Blue Scales and White Porcelain

So I may have written my first fanfic in years about a fanfic. This is a little vignette based on fieldbears’ amazing fic, Blue Scales, which everyone should go read RIGHT NOW.

So just for the record, no, these particular characterizations, etc. are not mine, but they were so amazing I couldn’t help but want to write about them!

Rated ~R, approx. 3,000 words

Blue Scales and White Porcelain

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anonymous asked:

Would animals like Plesiosaurs have scales or something else? I was watching X Files and there was an episode about a lake monster and some people were suggesting it was a surviving plesiosaur and they found a scale, but in a lot of illustrations I saw, it looked like they had thick skin

Well the destroyed holotype of Attenborosaurus conybeari breserves smooth skin, while a skin impression on Kaiwhekea katiki has smooth skin regularly studded with low, rounded scales. So the jury is really out. Their closest living relatives are turtles, which is a good source to think about them. However, Plesiosaurs as a group were completely adapted to aquatic life, meaning they may have, for example, lost scales for better streamlining during swimming. Both Attenborosaurus and Kaiwhekea are relatively advanced members of the Plesiosaur group, so phylogenetic bracketing is relatively unhelpful. Hopefully we find more skin impressions of these animals to better complete our picture!

Topping Off Good Feelings


Whipped cream is 100% my favorite thing in this wold, and I made it. When I start drinking coffee again on the 1st, it’s going to be topping it.

You have no idea how great this is. Starbucks is now completely useless to me. I can have better coffee and whipped cream. Holy bajeebus, that’s awesome.

NSV! A healthy alternative that took <30 sec to make!