto him. 

She moved up and down, her fingers tight on his knees, as he laid there, watching her ass, while she bounced on him. Every few thrusts, Jungkook moved his hips up, feeling how he sunk deeper inside her. He adjusted the position of his legs, bringing his knees in, he allowed her to feel him deeper.

“Come for me >>>, I want to feel your body as you orgasm. I want to feel you clench me. Do it, baby.” He urged her, hands on her breasts, he tweaked her nipples, hands on her back rubbing her skin. His hands all over her, the sensory overload was too much, she arched her back, with Jungkook right behind her as they came together. 

They were spooning, bodies slick with sweat, Jungkook’s teeth in her shoulder. “I think I could do again, we can lay like this, if you want.” 

“I would have never thought you’d be like this.” She chuckled, then groaned as his hand slipped in between her legs. 

“Underestimate me because I’m young huh? I’ll show you.” He lifted her leg over his thigh, and started again. 


Trick or Treat: Part 5 (Modern Halloween AU Kristanna Ficlet, Rated T)


“So, what?”

Kristoff kept his back turned to Sven as he worked over the hot stove, stirring a boiling pot of noodles.

“Are you guys something now?” Sven asked, spinning around in his seat at the counter.

“Why does it have to be something?” Kristoff argued, picking the pot up from the stove and pouring the hot water down the sink. “Why can’t two people just enjoy being together?”

“Uhh, maybe because you’ve never brought a girl home,” Sven said exaggeratedly, waving his hands around in the air. “And Anna’s been practically living here for the past couple weeks. I should start charging her rent.”

When Kristoff didn’t respond to his joke, Sven kept talking.

“Have you guys–” he made a lewd gesture with his fingers. “–yet?”

Kristoff sighed. “No, dude. Anna’s not like that. Besides… she’s never done that before.”

“Neither have you,” Sven snorted into his beer, earning him a middle finger from Kristoff.

“Ouch, bro. Brutal.” He rose from his stool and moved towards the sink, swigging the last of his beer before rinsing the empty bottle and setting it on the counter with a clink. He whipped around then and lunged for Kristoff.

“I always knew that someday the perfect girl would come along to pop my boy’s cherry!”

He tried to grab Kristoff in a chokehold to give the larger man a noogie, but the ex-hockey player ducked out of it easily and shoved him away. Sven disappeared into the living room, pumping a fist in the air and laughing maniacally.

“I’m so proud!”

“Don’t forget you need to be gone tonight,” Kristoff shouted after his roommate; the brown-haired man had promised to disappear to Cassie’s for the evening so that Kristoff could prepare a romantic meal for just himself and Anna at home.

Half an hour later, the doorbell rang, and Anna stood on his front porch in a black, knee-length jersey dress and khaki jacket.

“Trick or treat!” she joked as soon as he opened the door, letting in a gust of cool November air.

“You know you don’t have to knock, right?” Kristoff laughed. “You can just walk right in.”

“So you’ve said.” Anna grinned at him as she helped herself inside and kicked off her flats. Kristoff closed the door behind her. “But I dunno, I just feel weird about it.”

She handed him a DVD case. “I was thinking we could watch this after dinner. It’s the one we haven’t seen yet.”

“Right on.”

They made it halfway through the spaghetti dinner Kristoff had prepared before Anna was climbing into his lap, straddling him and kissing him deeply; since their first kiss at the bonfire, they’d quickly fallen into the habit of making out whenever and wherever they got the chance– the couch, the woods, Kristoff’s car, Kristoff’s bed. It was as if they couldn’t get enough of each other; being with Anna made the 21-year-old feel like a hormonal teenager again.

She whimpered as she kissed him, her legs clamping tighter around his waist, carding her fingers through his shaggy blonde hair and scraping her nails along his scalp. His hands roamed up and down her back as he tasted her with a flick of his tongue over her lips, holding her body as flush against his own as he dared, lest she get spooked and run out of his life forever.

The kiss became needier, heavier, when Anna slipped her tongue into his mouth, causing Kristoff to groan and grip her tighter, moving his hands to rest on her hips.

Lost in the haze of her tongue dancing over his, it took Kristoff far too long to realize that her fingers were beneath the fabric of his shirt, moving past the fine trail of hairs underneath his navel to dip below the waistband of his pants, her palm flat against the place where his thigh met his pubic bone.

He broke the kiss and huffed out a labored breath. “Is this moving too fast?”

He leaned back and scanned her face for an answer, but she only shrugged.

“I mean, probably…” She stared right back at him and licked her lips, which were parted from the effort of her breathing. “But this feels right– right?”

Kristoff gulped and nodded; he couldn’t deny that, although they’d only known each other a few short weeks, he felt deeply for her.

If he didn’t know any better, he would have probably said that he loved her.

“Then why not?” Her lively eyes sparkled as they searched his, looking for confirmation, needing to know that she wasn’t alone in her desire.

His fingers moved to leave a burning trail up the skin of her thigh, disappearing beneath the hem of her dress, stopping when they reached the lacy, scalloped edge of her panties. Kristoff could feel the way the young woman trembled in his hold.

“Anna… are you sure?”

Anna nodded, her strawberry-blonde curls jostling from the movement, and brought her mouth to his once more in affirmation.

“I want this with you, Kristoff.”

Without needing to be convinced twice, Kristoff rose from the table and led Anna upstairs to his bedroom by the hand, kissing her all the way.